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Let's have a non autistic thread about this for a change.

So, was Souya autistic or just deaf or both?
What happened to him to cause it?
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He became god of shogi
I like to think that he's actually a ghost and will disappear from the series at one point with no explanation.
He's deaf, he gave up his hearing for shogi skills

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what's /a/'s opinion on this?
also: ass jazz or afro nigger?
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I cut myself a couple times while watching it
Gundam done right
This is how all gundams should be like.

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How often do you rewatch anime?
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Almost never. It has to be something special to make me go back.
Pretty sure I've only done it a few times.
I've never been one for rewatching anything. I always want to be experiencing something new.
I only rewatch shows that benefit from a second viewing, or that I found to be particularly brilliant or both. Utena, for example.

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Eve a best. A BEST!
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She's going to disappear by the end of the series, you know.
but reverse traps are the best
She'll merge with the trap.


Fucking why?
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Because Shuka can't make EDs, so they spent half the budget on getting a famous name in the credits.
You talking shit?
Im feel so sad and dissapointed on what they did to this. They could just play some instrumental shit like Mushishi and what they did to the OVA rather than putting a fucking screaming doll on the end credits

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>yfw you realize that GT is better than Super

Pink, Blue, Red hair?
Trunks and Gohan looks like fucking Bratwurst?
Goten still 5yo?
Vegeta having royal Pussy personality?

do i really need to go on?
Come on guys... be honest for just one fucking second in your life and agree.
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did i mention that all of a sudden there is this ridicioulus powerladder popping out?

Omni-King LOL
Beerus is cool but thats so utter bullshit and doesn't make any sens, not even for dragonball.

Fucking hell
Only people severely blinded by nostalgia think it does. GT has some of the worse aspects of the Cell arc, magnified over the course of the entire series. Most fights are incredibly dull, weightless, and generally just a chore to sit through, with Uchiyama's ever-present art style shitting things up all over.

A significant majority of the fight with Baby, for example, is just awful. Super 17 might have some of the worst-animated scenes in the whole franchise. And aside from Nova Shenron's fight, none of the Shadow Dragon fights really had a lot going for them.

Fuck, you remember the scene where Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta uses his Big Bang Kamehameha? Videogames may have made the attack look cool in recent years, but back in GT it was almost hilarious how dumb it looked and how lazy the animation for the attack was.

Here's the Super 17 "fight".

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CO83zq-rB10 [Embed]

I'm not a fan of Super's animation, but come on. People saying GT was better are being ridiculous.
An unconvincing argument from someone more invested in convincing themselves that Super hasn't made GT more than a curiosity.

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Piru piru pii
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underrated show
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pyuru pyuru pi
i liked the dub

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>yotsuba offers you her ice cream
what do?
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Tell the trap no thanks. I'm not a pedophile.
[X] Genuflect.

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Being a child is worshipping mecha/action fighting anime.
Being an adult is realizing Slice of Life makes more sense.
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Stages Of An Anime Fan

Stage 1: Is introduced to a popular, entry-level anime film such as Akira or Ghost in the Shell by a friend. Proceeds to explore the most famous anime films such as the above, Ghibli movies, etc.

Stage 2: Discovers shonen series, likely Bleach on Adult Swim. Briefly becomes an IRL version of Rikka from Chuunibyou. Does not yet understand why /a/ trolls shonenshit threads. Will hate self for the rest of his natural life for this brief phase.

Stage 3: Mature / deepfag phase. Once he begins to realize shonenshit is shit, begins to seek out “deep” and critically acclaimed anime such as Tatami Galaxy, Evangelion, Lain, etc. Starts debating the meaning of these anime on /a/, as well as starts trolling shonenshit threads, suddenly feeling superior to the plebes in said threads.

Stage 4: Moefag, the final phase. Decides to try a moe series which /a/ seems to love, such as Aria, or more recently Non Non Biyori, etc… justifying it to self as for “purely academic reasons,” e.g. so they can troll or shittalk these series with an informed viewpoint. Ends up discovering that nothing is more peaceful, relaxing, and enjoyable than watching cute girls doing cute things. Ends up realizing that all “deep and mature” anime are actually pretentious bullshit.
Once you realise that japs can't write deep or meaningful stories to save their lives you end up watching stuff that was made to be enjoyable without much of a plot.
>ghost in the shell
>entry level
I know this is a troll post, but still.
Also, moe a shit.

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Let's settle this
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Meat all day every day.

Rindou is giving her a run for her money though.

Happy Birthday Sound! I mean Hibiki. Someone say nice things about Hibiki!
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She is a shit character.
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she is a fluid druid
she has a nice hairy pussy and butthole!

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ITT: Anime that are amazing but /a/ will never admit they are.
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Fuck this shit, i hate tragedy romances. This shit was almost as bad as katanagatari.
It's shit.
Best thing about it was Goose House OP


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Why did Japan never embrace CGI the way America did?
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Because they fucking suck at it.
CGI is shit and the worst thing to happen to American animation. It's all that fuck ugly 3D shit.

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>we will never have a Little House On The Prairie anime

Would make a great SoL.
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>all these fanarts for a series that doesn't exist
Just watch any number of WMT shows and it's the same thing
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I already watched them anon. And I'm thirsty for more.

Twelve years ago, a nine tailed fox suddenly appeared.

If you believe it.
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Um it was Obito disguised as Uchiha Madara coming to take vengeance on Konoha for reasons that I do not remember.
fuck off narutards

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