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what does /a/ think about this?
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Hanamori Yumiri's voice is very cute and I'm happy she's getting more roles.
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Waiting till we get the FUN abilities
Purple is a self-conscious bitch, Red is tanoshii, Yellow is best girl, you will never make Blue to go Hoku Hoku, I want to lick the underside of Titstits tits, Black episode never, Green is literally Koromo

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Which is the best time loop story?
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Fuck off you retard.
Somebody's massively butthurt.
Would be easier to name the worst which is Re:Zero, Endless 8 and Madoka.

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>there are people on this board, this very moment, that would pick anyone other than Based Goddess

Explain yourselves
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I'm a pedo.
I cannot handle her brain problems.
Aqua is high tier, anon.

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Spring Weapon No.1 (Cover, Lead CP, New Series)
My Hero Academia
Black Clover
Everyone's Kochikame (Mini Series)
Amalgam of Distortion (CP)
Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san
The Promised Neverland
Hinomaru Zumou (CP)
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Samon the Summoner
World Trigger
Love Rush!
The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.
Straighten Up! Welcome to Shika High's Competitive Dance Club
Red Sprite
Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Souma
Chronicle of Isobe ~Life is Hard~

Weekly Shonen Jump #47
Cover, Lead CP: One Piece
CP: Boruto, Kimetsu no Yaiba, Spring Weapon No.1
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"Pure" Ranks

1 My Hero Academia
2 Black Clover
3 Yuuna-san
4 Neverland
5 Kimetsu no Yaiba
6 Haikyuu
7 Samon-kun
8 World Trigger
9 Love Rush
10 Saiki
11 Sesuji
12 Toriko
13 Red Sprite
14 Souma
15 Gintama
Hopefully this sends it home to Soma's author that people don't like the Exams, they don't like the Azami gimmick and they really don't fucking like Pajeet
Average rankings from the past 10 weeks. Numbers are out of 19 since 19 series were ranked in that period.

02.04 Hero Academia
02.35 One Piece
03.56 Black Clover
05.74 Haikyuu
06.80 Neverland
07.31 Yuuna-san
08.93 Kochikame
09.70 Hinomaru
10.01 Souma
10.47 World Trigger
10.68 Saiki
11.27 Kimetsu no Yaiba
11.80 Gintama
13.46 Samon-kun
13.74 Love Rush
15.03 Dance
16.33 Toriko
16.47 Red Sprite
18.37 Takuan to Batsu

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Alter Alter Saber.jpg
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Read the guide before asking any questions to your buyfriends:
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first for pork!
At least it wasn't pork in the OP.

This is your country for the evening.
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I would the boy second from the left so hard.
pls no
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I'm ok with this.

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An unnaturally-colored sky,
A futuristic city sprawls before my eyes
My carefree stag beetle crawls on my shoulder;
Just what is this place...?

I was with my beloved pet stag beetle,
Just playing around, but /ai/ - Idle Activities happened
I suddenly panicked, and again and again,
I kept karate-chopping my stag beetle
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Reminder that Lilly will crush the rainbow meme and become S4. Better luck around episode 100, Yume.
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How can one head be so lewd?
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tell that to the umpteen Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, Evangelion, Dragonball, Goblin Slayer, Berserk, etc threads too
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I'm going to marry Draco!
in my country gay marriage is illegal

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only low test men will hate this
Hmmm, couldn't they have gone bigger?
>that size
Completely wrong, she is much bigger in the show.

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When will he be satisfied?
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Remove Ruris.
When he gets plowed and rides on Ray Akaba's BBC.

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CapcxDjWEAANxkG.png orig.png
560KB, 714x1000px

Well, this was unexpected. Himura Kiseki's weekly series of drawings of cute girls with big tits is being adapted into a series of 12 weekly shorts. Looks like it might be focusing on the romance between the recurring high school girl Ai and a salaryman, and it's pretty damn cute so far.
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cry pri.png
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>You will never enter into an explicit relationship with a big titted JK
I want her bote series to be animated as well.
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Still not sure why people ascribe unpleasant theories to his Ushio series of images.

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Weekend Waifu and Husbando Drawthread #7

Remember to relax and take it easy. Please.


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Blood and Thunder.jpg
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Requesting your own attempt at an older Noire please.

Just something simple like having longer hair or wearing glasses anything like that.

Or her holding a Rowlet on her hand, or doing archery with the leaked final evo of Rowlet.

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Requesting my wonderful waifu, Mimi.

Possibly wearing this outfit (3DPD warning: http://i.imgur.com/6GyyiZB.jpg), but anything cute would be greatly appreciated.

She'll share her vodka with you if you draw her!

As always, take it easy, and I hope everyone has a great weekend.
I would like to request my beloved Mizunashi Akari doing one of those cute Mokou poses/sketches pleasen, if that's not too much to ask.

Please and thank you if you pick up my request!

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Do you have any autism apparel, /a/?
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I question my existence every day
I have a few Ghibli shirts and a CCS shirt.
Inferno cop sweatshirt and Asuka's jacket from the rebuilds

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>Leave to go eat lunch
>Thread dies
Come on guys!
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>>Thread dies
Get used to it.
There's nothing bad about a thread dying.
But what if I want to talk about the anime?
You can make a new thread any time.
Welcome to 4chan.

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Duce deserve some time for her
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I'd panzer her GuP with my Stuff until I Duce, If you catch my cold.
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Erwin is cute and she is also my wife!

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