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New Claymore anime with full adaptation when?
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The fast girl was my Clayfu.
Next year.
Date made it a bit too obvious.
Check'd though.

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>want to rewatch some old anime
>only torrent with seeds is coalgirls
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>It's a dual audio torrent
>what is AB

LuckiIy Isekai started to fade, mahou shoujo is strong right now.

What will be the next hotness?
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Genderbent SoL isekai
Hopefull harem will make a resurgence, my backlog is running low.

I'm getting pretty sick of all these gay as shit yuri shows, how can I self insert if there is nobody that can get anybody pregnant to insert as?
Mahou Shoujo is just a shadow of its former glory, it'S far from strong.

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whats more powerful than this?
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a blind man
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Wow. Will the Uchiha ever recover?
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Alpha stigma. Existence erasure is pretty top tier.

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Bring on some nominations.
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One hundred per-Sento breeding material.

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Do it faggot
shrek the third
Cory in the House

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EF vs zeon .gif
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So who was in the wrong here?
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Brazil messing with Germany after they declared independence.
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>Extremely corrupt democracy vs Totalitarian dictatorship
Hard to tell which is worse.

The Federation would probably have to go through more bureaucratic paperwork before gassing your colony and throwing it on earth, so they're probably slightly better,

Why are tsunderes so popular?
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They can be good if done right.
Because people like the gap of them being tough with moments of sweetness.

It's like how if you're really thirsty and it's hot outside you will appreciate a glass of cold water more than if you drink it while at room temperature.
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>As with taming a wild animal, there is a sense of accomplishment that comes with gaining the trust, respect and affection of someone who initially didn't like you. This feeling is thus felt vicariously through the main character (or whomever) by the viewer. Also, in more dramatic cases, a tsundere giving in to their dere side becomes a uniquely cathartic experience, with an honest and straightfoward confession of their true feelings acting as a breath of fresh air, as if after a number of episodes/chapters (if not the entire series) the audience had collectively been holding its breath.

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kyon-kun denwa
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Why does she sit like that?

Maybe her butt hurts.
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because she's a whore.

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Find a flaw.
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She didn't do this.
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>Find a flaw.
Just because she has a godly body doesn't make her flawless. She has negative social skills.

When does this start getting good again?
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Z Gundam is a fucking joke. don't know why it has the rep it has

basically all Gundam stopped being good after 1989

pick one
Cause of all the faggots that like the zeta design itself. I'll admit it IS a good design, but the anime is utter shit.

1st OP is pretty great though.

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Will he ever be topped?
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No because he WAS the top.
I want him to conquer me
Let's talk about how fucking retarded Hit is for never improving beyond what he was capable of before the Goku fight for a 1000 years.

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Who wore it better
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But they didn't wear the same dress anon, it's just a similarly styled one.
>imblying that's anything close to a real slav outfit
adidas or bust
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I know, right?
No stripes, no lotus.
Is shit.

The Re:Zero anime had the original writer in control of the show's script, and as you all know, that turned out excellently. How come that kind of thing doesn't happen more often? Most of them just sell their rights and forget it, but Nagatsuki cared and made sure that they cut and kept the right things. I wouldn't be surprised if he's the reason why they kept skipping the OP and ED to have more time.
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>turned out excellently
>cut out the ending of the arc and told you to buy the LN

I don't know how the arc ends in the LN, but from an anime watcher's standpoint it was a great place to end the series. Obviously there's going to be an S2, but better to do what it did and have a conclusive ending than to introduce new threads that will be left dangling for God knows how many years. I saw exactly what they were going for and I liked it.

I don't know why you see it as a cocktease. You want a show that had a blatant "Buy the LN or be pissed off forever" ending, look at New Game No Life. Still a good show though.
>>cut out the ending of the arc and told you to buy the LN
Welp time to delete it from my hard drive.

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Why don't she have a boyfriend? Does she not want to be a true normalfag?
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She's just waiting to fall in love. Nibutani is a tough sell. Only 1 in 10,000 guys are first date material, and only 1 in 10,000 dates are boyfriend material, and only 1 in 10,000 boyfriends are husband material.
she has a girlfriend
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deko-chan exists

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