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This is Pachira. She's the best girl of her series. Say something nice about her.
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Aya Hirano~
hima thread

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Which Shounen Jump series will be canceled by 2017?
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Red Spite ;_;
then Amalgam
>then Amalgam
Amalgam Ghoul will be a hit, man. Look at those pre-rankings.
Fucking seriously? They like that shit? Japan in charge of shit taste as usual.

From what I've seen from the first 3 chapters it was edgy as fuck.

Is this a metaphor?
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That was kinda creepy.
A walking headless skinless gutless chicken corpse.
All dying to Ave Maria

So i just watched kekkai sensen and i gotta say, holy shit that ending was dissapointing/underwhelming. The characters were great and i loved the music . I think this anime would've been better if it got more episodes (which it deserved imo). Becasue of the whole "only 12 episodes" thing the story was way to complicated to follow (for me atleast) + we didnt really get to know the characters. Like, seriously i think there even were some characters we didnt even get to know the name of. If this got tge attention it deserved it wouldve definitly been up there in my favorites. Anyways i reccomend it if you like some comedy and neat action scenes.
Also the ed is fucking great, but not always fitting . Not every end of an episode needs happy music and a dance party
I just needed to rant about this.
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Didn't read your post, but I miss white
Honestly i cant be mad at that. I miss her too.
>leddit tier op

Please go back. However, I also want a kek sen suredo, so here we go.

It is hard to follow because the manga is 33 chapters, the anime is 12 eps, and they adopted it 1:1. Literally over half the material just got cut, and not in an editing sense. It's like trying to read a book but skipping every other chapter.

OP was godtier. Oh, reminder, you literally cannot find the manga online. I even checked my city's library and they don't have it either. Such is the eternal suffering of a keksen fan. Enjoy! You've tasted heaven, now you know only hell.

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2nd season when?
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God, I hope soon, I can't take much more of seasons populated by boring moeblobs, lolis, and cancerous idolshit. I'm lucky if I can find enough shows I can tolerate per season to count on all the fingers of one hand the way things are now.
Hopefully never.

The anime was shit. Just stick with the LN
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>stick with the LN
>translations halted due to it being picked up

Good luck, chum.

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Shirou would have saved her.
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The same way he saved Illya?
Her thighs are way too thin
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How do you start a topic without an image?

So when does this get good?
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it never does i just watched it for the Titans
When you start watching ZZ.
you can't watch ZZ though you experience it

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Chinatsu isn't the best but she's ok
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Akane is worse.

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Ne ne junon boy, it's Saturday!
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what exactly is a junon boy?
>Her dad finally shows up in the latest volume
>He's a deadbeat who works on a shipping freighter even though he is offered work in the village
>Everyone is fine with him leaving his daughter like this
>Even his own father is fine with it

fuck i didn't need to know this :(

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culture fest.jpg
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A challenger appears?
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No thread yet?
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You just reminded me, have a bump.
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Something about this shot really weirds me out.
Das is gay

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I will marry Ryuko and Satsuki next summer. All /a/nons are invited.
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Satsuki is too BIG for you.
>Being sexually involved with two sisters
My fetish
Ryuko is already married to her shirt

What the fuck was her problem?
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She lost her mind after going back to save Madoka so many times and failing in the end anyways. Kinda can't blame her.
By the way, no namefags or tripfags are allowed to post beyond this point.
Shinbo didn't want her to rest in piece
Why do little girls keep rewriting the laws of the universe.

>watch this about a decade too late
>it's pretty underwhelming after watching all those AMVs
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I like Broly but I neved watched this movie...One the reasons is the shitty half-assed ending
The ones with Linkin Park, or the ones with Linkin Park?

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