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By Sandman:
Luffy and Nami get defeated. Lola's vivre card is taken by enemies.

Scene changes to Whole Cake Palace.

Big Mom gladly accepts Sanji's requests, which enables Straw Hats to go out of the island.
Sanji swears that he will make Pudding happy.

Whole Cake Castle Hall of Treasure

Tamago explains the details of Poneglyph.

It is said that 30 Poneglyphs exist in the world, out of 9 is stones about "information".
If someone leads them to Raftel, the stones start to tell the truth of the world.

4 Road Poneglyphs are necessary to reach Raftel.
Big Mom has 2 Poneglyphs (including the one brought by Jinbe) and 1 Road Poneglyph.

One of the Sweet General Smoothy, 14th daughter of Big Mom, appears.
Her bounty is 932 million berry.

Smoothy asks Tamago why the security inside the castle gets enforced.

Tamago answers that one Mink tribe invaded in the castle 5 years ago.
His name was Pedro, who was rescued since Pekoms begged Pedro's life.

Pedro and Brook are located in liquor storage near Hall of Treasure.

Brook noticed by his ability that Big Mom has already noticed their invasion.
Brook and Pedro decide to steal Road Poneglyph by making Pedro a decoy.
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luffy is a fucking idiot, and if this was jojo. He has would of been killed for his retarded as thinking.
>one of the sweet general get defeated
>she lets off the straw hats willy nilly

Seems like Oda writing.

It's Georgette's birthday today!

Say something nice about her
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She is very, very cute and I want to hug her.
She is very cute.

Probably has bad personal hygeine since she is French though
Probably a good rape.

Spoiler at some point in time.
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Having a body like that at 15 must be the work of an enemy quirk
We won't be getting the chapter untill tomorrow right?
Why'd you make a thread now

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Why is Scathatch looking at you like that?
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Because she is trying to tease your dick
Dunno but I already have Jack and Shuten

She knows why

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Zamasu fem.jpg
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Praise and adore her! Worship your one true goddess!
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Gloating Gogetafags haven't realized that Vegetto's nerf means any hopes of seeing Gogeta in Super have died. Damn shame, too. I would have liked to see M12 Gogeta get more screen time.

> Potara fusion with mortals only last an hour

What did he mean by this?

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Why does Ram ride the clown cannon?
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>Arc 4 Ch 58

>Previous stuff

>For animefags looking to continue the story
It's a big cannon.
Stockholm syndrome

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mizore smile.png
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PV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgRC0xVp6dk
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rooting for reina and sensei
delete this
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reina blank eyes.png
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Demon's Plan (Cover, Lead CP, New Series)
One Piece
Black Clover
Toriko (CP, End)
Amalgam of Distortion
The Promised Neverland (CP)
Samon the Summoner
My Hero Academia
Hinomaru Zumou
Boruto (CP)
Spring Weapon Number One
Blade of Demon Destruction
Straighten Up! Welcome to Shika High's Competitive Dance Club
Yuuna of Yuragi Manor
The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.
World Trigger's place holder
Food Wars
Red Sprite
Isobe Isobee Monogatari

World Trigger (Going to be in Hiatus)

Shounen Jump Issue 52:
Cover, Lead CP: Ore Golazo (New Series)
CP: Samon the Summoner, Blade of Demon Destruction, Demon's Plan
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>Color page for Kimetsu next issue
Pure Rankings

01 OnePiece 841
02 BlackClover 80
03 Haikyū!! 224
04 Samon-kun 51
05 HeroAcademia 109
06 Gintama 606
07 Hinomaru 115
08 KimetsunoYaiba 32
09 Dance-bu 69
10 Yūna-san 33
11 Saiki 214
12 Sōma 185
13 RedSprite 6
Amalgam gets its first ranking next week.

World Trigger is on indefinite hiatus (as in no return date given).

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Cornucopia of Resources / Guide
Read the guide before asking questions.

Previous thread: >>149777232
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So, does "お雄オお乎乎おお鳴オオ" mean anything to anyone? Context is hentai orgasm
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Anyone got an idea what the kanji after "Te wo furi" might be?

Spoilers in 2 hours.
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Big Mom did nothing wrong.
SanjixNami chapter please.

time for a sad panda thread.

Post your recent (great) finds.
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This artist is actually a golden god.


He puts the wacky shit back in hentai that I've been sorely missing for years now.
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While having a good artstyle too.

Christ I actually feeel triggered after seeing that one horror anime.

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First for late night shitposting
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happy gappy.png
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Gappy makes me happy
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>DiU anime started in April
>it's actually near the finale

has it really been that long?

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This is my fetish.

I want to become a giggolo.
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>no cute boy will ever take away my virginity
i didn't want this feel..
Does anyone have a link to that doujin where that boy finds himself in a world where teenage girls are horndogs instead of boys, and then he whores himself out?

I stumbled on it once but was never able to track it down again.

Got beaten, is exhausted, but is still happy.
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Red Natsume
Best Musume
Can't win against the cock, man.
Not the cock.
This is a little bit hot.

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Reiji Akaba.png
2MB, 1920x1080px
Sorry lads, I never really had a keikaku. Reira was better the whole time. Oh and Zuzu died I think but let's leave that aside for now
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Every thread until this show dies.

Top 10 Worst Rated Episodes on Nico:

1. ARC-V 122 - 6.1%
2. ARC-V 130 - 7.3%
3. BTOOOM 7 - 7.6%
4. ARC-V 121 - 8.8%
5. ARC-V 129 - 9.6%
6. ARC-V 118 - 10.3%
7. ARC-V 127 - 11.8%
8. ARC-V 19 - 13.6%
9. ARC-V 120 - 13.8%
10. ARC-V 123 - 14.6%
Give ideas to a new /a/rc-v project, that doesn't include singing.

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