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what does kumiko smell like?
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Salty milk and coins.
I play Euphonium and she probably smells like brass and saliva like all Euphonium players do
What do Kumiko's feet smell like?

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more the merrier.jpg
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Tell me a shocking truth, /a/.
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Red > white
9/11 was an inside job.
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Chaika is cute.

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Yui Hug Azusa 2.gif
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good thread
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Azunyan is precious

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Create an Excel file?

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>Best girl
Objectively Mio

>Favorite move
Ass meteor

>Favorite land
Jungle gym
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>Ass Guillotine
>sinking kyoto temple

get on my level
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Pretty high tier choice anon.
I see you know your ass
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Big ass.png
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>They didn't pick the most obvious ass with massive birthready hips
wew guys. Just... wew

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hahaha epic dude
Sorry man, spoilers are out, you jobbed.

Why doesn't he just use C4 if Hand Axe is so expensive?
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He has to be able to carry his equipment. More powerful explosives mean that he can use the same weight to more effect. Using inferior product gives him a disadvantage.

This is not an RPG where you have 50 inventory slots and no weight limitation.
Whole thing becomes a non-issue/ignored later on anyways. He starts throwing it around like it is playdoh in some of the novels.
Hand Axe is C4 anyway.

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Has anyone here actually read this? I allways thought it was a fucking great manga, but I have never seen it discussed anywhere. If you have read it, what are your thoughts on it?
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reading it rn, the kids just showed up in the future. art quality is shit because i'm reading it on mangastream or some bs like that
I read this a while ago. Thought it was pretty great you've inspired me to reread
Garbage rip off of Gantz.

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I want to use Umaru as a living onahole!
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GEIMU GEIMU -sloppy pocket pussy noises-
She would look really creepy in the real world
>He doesn't own a vat-grown onahole

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Y-you told me you loved me /a/. Why do I keep catching you looking at other waifus?!
You shouldnt be looking at anyone but me!
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>other waifus
Waifu doesn't mean pretty girl, newfag.
Lurk more.
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I-Idont care what it means! Stop looking at them, you dog!
Because you're ugly, annoying, and all in all a shit. We're breaking up.

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Why is she so perfect?
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does she have bigger boobs than hanekawa?
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>tall af
>huge tiddies
Best girl
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>Pt.II screenings in a week or two

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I was thinking of the Supernatural anime today actually. It was by far superior to all the Marvel nonsense.

Mushi-Uta & Zettai Shonen
just looked into this since you posted, and the artstyle is actually kind of nice.
Supernatural is one of my all time favorite shows, is this worth a watch?

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It's time to set the record straight motherfuckers.

Monogatari is NOT a harem. Arararagi walked Hitagi home gently.
Sword Art Online is NOT a harem. Kirito is dating Asuna and had sex with her. TWO YEARS WORTH OF GLOP.
Mahouka is NOT a harem. Onii-sama is asexual, and can only have feelings for Miyuki.
Nisekoi is NOT a harem. Ichijou is in love with Onodera, and as the title suggest, his love for Chitoge is FAKE.
Toradora is NOT a harem. Taiga fucking won.
Yahari is NOT a harem. 8man has been shown to have no romantic interest in any of them, just sexual attraction.
Danmachi is NOT a harem. Bell is clearly shown to only have interest in Ais.
Index is NOT a harem. Touma punches every girl he meets. That's not love.
Log Horizon is NOT a harem. Shirou is not a pedo, and the only other valid contender is Akatsuki.
Cross Ange is NOT a harem. Ange is straight and has no feelings for Hilda. Plus She and Tusk had SEX.
Absolute Duo is NOT a harem. Why do you think it's called Absolute DUO and not Absolute HAREM?
The World God Only Knows is NOT a harem. Keima confessed his love to Chihiro!
Dog Days is NOT a harem. Cinque and Millhiore declared their love for each other. Rebecca has no chance.
OreShura is NOT a harem. Eita is dating Silver. They even kissed in front of everyone.
Love Hina is NOT a harem. Keitaro and Naru got married and they love each other very much.
Saekano is NOT a harem. It's about how to raise _A_ boring girlfriend.
Rakudai is NOT a harem. Ikki proposes to Stella in vol 3!

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All of them are trash though.
But they're all shit

Pick one from the following.
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MC picked all.
Frog Girl

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Some volume 11.
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Not anime.

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