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Also she'll save you.
But the small tiddies though
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the best small tiddies

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what is the truest/deepest meaning of the Evangelion series?
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Tomino is a hack
Love is necessary even if it hurts sometimes.
Fetish for mom manifest through fetish for tsundere

This is a cute creature
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A creature that will never be in anime ever again.
That's not Yamada.
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know the difference

It could save your life

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This is Airi.

Say something nice about her.
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She is my hentaifu

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What do you suppose the various forms of Papika this episode where meant to represent?

Where they aspects of Papika's character, represented through comically exaggerated caricatures?

Where they reflections of Cocona's own psychology (in keeping with thew show's mirror image motif) that were just given a Papika skin to illuminate the ways in which Cocona's own character impacted her ability to have meaningful relationships with other people, and her friendship with the real Papika?

Were meant to represent modes of the relationship between the two of them, and meant to create a situation which was representative of various ways that Cocona engages with the real Papika?

Or was it just a meaningless pastiche of gags, tropes and references?

Do you suppose each individual Papika clone was meant to represent/mean something in particular, or were they just incidentally meaningless outside of the overall and more abstract message about how Cocona copes with change in those around her?

What significance did the town being completely empty outside of Cocona and the fake Papikas serve? Why did it matter for Cocona to spend so much of the episode alone, between encounters with fake Papikas?
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Cocona's world feels empty and incomplete without Papika. All these different versions of Papika are projections created by Cocona as she's trying to understand what Papika means to her. She rejects all the individual characteristics of Papika turned into exaggerated archtypes as she is truly in love with the synthesis of all these aspects, Papika as a whole.
I think if we assume that the first-level PI is loosely correlated with a character (the setting in episode 2 being Uexkull's; the short bit in the painting world in episode 6 being Iroha's), I would make the argument that the PI in the most recent episode was Papika's, not Cocona's.

I think a world consisting of only Cocona and Papika is much more likely to be a depiction of Papika's worldview over Cocona's, who clearly has shown some level of care for both her grandmother and Iroha. I feel as though Cocona's PI would either represent this in some way or avoid the subject entirely.

On the other hand, we have Papika somewhat tongue-in-cheekly expressing her dislike of both Dr. Salt and Hidaka as well as claiming that she'll catch Cocona when she falls, which she does at the end of the episode. This seems much closer to Papika's illusory world over Cocona's.

That doesn't mean the episode didn't affect Cocona in a way that evolved her views on identity - but the most obvious theme here is that seeing the varying forms of Papika and questioning the differences between them has the most amount of implications for her unease with accidentally changing Iroha's identity (that are clued to quite heavily at the beginning of the episodes).
Both this PI and the first episode's PI are Cocona's.

Her perception of the world has changed since Papika came into her life. It's still empty, but Papika is there, it's no longer cold. Papika fills a variety of roles in Cocona's life, a friend, someone she admires, someone who spooks her a little, someone who she cares for and keeps in check, someone who cares for her, and maybe even a lover.

Is this one of the 10 best moments in television anime?
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I think so. It hit me pretty hard, but im a dirty pleb
This series makes me very happy and very sad at the same time
Yea, that scene hits me hard every time I watch it

>that direction
>that music
>dat dialogue
Planetes is such a great work of speculative fiction. I wish there was a live action show that's as speculative as Planetes.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Be careful when eating fish
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We can make him stronger, faster, more fish-ier...

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I am the fin of my fish.

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This is Chino-chan in 10 years time.
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This is Sharo's house next month.
My wife Chino is so cute.

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Become the only person.
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COOKING. Obviously.

You will notice that as 'desire to save' decreases, so does their cooking skill.
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you can't save 'em all!

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Best : Ling , Cecilia

Acceptable : Charlotte, Laura, Tatenashi

Anything else shit tier. Hows my taste?
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>dat ribcage

I don't know if this was my fetish, but it is now.
Surprisingly good taste, though Houki undeservingly gets a bad rap.
Since when did IS have tits? Have I been blind this whole time?

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What did /a/ think of Ichigo 100%?
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the ending was absolute bullshit. It was supposed to be heartwarming I bet but all i felt was disgust and disdain
you are thinking of Kimi no Iru Machi
Best girl won, deal with it.

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Well /a/?

Choose wisely
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Help her to stand up and let her continue her journey in peace

What the fuck kind of knight do you think I am
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I'd marry Lia.

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Who is the strongest anime character of all time?
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One Smack Mac
One Slap Man

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>"A double McSushi with wasabi and a Ramune. That'll be ¥660. And ¥350 will be your change."
>"Onii-chan, you're supposed to push the buttons with pictures of food on them."
>"Don't need to Imouto-chan, I memorized the prices and did the tax and change in my head."

Imouto was right. Register entry is used both for inventory tracking as well as final tally for profits. Onii-chan should have been either reprimanded or fired.
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Subtile Jimmy Neutron post, 10/10 post
Being fired is a bit harsh

Maybe a verbal or written warning would suffice.
If the order entry process is that time consuming it's indicative of a problem. Servicing the customer in a timely fashion is more important than accounting. Waiting in line is one of the least pleasant experiences for customers and can influence whether they will come again. Also, Onii-chan's math skills will be invaluable in the event of the register software crashing. I would recommend giving him a raise before another company tries to bid him away.

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It's Caturday.

Post your favorite anime animalgirl...or boy since Felix is popular now too.
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Leoshiri or Leoppai?

This is important.
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As useless as she might be for being a little bunny, I still think that her sex appeal is great.
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Leo's ass > Leo's tats

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