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So what did everyone think? I'm curious what people thought about the ending.
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It was good like the rest of the series. Angelo being pineapple was something no one saw coming but it made sense.
>Angelo being pineapple
I didn't understand that part

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What is your honest opinion about them?
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Cringe worthy bullshit for virgins.
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get out Chad
I like him, because he's nice.

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Let's settle this. Zombie or ghost?
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Zombie loses to the childhood friend, right? So ghost.
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MC's dad is in refridgerator and MC ate some of his flesh. Little sister's school is boarded up and implied rapings and murderings taking place inside. Where the fuck is Mashiro?
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Mashiro is the mastermind this time
Nah, too convient to have her speak about smashing watermelons in the very chapter the killing of the same style takes place. I'm guessing Mashiro shows up in the little sister's school and has a brutal catfight to death with teacher's assistant/driver-lady. I don't think they are able to capture the teacher guy.

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>"Shinji, get in the fucking robot!"
>Gets in the robot in episode 1
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You've surpassed your entire cohort. How does that make you feel?
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>"Evangelion isn't a mecha show"
>It is

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ITT we make up names for light novels

>My Younger Sister Is A Time Traveler And She Is Also A Demon Lord?!
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>OP Is Such A Gigantic Faggot He Cannot Ever Stop Sucking Cocks Or He Will Die
>I Am The Only Boy At An All-Girls Academy And My Class Representative Is A Succubus And Also My Girlfriend?!
>I am trapped in a video game world and the demon king is a demon queen and I have to kiss girls to escape!!

>[HorribleSubs] Kiitarou Shounen no Youkai Enikki - 01 [720p].mkv
This will be your weekly short reminder that you'll never have a loli zasshiki-warashi.
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I guess only you and me are going to watch it OP.
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Youkai Party 2.jpg
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>That speech pattern
Suzu is great. I wonder what other youkai we'll see later on, hope this little Yuki-onna show up again.
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Youkai Party 1.jpg
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There is something wrong with this man
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I'm not seeing it. He seems normal enough to me.

What kind of normal person would not be deepthroating Ohtori by that point?
Like sucking her cock?

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blatant aria ripoff.jpg
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What went wrong?
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Too much Teko
>implying anything was wrong
Too many muppet faces.

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Never thought it would get another season.
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>one second before me
Damn you, anon.
This new transformation sequence is cute (and lewd) as fuck.
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The OP is nowhere near as good as S1.

I guess that would be impossible though.
But it starts off really well.


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Mamiya did nothing wrong

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Nothing can compare
I would have watched this if someone other than Toei did it.

So far it could be much shittier

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left or right?
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It looks like she'll just fall inside the toilet if she tries to sit.
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Neither because I don't fuck little girls ya' fucking pedo.

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takao uber alles.png
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Strap juh, /a/!

When's chapter 83?
Is Funabori gonna move into the Kazama household too?
When's Takao gonna win?
Why is Takao so much better than everybody else?
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Don't tell me you faggots have forgotten D-Frag!
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Takao? More like THECOW!
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She can't help it. She's such a best girl that all the bestness is just bursting out of her.

Just when I was relieved we got finally rid of Funimation.
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I couldn't make it 6 minutes into this show without being bored beyond belief.

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