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is it anygood /a/?
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It's pretty fun but it gets really overwhelming in the middle of it
Find out for your fucking self.
I can understand asking for an opinion, I mean it's a long show and they might not want to waste time with it

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ITT: Correct opinions

Space dandy is smarter, deeper and better than Cowboy Bebop.
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KinoAni is a legendary studio that holds the standard for what all anime should be like.
The only anime worth watching these days are directed by Imaishi Hiroyuki
whoops, looks like the high-school dropout doesn't know what an opinion is

>Red shirt party has an elf

>Shows the human girls raped and the elf likely burned at the stake

Doesn't logic say it have been the other way around?

That aside, is anyone else reading this? It's interesting enough to hold my attention.
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>is anyone else reading this?
do you live in a cave or something? GS threads are pretty common.
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Is there are reason you are streaming?
At this level just a cave doesn't do, OP needs to be buried in a barrel in cave on Mars.

Hol up.
You're telling me that the only reason that she was such a douche in the first 7 episodes was because she wanted to join μ's the whole time?
How does that make any sense?
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>hol up
fuck off, retard
But she has really nice tits.
That's what matters

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What are some anime that you loved as a kid but realized were mediocre or bad upon re-watching it as an adult?
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Why do you keep creating rec threads?
No anime is bad or mediocre.
Bebop for sure. It seemed very deep and profound as a kid; but as a post grad and watching Watanabe's interviews; it's kinda stupid now. Space dandy is smarter, deeper and makes better sense now compared to that theatrical "masterpiece."

What do you think of Tamako market, did you like it?
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>tumblr gif
Lurk for 2 years before posting.
I liked her performance in the other anime much better
It was beautiful , my favorite romance!

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Thoughts on the new Haikyuu episode?

Pretty good setup for the match.

Also, the new OP and ED were great.


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I think it was a nice setup although it felt like they could have gotten into the game a bit sooner but I know they specifically wanted to end the episode at that point. Also more best girl was nice.
It's gonna be a pain waiting whole week for episode, isn't it?
Is this your first time watching a seasonal anime?

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I bet you can't name A harem anime with non-baka male lead
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>7 request threads pop up at the same time
Gee I wonder who could be behind this!
Color wars and most of the maou type MCs

Is anybody even watching this?
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who's fursona is that
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Of course.
I am. huge fan of the games, though the 3DCG is shit, its still funny to see the monsters run around

Though i´d love a monster hunter with real story, like one following the TRI storyline with defeating the lagiacrus and the ceadeus at the end.

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Riot could actually make some decent mahou shoujo.

i'll based my one on the MOBA League of Legend

The Rift is a place where random champions from different continent summoned to a arena where they fought each other, usually with the control of summoners the restriction is simple:
1.) you will not die despite being killed
2.)your power are restricted for 'balance' purpose
3.) certain degree of freedom. (most are here because they agree to be here)
4.) after the match ended they will be teleported back to their respective place.

So this friendly match been going on for a while until 1 day. They did not teleport away despite the game ended. There has been an error in the system. so as time goes they realize :

1.) they die for real now
2.) those with power suppressed are starting to regaining their true powers slowly
3.) there is 'a' betrayer among them

as it goes on drama ensues such as romance between 2 common enemy. racial tension, chaos among harmony. Ends with some plot twist.
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Sayaka-chan is the new girl at school. She has long legs. Look at those legs. She wears pantyhose. But, wait, it is actually stockings. Here are some close ups of her thighs. Oops, she fell into the fountian. PLOT COMPLETE
Take your blogging ASSFAGGOTS fanfictions to >>>/lolg/lolg

Watched Brotherhood years ago and finally decided too see the original.Why didn't you warn me /a/?!WHY?!

>Sloth is their mom
>Envy is their brother
>Wrath is Izumi's son
>Scar and Lust know eachother
>The homunuli are actuall characters with their own personal goals and not just hired goons
>Barry the Chopper kidnapped Winry and wanted her to put the lotion in the basket or she would get the hose again
>Nina got splattered all over the wall
>Tucker is making chimeras for this colonol who wants to use them in the extermination of Lior
>Yoki got headshoted
>Rose got raped
>Pride broke his own son's neck
>Martel's death

God that scene was brutal, and not retarded like in Brotherhood where Al was tryinng to prevent her escaping.Bradly simply walks up to Al and slowly slides his sword above the gorget

>Mustang murdered Winry's parents
>Alphonse got turned into a philospher stone
>Wrath's hand and foot got ripped off
>Dante wanted to bodysnatch Rose
>Ed is now stuck on the other side of the gate
>Hohenheim is voiced by Scott Mcneil

This was just.....sick.What the fuck's going to happen next.
Is Al going to find a way to the other side and find that Ed, in his bit to return home, has now taken the name Amon Goeth and is using jews to forge a new philosopher stone.
FUCK!I just wanted a silly little shounen with action and slapstick comedy not......This.
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>using jews to forge a new philosopher stone
That's actually canon. Prepare for Hitler in Conqueror of Shamballa.
You type like a fucking middle schooler tumblrfag. This "original" is anime original because the manga wasn't finished, and they needed to make shit up to finish the series.

Don't fucking use ellipses.
Prepare for lol Nazis and WW2

Doesn't it scare anyone else that if goku wanted to, he could rape everyone on earth and no one would be able to stop him
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No, because he doesn't exist
Just like your waifu
It's not like it's an intelligent show. It's great light entertainment, but you can't expect Toriyama to actually think of things like that.

Besides, Goku's nature is the "too stupid to be evil" type. It'd be hard for anyone who met him who wasn't evil to really fear him.

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Why is she such a runt?
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sexualized dwarfism
Was she also autistic?
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What she needs is a good hard spanking to set her ass straight.

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How can you defeat the smug?
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You don't you just accept it. Also this is a thing apparently.

With the power of love
Give it the dick.

Is this guy the reason why mecha is dead nowadays?
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not even close
But Kira revived Gundam, whether it was done in a good way or not.
He was heavily responsible for the decline in anime quality over a decade after his show.

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