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Sup /A/, I just marathoned the first episode of this anime. Was it good?
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>first episode
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>the first episode
What kind of bait are you trying to pull?

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I want to _______ Chisa's butt and also read the new imouto chapter.
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I cant get enough of Chisa tbqh
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Dindu see Grand Blue threads at latest couple of weeks. What's with those anons who translated raw and korean chaps? Helvetica is herewith 11 chap, I see.
Is that even English?

Being a child is worshipping mecha/action fighting anime.
Being an adult is realizing Slice of Life makes more sense.
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take your memes back to facebook
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not op, but he's right. that said, I like both mecha/action, and slice of life
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Stages Of An Anime Fan

Stage 1: Is introduced to a popular, entry-level anime film such as Akira or Ghost in the Shell by a friend. Proceeds to explore the most famous anime films such as the above, Ghibli movies, etc.

Stage 2: Discovers shonen series, likely Bleach on Adult Swim. Briefly becomes an IRL version of Rikka from Chuunibyou. Does not yet understand why /a/ trolls shonenshit threads. Will hate self for the rest of his natural life for this brief phase.

Stage 3: Mature / deepfag phase. Once he begins to realize shonenshit is shit, begins to seek out “deep” and critically acclaimed anime such as Tatami Galaxy, Evangelion, Lain, etc. Starts debating the meaning of these anime on /a/, as well as starts trolling shonenshit threads, suddenly feeling superior to the plebes in said threads.

Stage 4: Moefag, the final phase. Decides to try a moe series which /a/ seems to love, such as Aria, or more recently Non Non Biyori, etc… justifying it to self as for “purely academic reasons,” e.g. so they can troll or shittalk these series with an informed viewpoint. Ends up discovering that nothing is more peaceful, relaxing, and enjoyable than watching cute girls doing cute things. Ends up realizing that all “deep and mature” anime are actually pretentious bullshit.

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>1979 + 47
>there's still people who aren't watching Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku
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you're not very good at math
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Who is this semen demon?
Gib me some fap material f/a/ggot!

What deeper meaning was this scene supposed to convey?
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Caster is a perv.
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no matter what you do the end off the day youare a women
>tfw we never got to see Caster molesting Rin
She even wanted to take her as a "pupil".

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Just finished Shiki and I wish I hadn't passed it over when it was airing. Let's have a thread.

I thought it was pretty great overall even if the ending was a bit of a mess. I'm not surprised though given its massive cast of characters. I was completely hooked once the story got going though.

I'm a little disappointed that the show didn't make me feel more sympathetic towards the Shiki, I was rooting for the Doctor and the rest of the humans all the way through. The Shiki really got what was coming to them.
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nice review
Well, it was a horror story; of course you were supposed to feel sympathetic towards the humans, not the monsters. That's why the series has a bad ending (bad as, the bad guy wins, not the ending being an unsatisfying one) with the loli vampire escaping, dooming some other town to suffer the same fate.
I suppose so. I did still see the whole thing as an overall victory despite the town being destroyed. The loli escaping didn't piss me off as much as the monk murdering a great character in order to save her. I really don't understand why he joined them and I was half expecting that he'd be involved in some kind of double-agent twist at the end.

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Will anime ever shy away from infodumps, internal monologues, and expository dialogues?
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No because talking and doing nothing is great time filler and less work on the animators.
Not as long as LN adaptations are a regular thing.
If you watch anime that isn't made for 12 year olds, yes.

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I will post this every day until Christmas!

77 days!
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I Hate My Life

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Who is the best MC of Fall 2016?
>in b4 some faggot mentions some dumb male MC
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S3 never
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they had two real life movies, the first released two weeks ago and the second in two weeks.

Subs never.
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Why are Latin American openings so fuckin good?

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The group that made them got bought by the biggest jew in mexico.
Now they suck also anime got censored in free TV.
Only acceptable language for anime is japanese
The Yo-Kai Watch dub was made in this decade.

>The group that made them got bought by the biggest jew in mexico.
If you're making a reference to Audiomaster 3000, they were created by Televisa (which I guess it's "the biggest jew in Mexico").

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Which biyori would be your ideal wife? For me it's Konomi.
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Candy Store

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stop it


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I started watching it because it seems to be hated by MAL and usually everything hated there is something I like. Haven't read the manga, watched 20 episodes so far. I'm enjoying it, even if it's another cliche Shonen. The chemistry between the protagonists is great, art style is pretty good, animation is mostly decent, has god tier OPs.


Villain is an actually evil for a change. Good mixture of edgyness with humor. Pretty much like all the characters especially Genki girl and Benio.

How is this series doing so far in Nipland? Is the hate for it justified? How faithful of an adaptation is it?
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It's a POS, low budget animation, retarded main characters, lack of depth for the others.

>low budget animation

Arguable. Some of the fights have had decent animation but I agree it isn't great overall. Still a lot better than most Shonen, especially anything by Toei.
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Why is she so stacked?

Are you my master?
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No, fuck off Queen Slut,
Sorry I am not the master of a slut
Fuck off bitch. Where are dem Sabers.

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