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>this is a japanese breakfast
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That's enough calorie to last for 5 hours, yah fat fuck
wtf it looks like a regular meal lmao where my frosted flakes
Who the shit eats rice and fish for breakfast

Q fucked up messing with the wrong Eldritch Abomination.
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He a good boy, he ain't ask for this
He didn't deserve this.
I love Stray dogs threads, they're always so active

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Subs just came out how did you guys like the movies?

I thought they were fantastic
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If I've never watched either the original 79 or 80, can I watch this first.
it starts from the beginning so yeah you can watch these and not feel left out of the story
Meh. I hate the how the quality is lack for the characters but i love the mecha and EXPLOSIONS.

I was kinda hoping to see more of the gundam though. Fingers crossed they remake the original series OVA style.

What went wrong?
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Shotas, mainly. But also contributed: animating the second instead of the first LN, replacing half of the anime cast with new guys, the whole thing being completely disconnected from the sequel anime (which is what most people wanted to see/expected), and last but not least, KyoAni expecting record sales and promoting it accordingly.
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Papi respects her local law enforcers.
You DO respect your local law enforcers as well, right?
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I love this cute snek and I'm going to marry her!
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I like my local law enforcement arachnes.
>"Your compliance is not a factor"

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Pretty juicy chapter.
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1st for Smoothie next nakama
Galette for best girl
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All girls are cute this arc.

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Do you.jpg
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Well do you /a/?
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I love Cocona
Sorry...I love Emilia.
Yes, anon I love you .

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Looks like we got some information on the next arc+episodes

>“Goku is in danger!? The strongest assassin comes to the 7th universe to kill Goku!! The assassin is ordered by an unknown individual.”

>The issue also reveals the upcoming schedule prior to the the start of the new story arc.

>November 27: Come here Shenron!! Whose dream will come true?

>December 4: Goku vs Arale! The earth comes to an end due to their battle?

>December 11: Challenge from Champa Let’s fight in baseball!

>December 18: Goku dies! Assassination order that must be performed.

Looks like Yamcha will get his chance to shine.
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I would say it be neat if it was the Time Breakers that hired Hit (just for the fact that he's a non DLC playable character in XV2 ), but I doubt it will be the case.
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>December 4: Goku vs Arale! The earth comes to an end due to their battle?
What? Arale getting an actual role? It'll make things odd if she keeps up with Goku and then doesn't appear when there's a serious threat around...

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I want to marry Ruri~
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Back off, she's mine
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Yugo = Kami

Syncro was a mistake

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Spoilers soon.

Also, THS is alive but now release their chapters on batoto.
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When will kaneki take the red pill and become godneki?
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>Twisted Hel is back

Neat. We're probably not getting spoilers for another like 17 hours though right?
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Will he do it again?
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>Arc 4 Ch 58

>Previous stuff

>For animefags looking to continue the story
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Every thread until Rem wakes up.

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> http://pastebin.com/CJPJP2Hi
PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFqc1-s2c54
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thanks doc
This episode's gonna be fucking good, sweet.
Based Shin Hyung Woo, where would we be without you. Also, it's worth praising Cha as well, he's the specialist when it comes to those flashy as fuck effects and scenes like we had in Enigma last week.
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happy gappy.png
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Gappy makes me happy

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>yfw you couldn't save her
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I think about her a lot.

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Do you think students from schools like Keizoku will play any form of contributing role in Finals plot, or be reduce to merchandise cameos?
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I have a feeling we'll be seeing the actual Continuation team this time around. The Mika popularity is too much for them to ignore.
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No! That's good!.png
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Why mika is soo popular?, i mean, i like the character, bur cmon, she only appears in the movie.

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Pork in the shell

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