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Can you answer this?
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What's with the hairclip?
I think it's a sticker
She can fuck any species.

Is this worth reading?
Has he gotten better since Gantz?
>inb4 Gantz sucked
You know that shit was badass
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it's alright -ign
Gantz sucked and so does this. Just because there's gore doesn't make it good.
Shit taste from a crossboarder, why am I not surprised?

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Because Sunday is the day of the lord and I'm not letting that flat chuuni bitch upstage me again
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Aqua was truly the cornerstone of that team.
I liked this anime.
It was dumb,but had a certain charm.
Pleased to hear there will be a new season.
t.Anime novice
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I know you guys hate this anime but I still want to watch it
Not until I've already read past it in the manga, though
What volumes does the 2016 cover?
All I've found on google are reddit spreculation hreads posted before the season actually aired with people guessing what it would cover
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Not precise but around volume 20-21, maybe a little further.
wow, wouldve figured it'd cover a little more considering golden age was like 13-14 volumes
but then again it makes sense, they gotta stretch this shit out since Kentaro taking his sweet time
Like what the fuck is he doing with that Maxi-pad or whatever the fuck its called manga...
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This your gothic lolita for tonight
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Eternal loli are the best.
Thank you. I will fuck her elegantly.
No thanks.

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What does /a/ think of Nausicaa? I bought the box set of the manga and I've been enjoying it so far.
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I love the movie and after reading the manga recently I was shocked to see how different it was
Basically universally accepted as a masterpiece.
Not much to discuss, it's like going on /tv/ and asking "Hey what did you guys think of 2001: A Space Odyssey?"
GOAT manga, up there with Akira, and it's definitely Miyazaki's best work. The movie's ok.

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Will BABYMETAL save anime, my darlings?

Will other american sponsored anime like Big O ever get a new season?!!?
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Forgot link
Fuck off.

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I love jojos bizarre adventure and i just started part 4 but theres one thing i cant get over why is joseph joestar old if he knows hamon in battle tendency they say hamon slows down aging and why doesnt dio use his vampire powers in stardust crusaders i need anwsers
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Slows, not stops.

and why use vampire powers when you can control fucking time? besides they got Avdol right there, he can melt his ice powers at anytime.
Joseph's two least-favorite phrases are hard work and work hard.
i literally said it slows the aging process

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What the fuck went so horribly wrong?
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>couldn't keep kirigiri dead because kodaka lacked the balls to do so, pulled the same shit with asahina
>yasuke and many DR:0 characters dropped from the plot
>junko causing everybody to depair because of a shitty anime video being singlehandedly the dumbest plot point I've ever seen in any show
>fate of many characters resolved (what the fuck happened to Naegi's parents for example, they were never confirmed to be dead and in UDG komaru says that the bodies weren't there thus implying that they could be alive)

Overall a generic cliched feel-good ending to a series that ended up being such a huge fucking disappointment on both arcs.

There's a reason V3 is dropping all this bullshit and existing in a seperate universe.
>ZTD was garbage

>"oh well at least I have danganronpa 3 to look to"

the suffering does not end
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two original shows in one season must have been too much for the writer(s)

Why did she go all crazytown bananapants when she became a god?
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She's 13

You'd do the same shit when you were 13 and suddenly become a god
>when she became a god
She went insane way before that
When I was 13 and I became a god I was a lot more chill.

Oh wait I just took meth.

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Ajin-Season-2 Sub when?
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Diaz won't save us.
just read the manga
Hurry up Daiz

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When will childhood friends stop losing on a consistent basis?
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When they start confessing first. She had a lot of time.
Come on she lost on chapter one.
Main heroine is the best

When they start banking on the fact that they have years of headstart.

If they haven't made a move by the time another love interest shows up, then consider it a done deal.

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Otoutos are for ___________
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I want to fug him so bad
Disappearing from the story never to be seen again after accomplishing nothing.

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So back in 2006, Beet the Vandel Buster went on hiatus due to the author becoming ill. Back in December 2015 we learned that the manga would be continuing in April 2016. After researching a bit, I was only able to come across two new chapters, 48 and 49. Those were rom April and May I presume. After that though, I haven't been able to find anything else. I can't find any information on the rest of the chapters, whether they continued to release with no scanlations of whether it went on hiatus once again. Can somebody please tell me what's going on with this series? I feel like the world just forgot about the series after two new chapters and it's driving me insane.
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The author got some life threatening illness, there was a rumour he actually died, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
He got sick again?
Wait link to the chapters fucking where?

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I genuinely liked this show.
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you wouldn;t hack a doll.
great blog, everyone did you fucking idiot
I didn't.

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