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Forget "the best". Who sucked most at writing romance - Kubo or Kishimoto?
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bleach kazui and mom544.jpg
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Kazui is way cuter than Bort. Also he actually looks like his mother.
Kishi. If he could write romance, he wouldn't have let SP make trash like the Last because it wouldn't be needed.

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Man, so fucked up
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Why do I love rape scenes so much?
Good, but overrated
it's pretty bad and dumb
the only good parts were with sarah
there's hardly anything "fucked up" about it compared to some other stuff

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What are the best series for canon /ss/? Not in terms of fap material but more in terms of how the romantic aspect of it is executed. I'm thinking of something that's believable and touching.

Pic related, probably the only series I've read that has canon /ss/ and its done very, very well.
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Just read The World is Mine
>Pic related, probably the only series I've read that has canon /ss/
You must not read a lot of manga then.
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I used to read a lot more back when I only wanted to read manga about people punching each other in the face but nowadays I only follow a few series and Otoyomegatari is one of them that I've religiously followed for a few years now.

So comfy, so adorable.

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You wouldn't take Koito-chans cherry, would you?
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It has already been taken I'm sure.
Dumb koitoposter.
I LOVE Koito!

What do you think they were trying to convey with this character design?
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That's High Level Saiyan Battle Armor, from the planet Vegeta. It boosts your Power Level by over 200!
Plus, the reactive Ki plating and Power Axe Helm provide a strong kinetic shield and a counter-attack on the level of Freezer's tail!
The boots were a gift from King Yama, and ensure that the wearer will NEVER fault, trip or suffer malady/injury due to improper footwork.

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W-what did he mean by this, Sakurabros?
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I... thought... she was best girl...
She can probably fit one or two more in her. Shinji must have had some extra dildos left.
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What are we going to do now? Our secret is out that our beloved is a slut

File: 1478765148245.png (2MB, 1835x3170px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 1835x3170px
what did she do?
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Building a tent in my pants.
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i see what you did there anon

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[Blocks your path]
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Block THIS
*unsheathes ticklefingers*
It's okay Yotsuba, you can block my path any day

>“nyanbo was a mistake“

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How is FMA 2003 better than the source material or Brotherhood? It just got too fucking weird for me when it deviated.
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nostalgia fags
I don't understand why people think the source material good, there's a bleach-level amount of characters I don't care about.
i hated all of china. I hated the new greed, I hated the ninjas, I hated loli chun-li and her stupid pet.

they didn't need to be in it all.

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Don't forget who is our Goddess!
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is this from the ova?
File: 1478975565301.jpg (55KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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Of course not! How could I forget her when I pray to her three times a day?

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Is this the perfect Manga?
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if you like this kind of stuff, sure
it's faggot shit my dude
The yuri arc is kind of weak in terms of storytelling, and Pariya's personality is a little too 'anime.' Otherwise I have no complaints.

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So, how unsatisfying was this ending?
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Everything after Erro's death is non canon.
Near and Light should have both died.

Enough with this deathnote shamming! Its perfect from episode 1 to 37. The ending was great just like the beginning.

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I would post in this thread, but I'm dead. Sorry, OP.
How the fuck are you still posting if you've killed yourself? You're doing it wrong!
I knew it but I still watched it

File: long-riders-7192.jpg (64KB, 350x493px)Image search: [Google]
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This show is three or four episodes behind the rest of the season. Is it heading towards an untimely death?
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>[Ohys-Raws] Long Riders! - 05 (AT-X 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4

Oh boy, finally
File: 1478357351465.jpg (420KB, 1346x1292px)Image search: [Google]
420KB, 1346x1292px
No, Long Riders will prevail!
I honestly hope it does get cancelled.

It's such a piss poor excuse for an anime a this point.

File: inaba.jpg (51KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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What would you say in this situation?
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Grab her hands and kiss her
What did she mean by this?
Keep up the good work.

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