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We need to hype Chihayafuru Dammit
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Made me look, I hope your'e proud of yourself.
Season 3never.
Why waste time hyping this crap?

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Is there a girl that comes close to Sentos sexiness that isn't a Kyoani girl?
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me on the bottom
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The superior version.
>this supposed to be sexy
>shoes are three sizes bigger than feet
Fuck off.

Why people keep writing Tohsaka Rin?

Her name is Tōsaka Rin, there is long "o" over there, or you can even say "ou" same way as long "o".

There is no such thing as "h" without anything!

LEARN IT /a/! Learn it!

Rin and Fate thread!
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>not Toesucker

When you think about it, shouldn't SSJ4 be superior than SSB?

I mean, DBS is between DBZ and GT. If Goku and Vegeta already knows how to transform to SSB, why didn't they do that while facing Baby, Super 17 and the dragons? Instead, they went for SSJ4

Even in Xenoverse, both beerus and whis implied that SSJ4 is superior to SSB
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>Xenoverse being canon
No because Beerus and the concept of God ki and the larger DB cosmology doesn't exist in GT. It's still running on the old 4 galaxies model.

>both beerus and whis implied that SSJ4 is superior to SSB

>animeme being canon

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What the fuck is her problem?
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Why is Mugi so shit? She contributed nothing to the band.
This meme needs to be bannable
trips confirm it

Why do guys write better girls than girls do?
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K-On's key staff were female.
pls crop for the Sawako, i cant fap to others pure Keions
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They don't

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ITT:wasted potential
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that and bake are shaft's cash cows.
This is bait.

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There is a vicious anti-super propoganda going on right now. GtFags, gogetaFags, gohanFags and anti-super are behind this propoganda. They are really pissed!

We super fans, who are true db fans, must be prepared to fight against it.
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ITT we swear alegieance to toei and db super

i hereby swear, that i, as true and honest dragon ball SUPER fan, will always defend toei and dragonball SUPER until i draw my last breath on the battlegrounds of the internet, and getting ddos'd in the name of toei is a death worth dying, kamehameha.
Super is fucking trash and you fags won't admit it.
Ssj4 gogeta would solo everyone in super.

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33 episode "King of Mars" preview pics.
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Gundam Bael
File: g2.jpg (137KB, 800x1201px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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New Teiwaz mobile suit
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That's a huge weapon

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Okay, this has fucked me up for months. Is Japan watching us? Do they know that this line is a big meme here in the west? Because I know for a fact that it isn't one in Japan, and there's no way they'd randomly reference this line from an old Gundam show out of nowhere.

This isn't even the first time I got this impression from an Onuma show. It's happened before with practically all his other stuff. I am CERTAIN that he pays attention to the big western memes and sticks them into his shows for our sakes. This guy is looking out for us.
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Are you sure that was what was said? Fansubbers and CR adding memes to their subs isn't new.
>Is Japan watching us?
Well, they actually do lurk in english sites and translate our comments and put them on blogs.
It was but it's probably just coincidence and OP's autism.

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Best girl on the front page desu wa!
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What's wrong with her eyes
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I agree

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I really have no idea. Does anyone have any proof of his sexuality?
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He's just ugly and nobody likes him.
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No one likes him anyway

And to add to that, he's not even the best homo
Did you just assume his gender?

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Utapri Thread
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Finally time for best Heavens.
Shion already had his episode.
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Why is /a/ not excited about 4.0 next year?
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>next year
Keep dreamin'
It was supposed to come out last year.
Besides, it's probably gonna be shit, just like Eva 3.0
because eva is overrated, and the new ones are shit

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New chapter soon.

Piuy or Piwi?
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The Piuy VS Piwi discussion is reminding me of Rivaille VS Levi.
It's Raviolli.
And Piwi makes sense because he looks like an SD Kiwi, but Piuy is cuter so I'll keep calling him that.
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Having a personal preference is fine. I'm just referring to the silly potato commenters who want the translations to revert back to "Piuy" for consistency's sake.

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