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Chocolate or vanilla?
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succubus flavored
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Yea! A New Game thread to save us from all the Euphonium crap.
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Next week
They are hidden deep underneath the anime surface.
Otherwise they wouldn't really be subs, would they?
But the raws have been out for almost 2 days now. What is taking so long?

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Official /a/ Fall season rankings:

>Official Best Show of the Season
Euphonium S2

Magical Girl Rising Project
Scorching Ping Pong Girls
Brave Witches
Matoi the Sacred Slayers
Bubuki Buranki

>Only /a/cceptable fujonbait
Tiger Mask W

>Semenslurpers that need to go back to /tumblr/
Yuri on Ice
Dream Festival

>Landwhales that also need to go back to /tumblr/
UtaPri S4
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Fuck off.
Back to Tumblr you go.
Not every show has even aired yet. Kill yourself and take your cancer with you.

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Is this the end of anime? Is it finally over now?
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Yes. The advent of a new season of an anime with a widespread audience means that all anime forever is canceled. Hell, even anime that already had their full run are retroactively being wiped from all records.
Why, did he punch anime?
Fuck off you contrarian faggots, /a/ loved OPM until it was it started getting the attention it deserves and everybody liked it

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did you forget aboout me anon? i used to be your waifu
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I miss kabaneri
Come back when you have better tsate in anikis.
You were until you became a shit.

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dude got lazy at the end and killed a lot of top tier waifus too quickly
I know it's fantasy, but I wish the swords would look a tiny bit more realistic. It's probably that space between the guard and the blade that bothers me, shit should be breaking all the time.
>It's probably that space between the guard and the blade that bothers me,
What an odd thing to be bothered by.
Anime can do WW2 weapons perfectly realistic, but looking for anything resembling historical correctness on medieval stuff is asking to be disappointed.
But being bothered by a gap between blade and guard?
I don't understand.

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Describe /a/ with one (1) image
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same thread.jpg
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Haha, double meaning.
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Come and get it, faggots!
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Thread Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9L-0x92vXk

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ITT: 15 year olds
Bonus points if they can play an instrument
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Do they need to be dead to be posted ITT?
No but K-On is a dead franchise so it doesn't matter.
>using terrible fanart
Keions have round, doughy faces. Not ayy lmao heads.
That's just how large her brain is.
Yui is a genius!

Is anyone else still reading Shishunki na Adam?
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I thought I was the only one left, novels or manga?
On occasion.

Shame about all the trapshit.

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Can we have a thread for anime related charts? Surely this is /a/ - Anime & Manga related right?
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ITT overrated character who are actually shit
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If clothes are alive in kill la kill is this basically rape
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It's basically love.
Yes but no

He ain't human so he didn't rape her and also he doesn't have a dick
No its like when Danny phantom Became a ghost

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Am I the only one here still reading this?
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I'm gonna read it by volumes releases. Vol 1 came out this week.
I'm following it occasionally.

It isn't very good.
The plot is a mess and the protagonists and antagonist are terrible, and it still manages to get worse and more uninteresting as time passes.

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