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A couple of questions that everyone asked themselves at one point:

1.) Why does no one like the Three Kings saga?

2.) How is it possible that Kuroko, the first spirit detective, retired & met her successor Sensui 10 years before the series started when Sensui himself dropped out 10 years before the series start? Why were there no spirit detectives before in the first place? And why does she look exactly like Sensui but with tits?

3.) Why did Kurama and Hiei have no problems traveling to the demon world? Before Sensui fucked the net up, only demons below B-class could travel through. Even if the damage he did means B-class can permanently travel through the worlds now, Kurama and Hiei were A-class before they even started fighting Sensui (Kuwabara had to break the net for them to pass).
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4.) And most importantly - how is it possible that no one took Botan's virginity yet?
>no one took Botan's virginity yet?
She's saving it for me.
Botan is a spirit world entity. Its hard to think on things like virginity or get inlove with these kind of charactets.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Nee ik kan dit niet lezen.
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I thought I wanted to do it once.
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But he did it once.

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NatsuHen-Locomotion logo.gif
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It's coming back this November 1st
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15 years ago, when there was no way to have access to anime outside TV or expensive bootleg VHS cassettes? Welcome. Now, in the age of internet, torrents and streaming? not so much
More options are always welcome

and Loco wasn't restricted to anime only
Internet is objectively the best choice but there's just something about watching a show, part of a good series lineup, on tv that I find special.

His reasoning for starting shit was because Trunks dared to alter history even though what he did was preventing history from being ruined by the bad humans. Doesn't he realize if it wasn't for Trunks the whole universe would've eventually gone to shit because Cell would cause terror with nobody to possibly warn the others about him?

Not only that but he makes Trunks out to be the bad guy for how the Earth turned out when he was the one causing chaos in the FIRST FUCKING PLACE!!!

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Zamasu started all this because he hates ningen, has a skewed sense of justice, and Goku kicked his ass. He finds out about the fucked up timeline and fucks with Trunks head about it later.

And Cell is in Universe 6, while Zamasu is in Universe 7, so he wouldn't give a fuck about that.
Switched my universes around, but you get it
Humans are repulsive.

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>Shallow cunt
>Piece of tofu
>Irresponsible ladychild
>They're all kinda ugly

Why did you guys pick the worst set of women to fight over?
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Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Shinji Ikari Raising Project is the greatest anime of all time.
Because omedetou.
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real best girl

Episode 2 of best short of the season is out.
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She loses for not reading in the original language.
Sup /a/

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>That feel when nobody is subbing your waifu's second season, not even shitsubs.
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Hanabi is too cute for subs.
I wish my waifu had a second season. Or a first season, for that matter.
I'm pretty sure someone from Doremi mentioned they will start subbing it in a few weeks once their translator stops being a wageslave

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Madhouse should have made Ippo series 4 instead of this garbage.
It's shit

the only reason to watch this is if youre gay and/or a fujoshit

I really wish you faggots would fuck off back to IRC or /v/ or /pol/ or wherever the fuck it is that you came from.

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I thought this was talking about Oda dying and I was about to lose it

>Togashi disease
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>take no time off
>work on his manga for basically all his waking hours.
>Oda has only rarely put the manga on hiatus

Fucking kek. It's been going on on hiatus once a month for years now.
>3 hours of sleep
damn he ugly

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Who is your favorite character from a KyoAni show?
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Midori (Tamako)
the boring one who makes cute sounds, she's so comfy dude

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Remember, it's not sexual harassment if the dude is hot
lol slut

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When will the saga continiue? Will this be the end? Will there be more? Will Rei stay a doll or will she become likable again? Will shinji stop being a pussy? Will misato be nicer to shinji? When is the movie even coming out?
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Anno claims he's working on it full force now that Godzilla is done.

ReiQ will meet Rebuild Rei and get into some "who am I"crisis which might involve murdering one of the Rei's.

Shinji will continue to be a pussy and fuck things up.

Misato is permanently a bitter cunt (despite telling Shinji to do the exact thing she hates him for), unless Shinji temporarily gets some balls and slaps her in the face.
Never going to be made because Anno doesn't have any more Tomino works to rip off so he has to settle for ripping off old toku films to make his new toku.
Shin Godzilla gives me cautious hope that 3.0+1.0 will actually be good.

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Or the rest of the western world, for those of whom don't live in the 49 states
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It would look something like this.
Hockey sports anime for Canadians.

Animate the brawls, too.
I'd like that more than just "SECRET SPORT TECHNIQUE ACTIVATE!"-shit.

What was the purpose?

What did he do?

For why?

Wtf I hate Kubo now
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>"The king of shinigami awakens"
>is in a block of crystal
>does nothing

Simply brilliant
You only have yourself to blame for not speedreading Bleach.
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He's a musician and prominent pirate

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questionable dietary habits.jpg
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You wake up one day to realize that you're back in 2007 with all the knowledge you've gathered until now. Your first thought is to come on /a/ and warn us about what has happened in the anime industry. What's the first thing you warn us about and how do you try to prevent it?
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>making a difference
warn moot about the gook
>tfw can't even make a difference in your own hypothetical fantasy

You matter somewhere, anon

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