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What is a really good manga/anime/ova/vn/etc that is really good but has one the biggest fucking flaws you've seen?
Mine goes for pic related
A great and sad character study that is unbearable because of the absolute dog-shit art.
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>dog-shit art
Try growing some taste next time.
its objectively shit.
try growing a brain next time.
The manwha Ares suffers from much the same problem

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Hentai anime are not good.
Start reading hentai doujinshi already, you casual.
Victorian Maid

jk Shoujo Romune
>not played

How to organise anime? (linux software)

I have a list on MAL but it's hard to keep track of what I've done and where it is located on my HDDs, is there some specialist software or something for Linux which preferably includes MAL importing or XML, any help or what you guys use is great.
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You sort by alphabetical order of hash keys.
It's across multiple drives and I would like to keep track at what I've deleted and what I've seen but don't have downloaded

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>the creator dies
>no notes about how the story ends
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Here's your (you)
Here's yours?
Hope this isnt about beserk. I will fucking cry

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How do you like your harem anime? Big, small, 5 girls, 12 girls?
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I prefer zero girls in a harem and want haremcancer to end
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>How do you like your harem
Successful. Pic related.

I don't go to your fujo threads and act like a faggot, why'd you have to do that here?

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>[PuyaSubs!] Gakuen Handsome - 02 [720p][75C15FEC].mkv

Only handsome anons may post in this thread.
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This shit is killing my sides
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Fuck, Marry, Kill, Chin Wrestle?
The OVA was fucking hilarious.

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manga of century
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TL note: red eyes mean evil
Sorry, it cant be good: Iheard of it outside of /a/.

No low budget ping pong anime thread?
Cap is ready.
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cute girl cute butt

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You will never have a giant waifu.
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>tfw 191 cm tall
But I'm already giant, I just want a short waifu
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I'm 192cm tall, I know that feel mate.

One more chapter to be translated...
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Waiting for that to start reading...

At least is gonna be fully translated unlike countless of other series
I read the entire thing and was left with only two. One came out yesterday, and it didn't do much for the ending so I'm hoping the last chapter is better.

But you pretty much get the entire story as it is with everything so far. Ending is implied
Who wins senpai?

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I will post this every day until Christmas!

76 days!

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Stop right there Yui Claus
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A besto reviewer
Doesn't /a/ hate reviewers?
Well /a/ is retarded then

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What's your homo OTP?
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baby ain't nothin' but mammals.
Don't you mean homOTP

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Is Macross Delta's music as good as Macross Frontier?
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It's better, in my opinion

I struggled to really remember most of the songs a week after watching Frontier, save for Aimo because it was repeated so often, and never really felt the urge to listen to any of the songs outside of the Anime.

Delta has a few weak pieces, but overall they seem a lot more catchy, a few of them exceed Sheryl's songs in terms of power. I found myself actually listening to them outside of the anime, and I'm not even into J-Pop or anime music in general.

I think music may have carried Delta for many /a/nons in the second cour

pic semi-related, meh voice but best girl
I revisit Frontier's music a lot, especially the movie songs. But damn Delta has been taking over as my go to ost to listen to. I think they are both really good, but Delta is fresh so I want to listen to something new.
The only song I liked Diamond Crevasse and Seikan Hikou in F

Delta just have more good songs overall.

Loli Freyja singing Seikan Hikou full version when?

Is this the gayest "straight" anime ever conceived?
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Nope, that would be JoJo.
It is the gayest shounen I have ever read. The blood drinking scene was pretty gay.
Does it get better later? Season 1 was pretty shitty, and the gay melodrama was unbearable. But I kind of wanna keep watching for Krul

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