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Friendly(FRIENDLY!!) reminder that traps are NOT gay!
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You're right, they're extremely fucking gay
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It's okay if it's cute.
>liking cute girls is gay

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How can flat-chested girls even compete?
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They can't.
Statistically lower chance of breast cancer
By being superior and justice.

This semen demon rings your doorbell and tells you "That will be $12.84 plus tip!"

What do?
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Cry because I miss her show.
Show her my tip
I don't have any problem with tipping but if someone actually asks for one they aren't getting shit and if there is any way I can complete a survey of my experience they're getting a negative one.

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What's /a/'s opinion of this woman?
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Too old
Too many dimensions
Silly hat, good composer, but kind of a one trick pony when it comes to variation.

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Be honest
Has an anime ever made you cry?
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Gunbuster ending, Diebuster also made me tear eyed
Of course anime has made me cry, that's literally the purpose of some of these shows.
Chimera Ant Arc ending

720p raw released. Rip quality is still crap though.

Subs when?
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KyoAni cakes are best cakes.

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Read It.png
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Chair has dethroned Entoma for being the most bullied.
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>Chair has dethroned Entoma for being the most bullied.
no, chair deserves it for always fucking up, entoma is largely competent but still gets screwed over by everyone
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And I thought those "Imagine" Lupufags are persistent.

So Ainz kinda cheated those Dwarves.

Those Runesmith are so gonna die, why didn;t they ask who handed that 20 rune sword to Ainz?

It is like they just went retarded looking at the sword.
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>Ainz seriously thinks the different races would get along

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>not a virgin
>has a kid thats not from lawrence

why do you guys want another season of this ntr bullcrap again?
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>>not a virgin
>>super-old wolf-goddess
How the fuck could that surprise you?
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the fucking kid is not from lawrence, AM I THE ONLY ONE FUCKING ANGRY ABOUT THIS?
Shit tier bait.

Try harder next time.

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Why do people like this anime so much? I don't get it, it wasn't bad but I guess I felt pretty disappointed since I've heard nothing but good things about it over the years

Not trying to be contrarian or impose my taste, which I don't consider particularly good, I'm just legitimately curious

Xamdfags please respond
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>like this anime
Who are you taking about?
to be honest I haven't been browsing /a/ nearly as often as I used to in the past couple years but I've only heard it mentioned as either an "underrated" series or just a good one, here and on other boards. I've also heard good things about it from people I know who watch anime
People like it's opening.
They don't care mostly about the show itself
RIP sweet prince, I'll miss boom boom satellite

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October is autism awareness month.

What have you done to help the handicapped live a better life?
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Reina isn't as autistic anymore
Kanna is not autistic, she can build house.
Ask Hiro to delete this shithole.

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Miso soup might actually be dead. So I might as well dump this chapter
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OT3 Confirmed.png
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OT3 Confirmed.

Hush needs to use his name more.
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Atras gonna die and make Mika go full autist and believe the barbatos as his new waifu?
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OT3 Confirmed.png
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I need to pay more attention when taking a screencap...
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Things don’t really look that good for Atra, she is getting a little more focus than normal that’s not a good sign, they are likeable going to kill her almost sure of it

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Why do anime studios keep making adaptations of battle harems when most of them supposedly sell very poorly like what Rakudai/Asterisk did?
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Asterisk killed the battle harem. You don't have to worry about them any more.
I want to FUCK Stella
so what type of shitty adaptations will they make next?

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Remember when the enemies had weird but deadly abilities that were unique to them?

Remember when blocking a shuriken without looking was considered impressive?

Where did Naruto go wrong?
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Part 2. The entirety of it. Power creep's a bitch.
Power creep
I remember when I was 13 I thought Sasori was the coolest and strongest motherfucker in the series but now he would look like a child with toys standing next to the likes of Naruto and Kakashi

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Anyone ever try reading manga on a Kindle?

in before
>reading manga in public
>owning a kindle
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>reading manga
I have enough focusing on reading physical paperback novels, I can't concentrate at all when reading on a Kindle.

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