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Wanted to check this out for a long time, after seeing the sakuga videos.
Opinions on the series seemed to be pretty mixed here on /a/ especially because of the all over the place timeline.
Is it worth a try or should I wait for the chronological edit that will probably never come?
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Just binge-watch it. You don't need to wait for a chronological edit.
Putting the flashbacks together and finding things in it is the best way to watch, just search for the timeline chart to get better understanding if needed.
It's great. If you enjoy superpower/mutant/youkai politics then definitely watch it. Marathoning it would probably be best.

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ITT: Series that has multiple best girls
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By the way, Alice is the only best girl of SnS.
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This series has pretty good range

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So we're all in agreement that this guy has reached the highest level of bro-tier?
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You mean NTR'ing himself, right?
yes the cucktier
I don't understand your question

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>G-Guys Flip Flopper is the sakuga show of the s-season!

I'm not even a sakuga fan and I can tell Occult;Nine is the real sakuga show this season.

And the story is also better.
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fw cat smug face.jpg
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>literal still frames
Jesus this show is such shit.
Too bad the characters in O;N are complete trash
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>literal still frames
It has lots of sabooba if you know what I mean.

Just finished it. Why did this masterpiece never gets any discussion?
>Immortal lolis delivering letters from the dead.
>Proper handling of dark themes (prostitution, child abuse, bullying, parental abandonment) without being too grimdark.
>Excellent, unexpected continuity despite the show's initial episodic nature.
>Proper closure that resolved everything properly.
>Male 'MC' (he's more of a side character but w/e) that's alpha enough to confess.

Personally I like Sumika's episode and the cat episode the best. I initially hated the staffs' chatter but grew to like them the way through. The only minus is that fucking dated Jam Project OP. What about yours, anon?
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>never gets any discussion?
why do you people ask this
if you've been on /a/ and lurked it's obvious
airing shows will always be talked about more
all discussion has pretty much been had on it during original airing years
there's no need for the series with no new material to constantly have threads
pops up all the time in "forgotten anime", "hidden gem", "series only you remember", "series only you have seen" and etc threads
People don't like the ending here, but I quite enjoyed Shigofumi a lot. It's definitely an underrated series that people tend to overlook.
>Why did this masterpiece never gets any discussion
This quote 100% of the time means "I wasn't here when it aired". Why not just make your thread discussing the show instead of adding this worthless line?

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>Order delayed same day it was shipping
>The fucking dot filled half way
Man i am pissed. Has ANYONE in the UK had theirs shipped? Yen Press cannot handle a limited release and the scumbag scalpers have this going for £400-£900
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Well, I'm in Germany, and their planned shipping date is October 12. Can't wait to see a delay.

>Order delayed same day it was shipping
This happened to me with a preordered manga volume.
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spicy wolf.png
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Yeah, look at this bullshit. The dot to show it's been dispatched filled halfway. What the fuck? I'm more pissed off seeing that than if it would've straight up told me.
so is every copy that gets shipped this month numbered or did they already print the sec Stack ?

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Season 5 fucking when ? I can't fill the void with any other show...
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tfw stopped watching after two seasons because I don't want it to end.
Shaft is too busy shovelling out shit to even consider it.
After Honeycomb Blu-ray box

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Butts or boobs?
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Boobs. You are born with them, you can't improve them but you can workout to get a better ass.

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On your knees and apologize, scum.
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>it's a bitchboy faggots dream about getting abused by women because that's the only attention they can even imagine getting episode
Got a problem with that, nerd?
On your knees and suck my dick, slut.

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Find a flaw.
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He's in this dogshit thread.
Why does he have a scrotum for a head?
If you can barely grow hair you should just shave your head entirely.

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flour thief.webm
1MB, 1280x720px
Would you steal a bag o wheat?
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Depends on the circumstance.
A few years back, people would get sentenced to death for that kind of shit.
Looks cute. What's this?

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hibike s02e01.png
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Rate the first episode of Hibike Euphonium S2.

Pretty but boring.
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>rating anime EPISODES
Kill yourself or fuck off back to MAL.

What did she mean by this?

Macross thread?
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She's dying soon.
Fuck this. The thing I hate the most is definitely outliving a loved one.
It's her first time so it hurts. She doesn't know that it doesn't hurt for boys the same way though.

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And no, it's not that they never win.

The beauty of a childhood friend romance plot is watching a boy and a girl who once enjoyed a completely platonic friendship grow and start to see each other as a man and a woman. Their romantic feelings come slowly and simultaneously, naturally coinciding with the onset of puberty.

Most anime and manga ruin this in one of two ways. Most commonly they make at least one of the pair have a crush on the other since they were foetuses. That is not a friendship. Small children do not fall in love. They sometimes mimic adult behaviour, but they do not feel adult emotions.

The second way to ruin a childhood friend romance is more unusual and much more infuriating. The pair become teenagers, the boy grapples with new questions about sex and girls and love. The girl? Oh, the girl still has the mental maturity of a toddler. Who this is pandering to, I do not know. Are there lolifags out there who want the mind of a little girl but not the body?

So remember that the next time you moan about the childhood friend not winning, chances are it was shit anyway.
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>Are there lolifags out there who want the mind of a little girl but not the body?

Anon, the ideal woman in concept for most of human existence has been pretty much this. The idea that a woman can be a conversation partner and your wife is a new age idea.
>Anon, the ideal woman in concept for most of human existence has been pretty much this
No, fuck off retard. The ideal is 2D and everyone has their own.
Not that anon, but the 2D ideal is a more modern concept.

The "for most of human existence" qualifier in his post makes his statement maybe true.

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