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Who portrayed bullying better? Koe no Katachi or the Hinata arc in 3-gatsu no Lion?
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Onani master Kurosawa. Koe no Katachi was an entartaining read, but the portrayal of Shoko is really weak. She is basically an angel without a sigle fault, there is nothing to her other than being object of MC pussylust.
Sangatsu goes into more depth and you get to see bits of the situation from every side. It also doesn't do the whole "they're sorry about it and we're friends now" thing. Bullies are still bitches, Hina still hates them, first bullied girl is still broken, etc.
>She is basically an angel without a sigle fault
That's not true even a little bit.

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Why is this show, actually good? I wasn't prepared.
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Medaka a whore
They only animated the worst part of the manga. Go read it when you're finished.
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Read the fucking mango
They didn't animate best boy
Look at how many votes he has over 2nd place

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Don't forget our Goddess, Sena.
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I still think of her every time I have steak for dinner.
What is she goddess of?
I want to forget her show, to tell you the truth. What a huge waste of time.

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It's eight of clock!

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The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.
morning koume <3

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Who would have won?
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>norwegian loli
>Only CQC
>Straight up fight
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My dick.

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Happy Birthday Uzumaki Naruto
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Thank You ;_;
nah fuck off
let's fuck shit up man

Crop a square from an anime logo and others try and guess what anime it came from.

Easy one to start.
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Love Hina
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Tina Sprout is the cutest name in the history of anime.
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Pina Co Lada was an awesome name too.
Piné hime
Kafuu Chino

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Why did it flop?
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Because literally why would you watch it when you can buy a ticket to go see Your Name instead?
why did what flop?
Doing better than the K-on! movie

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Thoughts on Tiger Mask W? I love how it looks pretty much just like the old series. It seems like a good classic style anime.
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It doesn't have waifus, so /a/ isn't going to talk about it.

I grew up on the old 1970s show and am loving this modern incarnation. I was so scared that it was going to rape my childhood to death the way the recent Hokuto no Ken skit shows have, but instead it's a honest show about people beating the shit out of each other and I appreciate that.
I watched the first episode and it was trash.
>It doesn't have waifus

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>brb door
>Last Online: 214 days ago
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>1 year ago
>I feel sick
Safe to assume bitch died.
>Bastard manga
>9 to 10 years ago
Maybe it was jehovah's witnesses. Who knows.

Tsukiko a cute. A CUTE!
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A shit. A SHIT!
No, azusa not a shit
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Best girl coming through

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Are you OK with lolis being the actual big bad? Or do you want some adult controlling said loli so they can redeem her?
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I am OK with lolis being anything.
You can't go wrong with lolis senpai.
If she is the villain some victory rape will be fine?

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ayy what the fuck, kino is a girl?

I'm watching it for the first time and I had literally no idea
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Not just a girl, best girl.
I think the anime would be way more popular if people knew
Would I like this show if I like reverse traps

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Green day fanboi.jpg
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Fucking ningens, they make furious...
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Enjoy your tea, Gowasu-sama.

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