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Is the fantasy genre in a bad place right now? It can be basically summed up as

>generic Isekai fantasy anime
>"ironic" Isekai fantasy anime where the MC is useless
>MMO Isekai fantasy anime
>fantasy anime based directly on a video game
>"dark" fantasy anime that is really just a generic fantasy with tons of rape and gore
>generic fantasy with a twist at the start but ends up being a boring "humans are the worst monsters" story
>battle harem
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Yeah, even fantasy outside of anime is in a bad place. There hasn't been an original setting in years. It's always some variation on not!medievalEurope.

arakure and yuugir's artstyles and settings are similar

I get them mixed up sometimes
Not really, Game of Thrones is pretty well-done all things considered.

Hey boy, wanna /ss/?
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Absolute fucking trash.
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what absolute shit taste anon

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How much value do you put into character acting?
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As little as KyoAnus does.
Pure kino
As much as KyoAni does, so 5/5.

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this is not okay
this is disgusting
incest is wrong
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Anime was a mistake
>incest is wrong

By what system of morality?
>By what system of morality?
are you fucking serious

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Vegeta falls into that shounen character archetype of being the antagonist/rival edgelord to the protagonist. Generally these characters are hated. Sasuke from Naruto, Shadow from Sonic, and Riku from Kingdom Hearts. But everyone loves Vegeta. How did he do it?
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Because unlike Sasuke and those other guys Vegeta always gets his shit kicked in. The story doesn't baby him and constantly makes him the loser
Vegeta was liked by girls.
Piccolo was more popular with boys.
Will they ever make Piccolo relevant again?

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What went right?
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When they fell off the face of /a/ into irrelevancy.
Haruhi. That's literally it. They had the largest ratings for an anime in history. And all the shows since have used that fanbase. No show has gotten as big of ratings as Haruhi. But if even 1/3 the fans of Haruhi watch the latest boring KyoAni show, it's a success.

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In my day, isekai didn't take itself so seriously.
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In my day, authors died of cancer.
Zero chill
In my day, queens weren't such sluts.

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Why is that even a question?
Better yet: a SoL about a group of legal lolis, doing adult things.
Definitely. Maybe a comedy and show what they have to do to get through their daily lives.
>Need cushion to see the road while driving
>All their coworkers treat them like children even though they're older
>Have to show their ID at every bars

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This thread is exclusively dedicated to highly influential anime that made a huge impact on the industry.
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Where's re:zero?
>One Piece
Hey, I like One Piece, but what game did it change?
in the trash where it belongs


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(Not) Trails in the Sky.jpg
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>another isekaishit LN adaption
>with a main heroine voiced by a literally who
So, it's going to bomb right?
Why does Japan keep making anime like this when they don't even sell?
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Why do we keep living even though we contribute nothing to society?
unlike faggot base-dwelling op, these studio are their livelihood, they do this for living however small there is
They're advertisements for the LNs.

Maybe the anime doesn't sell well as others, but it does produce sales for the LNs.

why do we pretend that this is good
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the same reason people pretend modern art is good
>I don't like it so that means everyone else is pretending to like it
Abara was better imo
I guess I can see why "cyberpunk" gush so much over it though

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I think she's looking at you, Anon.
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I think that you think wrong.
I think she's looking at the guy behind me.

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No. Why?
>no source
Nigger please.

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Who gives a shit about Rei? Not even Anno of all people gave a shit.
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>dfc > dct
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Her head looks so small.
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Some guys like that.
The artist is Muronaga Chaashuu if you want to know. He makes some great work.


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