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Misaki makes an entrance in the Japan - Italy game.


Kid's Dream
Volume 1 >>147182446
Volume 2 >>147197702
Volume 3 >>147202966
Volume 4 >>147227697
Volume 5 >>147245798
Volume 6 >>147256002
Volume 7 >>147289343
Volume 8 >>147298332
Volume 9 >>147333037
Volume 10 >>147375927
Volume 11 >>147433547
Volume 12 >>147484176
Volume 13 + I am Misaki Taro >>147615030

Boy's Fight
Volume 14 >>147658930
Volume 15 >>147705757
Volume 16 >>147751191
Volume 17 >>147799231
Volume 18 >>147835806
Volume 19 >>147869688
Volume 20 >>147880723
Volume 21 >>147935779
Volume 22 >>147970897
Volume 23 >>147974479
Volume 24 >>147983620
Volume 25 >>148019661

J Boy's Challenge
Volume 26 >>148192005
Volume 27 >>148194449
Volume 28 >>148205320
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Throwing in these

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Oni's are made for fucking
is that circle chinese?
There isn't just one English grammar. The problem is when people think otherwise and start mentioning what they think is wrong in comment section instead of PM the translators. Commenting like that is like shitposting on people's effort

Thanks for 3rd one

Can Aoko kill Servants?
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Aoko would have been a master though.

p.s. She's strong enough to kill servants, but really depends on the situation. Most knight classes will get her and even average mage servants would wreck her.
Aokos hair color kills my boner desu senpai.

Can True Magic surpass Saber's A-rank Magic Resistance?

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A manga about a cute widow and her daily interactions with a teenage boy she makes meals for.

Chapter 1 here since my laptop is being slow as hell.

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Chapter where she snaps and puts sleeping pills in his meals when
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Don't know but he would eat it even if he knew about the sleeping pills.
The cover makes her look like a psycho.

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Haha I actually forgot I was doing this. I'll just trans-dump some chapters and let you guys do what you want with it
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Chapters 1-4 are online somewhere, just look for them.

[Top note] Summer!!! The room!!! Aircon!!!!
[Left note] Studying to become an author while being a shut in


"I've had enough of reading books with nothing but characters"
"That's not what someone aiming to be an author would say"
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"The books I borrowed from you are difficult, so I wanna read something else for a change of pace"
"Like what? A light novel?"

"Do you wanna be an author?"

"Of course it's for learning. Even among LN authors, there are those who get influenced by manga and get ideas from it"

"But manga's something that only idiotic children read, right?"
"That's wrong! Even adults read them!!"

"Look. There's a certain pirate manga that pretty much everyone read from childhood to adulthood"
"Well I haven't read it"

"Everyone says that even adults find it interesting and cry a lot"
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"Aren't they all morons? They're crying from manga"
"Why're you so mean to manga?"

"Hey hey, let's go read some together. You won't be in if you don't read manga nowadays either"
"You don't stay quiet..."

"So where do you wanna go to read them?"
"Book Obb"
"... the place you buy second hand stuff?"

"You're wrong. Browsing doesn't cost money"
We did it in Grade school too.
"There's no way I'd do something so destitute"

"If you go around looking real fashionable, you won't look poor"
"But then we'd look like we're completely insane"

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this is a fujo.jpg
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Why is KobaLin using this strange falsetto voice? It doesn't suit her.
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They didn't fuck it up,
Did they?
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>Watashi ga Motete Dousunda
>Kiss Him, Not Me

Is Soul Eater any good? The character designs look neat.

It's one of the few "mainstream" animus that I never see discussed on /a/ at all, neither praise nor mockery. This sends me mixed signals.
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It's really good, but it has a dumb ending. Manga stretches the story a bit further, and is better in my opinion, but at the cost of an EVEN DUMBER ending.

Worth the watch either way.
I really enjoyed it. Usually rewatch it annually

What's with the sudden influx of gyarus in my japanese animated porn as of late?

Not that I'm complaining, but they were barely present 2-3 years ago and now you can see them almost everywhere.
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They realized they were always best girl. About fucking time they realised that shy girls that screams "itai!" are shit and that sluts are better.
>blonde girl in anime
>always wins

>blonde guy in anime
>>blonde girl in anime
>>always wins
Have you only watched 10 anime which you handpicked yourself because you researched that the blonde girl wins?

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How much of my witchfu will we see next week?
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We see Rall. So maybe.

The way I see it, her and georgette are the normalfags right? Normal except for Georgette pooping a lot.
Give it a rest anon and just wait for the episode now.
Love is alive and well. There is no rest.

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mumen rider cut out.png
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You are only allowed to post the best characters from their respective anime in this thread
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Truly the best anime of our time. Will there ever be anything like it?
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This guy was pretty based, the only other was Izaya.

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Different routes confirmed, Martyrs hype unstoppable!
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birthday 2016finalists.jpg
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Pham stasi.png
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How do you do it? Also, the 666th patch is still there. Then again, as a simple edit it works.

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ITT: God tier girls trapped in shitty shows
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You first anon
I already posted.

You guys turn now.
Why is she pouring water on her breasts?

My cute wife Hajime is so cute!
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My wife is cuter.
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That's a boy.
You're wife is a boy?

Characters that you want to see in keijou!

>Butts would be good on keijou
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would you like to see your waifu drawn in ms paint?
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will do. just 1s.
bump for OP-kun

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