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does /a/ consider "otaku" a derogatory term?

people who show their powerlevel are absolute pieces of shit.
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/a/ considers "/a/" a derogatory term.

There's nothing to not hate here.
/a/ surely consider this thread shit.
If you wear the term like a badge of pride you're a weeaboo faggot.

If you don't label yourself as such because you understand that in Japanese the term is often used derisively then you're still a weeaboo faggot.

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Why the best shonen in the industry are created by women? (The manga in the image are examples only.)
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because women know best how to pleasure men.
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First post best post

Holy shit was this movie good.

Which Gundams should I watch if I want more like this?

Also Zeon are the bad guys right?
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not a lot of the other serious have the same muh gritty
no one would call zeon or the federation "good guys" in a strict sense
0080, 08th ms team
>Also Zeon are the bad guys right?
Extremely so.
>not watching the BluRay
kill kys you'reself
>Which Gundams should I watch if I want more like this?
0083 has some balls out incredible animation. Nothing is gonna come near the same vibe though.
>no one would call zeon or the federation "good guys" in a strict sense
Zeek detected.
Regarding Unicorn, should I watch the OVAs or 96?

I've only seen G-reco and IBO, going to have to hit up the UC canon.

I only watched the first OVA until I realised the movie was just the whole thing compiled.

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>winter 2017 anime look like all shit
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When is the LOGH remake airing?
Well it has Rakugo 2 so I forgive it. I thought LWA was airing in winter too. Or was I wrong?
Megumin saved (will save) the world

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Is this not a good season? Nothing really perks my interest for once.

How is this season going for you?
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Way better than last season. There are plenty of fun shorts and a few good shows besides your usual staple of meme series to shitpost about on /a/.
Have you tried watching shows outside your comfort zone yet?
I picked up Izetta and Euphonium, so not too bad. Last time I tried Macross and some other show, but I dropped them both.

Still need to take a look at Zestiria. Some of the comments sounded interesting.

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I love sushi!
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I love Japan period.
/jp/ is that way

Hey /a/, who is you're petfu?
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What do you propose this means? Stop making up words.

It's bad enough that newfags continually misuse cake, loli and, most of all, waifu.

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I want to see Papi's Happy Harpy final form.
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I am going to marry this spider!
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There you go OP. Like what you see?
/y/ would I like that?

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Why didn't Gilgamesh use Enkidu to take Saber and 'make her his'?

Why is he such a failure in every route?
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King of Jobbers!
Because "make her his" isn't a euphemism for rape. He wanted her to concede to his greatness. He was going to do that by beating her.
Bad guys can't win.

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What qualifies as edgy? What makes a show edgy? What shows are edgy? What shows are edgy done right?
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shit topic desu
no decent discussion is possible
As far as I can tell. "Edge" is when someone tries (and usually fails) to stand on the edge of what is acceptable, usually through excessive darkness and everything being terrible.

(Normally this is done through trying way too hard to make a unique and dark characters/setting. Trench coats and katanas and all)

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What is this?

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Dumping volume 3 of the Acony manga.
Continued from: >>148443354
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A manga following a cute widow and her daily interactions with a high school boy. Chapter 4 dump.
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Can't sleep so here's a story time of a short, fun manga I read a few years ago.
>When Motomi Utsuki moves in his grandfather's apartment , he meets this girl named Acony who claims to be a dead person and eventually he gets to know that this place and the people living in the building are not normal.
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Please remember to bump the thread since OPs can't do that anymore.
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Acony v01 - 004.jpg
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Koichi makes me want to commit a crime
Toonami's JoJo site is up along with a Sneak Peak of this week's episode
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How am I the retard? It's been established that only a Stand could harm another Stand.

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