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Remember when people actually liked this arc? Those were dark times.
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Thats the best arc.
Use the catalog retard
Suck my dick /vg/

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Yuri is like a 9/10 woman and could easily be the best if she was is any other show. Kei is like 11/10 and completely eclipses her in greatness though.
Right on.

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Why are they so perfect?
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Miyako is the sunshine in Sunshine Sketch.
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Miyako is the sunshine
Yuno is the sketch

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Yeah, that's right, one week left to send in your submission for this seasons /a/ Sings Double Whammy Spectacular.
We're Singin the Drifters OP and the Flip Flappers ED, Check out our (unmixed) progress so far;
Drifters: https://clyp.it/dkfd0e13
FlipFloppers: https://clyp.it/djsrx2zn

For more details see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaBvQ9VSkgU [Embed]
For music and stuff, see: https://mega.nz/#!Bd5hAbIQ!SQs-ym1t3lzPio9kRDN7inK7C-Dgausw_pj7S_7k8qA

You've got till the 27th to apply. So get on it.
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Can we record two people at a time or should we make two different takes?
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It would be a first, but absolutely go for it. The only time I've ever heard that happen was during a /b/ sings. I want to hear it.
You've got mail OP.

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Seriously, where did it all go so wrong?
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Great thread, we really needed more ironic shitposting.
Even if it's from the same anime, it's a great representation of the changes in anime. The first represents a mature anime that supports itself by being good, the second represents otaku pandering fanservice.
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Lurk for 35 years before posting.

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So is giselle a male or female? I dug thru many posts on the internet and there's no definite conclusion. I'm aware that she smelled like semen and one of the editors for kubo said Giselle is a dude but that's not from kubo himself.
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She is a girl, just like Alluka.
I'd prefer either way
>I'd prefer either way
but could it be called a preference of a set if the preference is extended to the entire set?

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>Mou ikkai~
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Tsutsukashi the best loli
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You already heard it on your head, now Say it!

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Hi /a/, Orchestr/a/ here. We've been pumping out your favourite mongolian animation theme songs for over 2 years, but recently our crack team of professional musicians has been a little lacking in numbers. We need your help.

We very desperately need arrangers, mixers, trumpets, all low brass, all strings, flute, aux. percussion, and everything else we pretty much also need but not as desperately.

We need you. I'm serious, even if you think you suck, we're a lot better off with you than without you. Those of you who've walked in and seen many people already taking a part you wanted to play, I guarantee that won't happen anymore considering the amount of people we have right now. Those of you who were with us previously at some point, please come back.

And Orchestr/a/ members don't shitpost/drama in this thread, you fucking faggots. You're scaring people off, I'm warning you.

FAQ: http://pastebin.com/GEsC6yuq

Join us at: http://jibunwooo.com
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>tfw I don't have my cello with me on campus
>tfw nowhere to record in peace at home
A bump for you, and godspeed
>orchestr/a/ is kill
Dedchestr/a/ is nothing new. We have periods of inactivity with bursts of productivity here and there, but we've always managed to pull through in time for the album.

What do you want the most from your waifu?
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Shout out to all my thigh bros.
For her to be real.

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Kuroko so close.jpg
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Remember when Raildex was good?
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It was never "good".
Misaki a pile of shit
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'member when Frenda was alive?

What are they looking at?
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OP's bank account.
OP's dick

Yui is a good girl
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Rena is a good girl
It feels like they just picked a check list of tropes that need to be included and then just had it happen, instead of having a scriptwriter try to incorporate those tropes into something that makes a story.
Yui is a bad girl who needs to be punished.

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How did we go from this...
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...to this
Because growing up you become aware of how shitty thing are. Go stab you an eye.
I'm interested, what is this? I found the name, but do you recommend it?

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TouRabu Thread
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I'm still listening to last weeks ED on repeat. Full version can't come soon enough.
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>it's a spooky episode
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>[HorribleSubs] Touken Ranbu - Hanamaru - 08 [720p].mkv

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Do you like your tomboys submissive or dominant?
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Dominant at first, but then submissive
Isn't the whole idea that they are both?
Dominant until it's dicking time
then submissive

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