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Re zero.png
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will finally be watching pic related.
hoping that it's not as bad as you guys make it out to be.
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>believing anything /a/ says
my little anon can't possibly be this new
If you can suppress your disbelief long enough and be fine with an mc who doesnt have a single human trait im sure its a fine show.
What kind of stupid thread is this

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>Naruto happened in your lifetime
How this makes you feel?
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It makes me anxious for nuclear fire to release us from this hell
Eh, shit happens. Bleach happened in my lifetime too, but it's gone now.
Wonder if I'll live to see JoJo, OP, Berserk and HxH end.
Not even a sakurafag but Naruto ending up with worst girl is fitting because they deserve each other.

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Really Crazy. Epnidode 8 And I just Has a ax: "IS SHE DOSE LAIN SERIAL LAIN EXPERIMENT LAIN has Melancholism"?

And then Ultimate Sacregious on Unlucky numar 13: SHE BECOM GOD. WHAT BALSEPHY IS THIS?

To begina Epeidos 1: Lain has A Brain. to wihch the Sucieside Squad kill the ground the Girl offter Rouf. Hehe she Saplt n hont the spirit of SML Serius Lain's melancholy, the Lemoncholy lain. I mean Okay sure not Off to a Grate Start.

All At once Episode 2: She A bar Eat the Tender. Who EAT the tender but she Lain, Lemonachic Lain? Epnidode 8 ANischeral indeed further ponesce upon the death of DA by GUN VINELUNCE. FUCK THE VINELUNCE for fuck of gun? Not Even a PEEP from she Lain. She Lain not EVEN A PEE Epnidode 8 Really Thought Aproking.

All At Smakc DAB episode 3: To which she say: SUFT THE UCK UP TIRANS. To which the silene prescence. Epnidode 8 rally get it wierd Lain can use anischality to rentrite soschemial dues? But why she a PEEP not even a PEE susis or DA?

Next is Alisu she Rewrinds Time she Becomes SLider new Ralm. Really: SERIAL EXPERIMENTS LAIN. Thost?

I mean to sart a look at simple form an ASS you fucker think you fucking fuck you no me fucer dont fucking try me you fuckers you all think you know me dont fucking try me. epideidos 1-14
And THEN WOW: The Blen in Soots Come to And wow the lain EXPLODES a room YELLS at them. Epnidode 8 But for NIGHTS she MURDER ALL COLD TO BLOOD?

Epnidode 8 rally get it wierd Lain can use anischality to rentrite soschemial dues?

Come to epinode for the 9-11: RETURN OF JESUS. Epnidode 8 Time To Traveler to ANCIENT ROWSELL 1-94Epnidode8, begin tocks of Epser children lead to end with Christian symbolicity by Alien. Allan Wat a ALisu a maturbaste? This... Is PERVET. LAIN A PEVET!? ANTICHISICAL.


So, yeah I saw the so Lain's Serial Melancholic Lain. DEATH OF JESUS: BORTALITY BY LAIN queen of murdere. Scip a Few Seseterital Aldogenitor Desacrate of minud by Hand of Lian become Magic Retard Ghost?
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I commend your persistency
Yeah she did, and I was really impressed by how the series handled it honestly.
Holy shit shut the fuck up with this ayy lmao autistic lain shit. You've been doing this for like 3 fucking weeks get a fucking life you fucking autist.

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Conqueror of shamballa.jpg
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So that was...odd.
I get why people have a problem with this movie, the silly plot points like
>Winry Lugging a suitcase full of auto-mail.
>Envy turning into a dragon
>That chick whose name I can't pronounse who goes "LOL Xenocide time"
>Noah's psychic powers
That stuff didn't really get to me, but did drag the story down.
I was OK with the ending.Prefferedd the one in the TV series becouse it left some ambiguity, but this one is not bad.
I can except that Al became a celebreated panzer commander of the LHAAS on the eastern front and that Ed joined the Falschimjager - sad he
died at Monte Casino though.
I think that the best summary for this is "wasted potential".
For me the big problem with the film is the time it is set - 1923.1936 would have fit better IMHO.
Hitler has risen to power and has begun a massive rearmament campaign.
Nazi scientists discover this giant obelisk somwhere in the desserts of egypt(like in Stargate) that turns out to be an alchemic circle.
Ed is just a novelist writing a fun little adventure serial about these two brothers and their world of magic and wonder.
Or he could be working at UFFA with Fritz Lang
The nazis discovering Amestris and decide it's a perfect place to get raw material and untermensch for the Reich's warmachine.
>Stuka dive bombers over Central
>Stormtroopers with gas masks and flamethrowers everywhere.
In conclussion:After finally watching both series i'm still ot the fence.
They're both good shows with greats stories and characters, and they both go FULL RETARD at the end, but it was a different kind of retard.2003 tried to stick to its dark themes and it ended falling apart at the seams.
Brotherhood tried to one-up itself with every consecutive battle, that it simply degraded into "over 9000" fight-scenes culminating in an Deux Ex Machina ending that was such an asspull it left the director unable walk for a week.
Still enjoyed them both - different spins of the same story which had something for everybody.
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Shit i forgot to somethig(Goddamn char. limit)
The beggining of the films sucks though.It would have been coll if it was just a story ed made up, mixing together both alchemy and real world science.Something like an omage to Indiannna Jones - to set the tone for the audience.
But no.Everything happened - even the bomb is braught at some point.
Oh and how could i forget the soundrtrack.Seriously the original series and the movie have some of the best music in all of anime
Both Bratia and Heidrich funeral song deserve to be in a hall of fame or something.
Just gorgeous
yeah I prefered 03's ending the most and feel it has the best moments. I love that scene at ep 50 where Al sees hughes and waves to him.

Then the second half falls apart.

But yeah, the movie wasnt very good but did have great music
Yeah we know

Brotherhood is better too

One of my favorite animes of all-time

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Those dragons are delicious, you must eat them.
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I'd rather stick to eating walking mushrooms
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>we want the dungeon meshi audience

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ITT: Good guys that look like villains, and vice versa
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File: trunks.jpg (2MB, 1181x1581px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 1181x1581px
Polnareff is pure
He was the villain in his introduction arc.

File: 5d5e493e.jpg (636KB, 1000x822px)Image search: [Google]
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The absolute madman.

Also, spoilers for the next chapter.
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File: 0496027d.jpg (585KB, 1000x814px)Image search: [Google]
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File: 8b1485b5.jpg (545KB, 1000x787px)Image search: [Google]
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My RomCom SNAFU.
Who else here tired of waiting for vol.12?
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File: 1462420682752.gif (200KB, 250x250px)Image search: [Google]
200KB, 250x250px
>Who else here tired of waiting for vol.12?

I am
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Best girl
If Saika doesn't win then there was no point in this series even existing.

Ok let's talk about this show.
Why do they talk so fucking fast?
My head hurts.
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Kill yourself.
Someone said they crammed a lot of shit in episode one, and I mean a lot.
>Can't keep up

What the hell White Fox?

How do you go from Re:Zero to moe garbage like this?
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Wasn't re:zero Moe garbage ?
Re:Zero was neveer good.

Kill la Kill sequel about Ryouko Matoi`s little sister still has potential to become decent, also first episode was garbage indeed.
I thought it was good, the moe blob shit was pretty distracting though. It was literally Madoka levels

Why does she keep blushing like a maiden in love?
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Must have a fever.
She knows through her witch powers that Fine is a demon in bed.
Witches are bitches.

File: Yuri!!!.On.Ice.full.2024044.jpg (4MB, 2000x1613px)Image search: [Google]
4MB, 2000x1613px
>Yuri on ice
>expected ice skating with lesbians
>got a bunch of faggots instead

Why is this allowed? If there's no lesbians then they shouldn't use the word 'yuri'
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Why are newfags who can't read basic Japanese allowed on /a/? ユーリ is not the same as 百合.
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Barangay one is too apparent though...

File: 4837483753892678975.jpg (150KB, 1058x591px)Image search: [Google]
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How can a VA be so perfect, for a person so perfect
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nice work, snakefag.

burb best girl
hanakana is pretty bad. i'm sure aoi, grating, minase, taneda, and amamiya posters will post here also
File: monogatari_series_12061.jpg (1MB, 1280x936px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 1280x936px

What the hell am I watching,
I have no idea what's going on anymore.
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Just stick to Ryo-Ohki seasons 1-2. Literally the birth, and golden age of harem anime.
And know, Ramna 1/2 is not harem.
oooh 4chan is back

Hang on.
Why on earth would they want to bring back an evil school that caused the destruction of the world?
Who funds this school now?
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Because unlike the people running it before these guys fought against despair, learned from their past and became true hope.
They wont repeat the same mistakes.
>runs well for 76 years
>goes bad in the middle of the 77th/78th class
When Junko wasn't involved, the school ran fine, so now that she(and her minions) are gone, what's stopping the school from running fine?
Why is Byakuya ignored in these threads? JUZO may be great but Byakuya was original best boy

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