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rem is life
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Rem was my seasonal waifu.
I thought I've watched all shows from the last season, did I miss one? What anime is this "Rem" from?
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>changing waifus every season
>someone having the capability of such cold-hearted cruelty as to abandon a pure, delicious waifu every single anime season
YOU....... YOU MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hey /a/
what is your favourite episode of all time? mine's probably bake 12
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Kyousogiga episode 1. I don't know why.
Digimon Adventures episode 11, home away from home
Evangelion - episode 9, both of you dance like you want to win
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NGE 22.

Is there any studio with better visuals than Ufotable?
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Shaft. Mostly.
Ufotable consistently pump out the ugliest character designs in anime.

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It won't stop. The kaga poster gets worse and worse. Mods are doing nothing about it. Just keep reporting.
Just stop, let the spammer get board or god forbid get banned and pick it back up tomorrow.
He won't stop and he won't get banned. You don't know how this works at all, do you?

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How could anyone think that Nemesis isn't the best girl
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Because Momo or Lala is best girl?
Yui a shit.

Hard mode: Don't use the words faggot, hater, miserable, autistic, stupid, ignorant, hypocrite

That should cover most of the vocabulary ESL can hold in his tiny mind
You are shit.

Holy shit, It's Naruto.
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>Musiamon's god grade is an angel

Or at least that's how the description for Uranusmon goes. Does anybody still have those?
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It's not his episode yet though, it's time for ninja google maps.

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Have you ever been to the top?
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Cool vibrations
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gonna tell you your

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Kyoko Toshino.png
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Kyoko Toshino is undeniable perfection incarnate
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She's pretty ugly desu.
I'd play with her feet.

Farewell, Kanchome

Opening 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0Ir4LL9Bkc [Embed] [Embed]
Opening 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aMy1lJsRtE [Embed] [Embed]
Opening 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezEO8ekCfIw [Embed] [Embed]
We are past the end of the anime, so there is no current OP

Previous dead threads: http://pastebin.com/M86gFsbQ
Previous active threads:
Volume 24: >>147895162
Volume 25: >>147941737
Volume 26: >>147989881
Volume 27: >>148042220
Volume 28: >>148086259
Volume 29: >>148124099
Volume 30: >>148167556
Volume 31, part 1: >>148211592
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Reposting the past 2 pages to recap
I don't get why she has to be such a bitch though.
> [Embed] [Embed]

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Is C.C. one of the all time best anime heroines?
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She's certainly one of the lewdest.
I don't find her lewd at all.

In fact she's fucking classy in any outfit. Her sexiness is natural.

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Why don't more harems go the Amagami route and animate all the routes?

Haruka is best girl.
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Most anime with harems have deluded creators thinking that people watch their anime for their story. We will never just a harem anime, it needs to be added with mecha or battle anime in order to not just pander.
Surface of the Pool~
this series is not a harem

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I will post this every day until Christmas!

80 days!

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2nd Christmas without moot.

How many times do you want to make the same shitty post? You did tit all last year too.
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Christmas, in your pants.gif
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A rare nugget
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Hey where is everyone?


Time for another delinquent/yankii manga thread.

I wanted to dump a story time for Crows but the arc I want to cover had too much build up which I felt was needed to appreciate the way the arc ended, so instead I'm going to dump the first volume of A-bout!

In other news based HnG is continuing to out out chapters for Akatsuki Otokojuku and Karate Osu Bu and the drugs that made delinquentanon scanlated all those Shinjuku Swan chapters seem to be kicking in again. Crazy Delinquents and Shit scans seem to have taken a break on Rokudenashi Blues it seems, as does Vendetta scans with Clover. But whatever.

As always, post shit and bitch and moan about lack of scans and adaptations.
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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Do you have a rough estimate of about how many years you've been doing this now?
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I thought I wanted to do it once.
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But he did it once.

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