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Where the fuck is Jinbei?
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Cutest couple.
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Sanjis wife.jpg
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Who cares? This is now a SaNa thread
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Pudding will join soon.

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Read the fucking guide: buyfag.moe
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Fuck nippon yassan
Is it Transi-logistic?
Way better then the miku shit in the other thread.

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New episode soon.
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OST and OP single fucking when?

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I'm not posting the chapter because I got shit to do but here's the link

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I'll post it then.
>That chapter cover.

It hurts.
W-will imouto chan be daijobu?

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Are supersayins gonna go through the whole rainbow by the end?
Last night I woke up from a nightmare. In my dream, someone decided to make a sequel to my favorite childhood anime, Dragon Ball Z. After months of hype we got the first episode, which looked promising. But then the animation became worse and worse. Gohan was a wimp. The battles were shitty. A new SSJ transformation, which looked utterly retarded...

Few minutes later I realized that Dragon Ball Super is not just my imagination, its reality. I woke up screaming "nooooo" as my Dragon Ball Z poster fell of the wall. "Toriyama...that bastard" were the only words that came out of my mouth. I jumped quickly out of my bed and ran to my computer. I erased all the DBS episodes Ive downloaded from my computer. It doesnt exist. Dragon Ball Super doesnt exist.
Reminder that the manga is basically Toyble OC with minimal Toriyama supervision, and that he also considers the anime a continuation of his manga:


> So far Dragon Ball Super has followed Toriyama-sensei‘s plot, but I think it might be interesting for Toyotarō-sensei to become more involved with the story-writing process from here on out!

> Good idea!! I bet it’ll make it more interesting to include Toyotarō-sensei‘s original ideas.


> Toriyama-sensei, what advice do you have for Toyotaro-sensei?

> I think it would be great if you included more of your own original ideas.


> Between getting the outline and the final phase, what is the most difficult part of making the manga?

> Many times, Toriyama-sensei doesn't give me specific feedback on the details that I fill in, so I put a lot of thought into those aspects, knowing that my interpretation is what the readers will see. I would love to have Toriyama just sit next to me so I could ask him questions all the time, but unfortunately, I can't!


Toriyama (After the DBS anime announcement):
> “Dragon Ball Super is a complete continuation of the Majin Buu story arc."
> "You know, it suddenly occurs to me that somewhere along the line the Dragon Ball anime has become quite a huge story. Please be sure to watch Dragon Ball Super on TV!"

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These are your fleet carriers for tonight.
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First! Sorry, I've always wanted to do that at least once what with being here for 9 years.
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Why is cancer like you allowed to exist?

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Caesar a shit edition
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Caesar's death is one of the most overrated moments in JoJo. It was pointless since Joseph went to fight Wammu by himself
part 2 is shit. Don't get me wrong, it's just not that good and I really want to fit in

Is she retarded?
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She's pretty smart for a dog.
She has autism.
Just feral and uneducated.

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>Wake up
>See this

What do
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I was in a harem anime.

Funny as hell, it was the most horrible thing I could think of.
Rape her in the hospital and then choose Rei over her.
[x] Genuflect

My girlfriend Cocoa is so cute.
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Get away from my wife you piece of shit!!
She is also fucking with me.
I taught her everything about anal sex.

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How deep is your anime?
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Saved, this will be a new goal list for me

>Southern Cross
I watched the Robotech version of it, does that count?
Also I wouldn't put Bubblegum Crisis and Ouran in the same tier.
I'm wondering how SAO is deeper than Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood...

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Dragon Ball should've ended at Freeza. Everything afterwards sucked.
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Cell was cool tho
Cell was the worst part of all of Dragon Ball before GT happened.
>Cell was the worst part of all of Dragon Ball
>not Boo
Nigga are you serious?

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New thread because maxed image replies.
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Sex? With Hotaru?
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Yes please.
You'd probably get a mad sugar rush just from kissing her.
a thread had to die for this braindead cake

Will Eren ever free Annie from the crystal cage around her heart?

Also, Arminfats not welcomed
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She literally asked for Armins dick.
Fuck of with your non-existing paring.
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Fuck off from my thread Arminfat :^)

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