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Nene a shit. A SHIT.
fuck off already

"oniichan, how do i look?"
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Like a dime-store harlot- go change.
That's not his imouto
Like poop

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There once was a man named Gold Roger who was King of the Pirates, he had fame, power, and wealth beyond your wildest dreams. Before they hung him from the gallows these were the final words he said...
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If he's so tough, how come he's dead.

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Hey guys, how's this new season of anime? Anything stand out?
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I came to ask the same question. Im only watching euphonium because i jerk off to great storyboards and beautiful art direction
Yuri on Ice

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Why people hate Kamisato Kakeru?
I don't understand. How to make him likeable?
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Misaki a pile of shit
Kamachi, leave.
People hate him because he's an asshole who acts like a know-it-all despite clearly being manipulated.

However, that's absolutely fine. You don't need to like every character in the series. His actions have thrown Academy City into chaos and forced Touma out of his NT 9-10 induced slump. So he's alright for now, at least in my book.

He also stopped the series from becoming "magic god of the week" which would have gone stale really fast.

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Helvetica Standard
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Fucking gay.
If you aren't a faggot, you would use TIMES NEW ROMAN.
Like Love.

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Which do you prefer?
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Wait is the gal girl pure and the shy one dirty?
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Looks slutty, is slutty > looks innocent, is slutty > looks slutty, is innocent > looks innocent, is innocent.
Helping out a dirty girl and showing her pure love is an under used trope and I need more of it.

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Everybody's favorite assassin show himself up in this week's
Thunderbolt manga !
The show is currently ended before season two come out,
but we still have the manga going on .
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What an nice elderly grandpa figure, he doesn't seems to be the type of person the letter describe him who will join a plan to tick innocent teenage girl
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Some nice student & teacher relationship
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Thread for best hairstyle. Pic related
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Haruhi hair is best hair.
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Does Poplar's count?
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Twintails are the best hair anon. Step up your taste

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Did you get your shot?
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Yes. Now it's time to give her hers.
I'd rather give a shot to Chino, if you know what I mean.
There something wrong to her

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How would you restore her smile?
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By gently fingering her anus.
Show her my penis.
Place my thumbs on the edges of her mouth, push in, then pull them upwards.

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Hey /a/, are you planning to show anime to your kids one day?

If so which anime are you planning on showing them while they're young to get them into it?

I personally feel like starting them off with classics from Ghibli Studio would be a great idea.
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>/a/ having kids

You kidder you.
>watching anime
>finding a female that will let you near her vagina

pick one
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>this shit again
I'm sure there's plenty of gentlemen on this board who aren't literal neckbeards, and have the ability to attract women from the opposite gender.

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No! I'm getting too old for this
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Reminder that Sofia is best girl and should be the new MC.
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Get that whore out of here. Ariel is best girl and is OUR overlord loli.
>Dress like a 10 dorrar streetwalker
Ariel is a whoreslutsexslave!
Don't turn this into a general, man. There are already a sickening number of those.

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Pls stop I always have to imagine a cock in that pose.
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