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***,*15位/***,*16位 (**2,642 pt) [*,*60予約] 2016/12/30 【Amazon.co.jp限定】ユーリ!!! on ICE 1 (スペシャルイベント優先販売申込券付き)(全巻購入特典:「久保ミツロウ描き下ろしマンガ(メーカー特典)」+「アニメ描き下ろしアクリルスタンド6セット」引換シリアルコード付) [Blu-ray]
***,*60位/***,*58位 (**2,897 pt) [*,*22予約] 2016/12/30 ユーリ!!! on ICE 1(スペシャルイベント優先販売申込券付き) [Blu-ray]
***,148位/***,147位 ○ (**1,765 pt) [*,**8予約] 2016/12/30 ユーリ!!! on ICE 1(スペシャルイベント優先販売申込券付き) [DVD]
***,155位/***,159位 ○ (**1,241 pt) [*,*31予約] 2016/12/30 【Amazon.co.jp限定】ユーリ!!! on ICE 1 (スペシャルイベント優先販売申込券付き)(全巻購入特典:「久保ミツロウ描き下ろしマンガ(メーカー特典)」+「アニメ描き下ろしアクリルスタンド6セット」引換シリアルコード付) [DVD]

So now that Yuri on Ice is on its way to become the best selling anime of the year, can we agree that fujos are saving the industry?
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wtf it'll top out at like 12k

Love Live is the best selling anime
>this webm
Wait what? Was there a camera change around the 3rd second before he finishes spinning to cross arms or is it a shitty in-between job?
Vol 1 is currently predicted to have over 20k points by the end of its run, but successful fujoshi shows usually double what stalker predicts since fujos usually buy their anime from other online stores and even storefront. That prediction is just going to skyrocket from now on. Volume 1 will definitely sell over 60k.

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Now that the dust has truly settled, what was AOTY 2015?
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Hibike S1
Fuck off.

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On episode 15
When does this show get good?
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Your just not intelligent enough for this show.

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How much value do you put into visual direction?
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A lot. I'm a KyoAnifag.
care to post some examples that arent shit?
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Those shots are fucking awful, there's no visual symbolism in them, and they look like cheap trash.

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What a cheating slut, NTR is bad, bad bad bad bad.

For fucks sakes she already has a kid with Naze.
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Stay mad boy, while the stong and confident man like Guts gets all the bitches
It's fine that fucker already has a ship full of women he won't miss one or two.
Women aren't a particularly loyal species, they're like cats, you can feed and shelter them and when you die they'll just piss on your face.

Tsun tsun dere tsun tsun dere tsun
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his grandpa is so cute
I hate him already
Wat do?

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ITT we post most iconic anime scenes of all time.
I'll start.
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Help! I'm in love with Hestia.
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Why does she wear ribbons?
Why is she in loli form?
Why does she never wear shoes?
Why are you still here?
Why does she wear the gloves?

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sup /a/ watched the anime.
Was OK, pas was a little to slow, main marry sue hero saved the day after walking and bragging a vampire to feat on him(the vamp did not want to do it) this was retarded.
They made him a day walker (I expected it) uber cliche and ultra retarded.

I hearer recently that these is supposed to be some debate over what side was good and who was evil.
And I really don't get it.
What is so controversial?

Nether side did anything wrong.
The humans killed the vampires like in the good old times (you clearly did never watch NON GAY vampire movies) so nothing wrong their.
And the vampires wanted to survive + have the potential to resurrect someone.
Nothing wrong.

If I was on the human side(born/still human) I would have acted like the humans.
If I was on the vamp side (resurrected) I acted like the vamps.
OK maybe if I was a vamp i act a little different some of their moves where retarded like getting the ultra gay vampire to make a mockery of the funeral service (if punch him in the face for this) and I also know better ways to hide and survive the endgame.

Out side of this what is the big deal with some morality in this show?
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>What is so controversial?
Do I even need to explain this?
>main marry sue hero saved the day after walking and bragging a vampire to feat on him
The monk was the MC. Anime adaptation shifted focus to different characters, but typical traits of a MC are still with him.

Why doesn't Rohan just write "I know Yoshikage Kira's new identity" into everyone's faces with Heaven's Door?
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>Can make a person fly at exactly 70 km/ph
>make a person learn perfect italian
>writing a persons identity in there is where araki draws the line
why does part 4 has the most plot holes?
Because Heaven's Door controls only things about the person themselves, including knowledge of their past. It's still an OP ability because you can control whoever you want, but it's nowhere near "I can control the world" tier.
>Can make a person fly at exactly 70 km/ph
I'll give you this, though it's still plausible since it just has to do with the subject in question and not about anyone else. But
>make a person learn perfect italian
When did this ever happen

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Post your 3x3s, 4x4s, 9x9s and so ons. Remember to rate others.
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5/6, nice color scheme
File: 3x3 alt.jpg (214KB, 920x920px)Image search: [Google]
3x3 alt.jpg
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4/4 shit color theme


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I'm not Togaposting MOM I'm trying to DECIPHER THE HIDDEN SECRETS of the manga!
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ochako is for sexual.jpg
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What kind of things come to your mind when you look at Ochako?
Is Toga Hakumen no Mono in disguise?
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likeness is bad.png
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Reminder that "Wanting to be just like X" is bad

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Why the fuck does /a/ like Stella so much?
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Because she's the best anime girl.
Fuckslut with a naisu body.
More half of /a/ hates her. Stella is Top tier tsundere. You could say she was actually a deconstruction of this archetype.

So I am 10 episodes into ZZ and so far I am enjoying it.

Is ZZ Gundam sucks some shitty meme??
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ZZ is excellent patrician as fuck, yes it's just a terrible meme parroted by delusional edgy Zeta fags.
ZZ is very enjoyable until the last 14 episodes or so where it becomes absolutely awful.
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My only real problem with ZZ is the writing is a little spotty and forced at times.

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Why is this model of pistol the most prevalent one in the world?

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