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Do it for her.
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Evangelion was boring.

Sasaki or Yui?
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Vanilla McBland the Shy Albino or Spicy Loli Idol the Semen Demon?
Do you even need to ask?
I prefer shy girls.
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Them tits are actually disgusting.

What the fuck are they.

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Describe NTR in one picture
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She had it coming though.

What would being the boyfriend of all Sailor Senshis be like?
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I just want Mars as qt girlfriend and Venus as fuckbuddy.

Why not the other way around? Rei is kind of boring but has a nice design, Venus's personality is more fun.

I think I'd pick Ami and Saturn for that situation.

Greatest comeback in the history of comebacks. Zamass is the only undefeated db villain.
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Immortality is cheating.
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And he even gave us a final meme for all of us
All is fair in name of justice

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Maki is pretty much the best girl.

Her ability to be an idol is great. She's cute too. Everyone agrees, she has great ability. So there's no problem with her ability and cuteness, believe me. Did I mention she's cute? It's fantastic, unreal. She has so much cute you wouldn't believe! So much cute! People tell me her cuteness is better than anything they've ever seen, anything!

And that's not just me saying this, many, many people are saying this, they're saying this cute girl - wow, cute - there's so much cute, there's going to be so much cute that they'll get tired of THE cute, they'll say, this cute she has, there's too much we can't stand it!

And then there's that Nico chick. She's a terrible idol, so terrible, I have not seen such a terrible VA in my life. She goes Nico-Nico nii and it makes me puke. I know so many people better than Nico, so many people, her only talent is being grabbed at by the pussy and everybody agrees.
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Maki a shit.
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Maki is the best tsundere idol ever, so by hating her you out yourself as a man with shit taste.
It's that simple. The general consensus is that Maki is best raibu, and trust me, I know a lot of experts, anime experts, love live experts, rank 1000 School Festival mobage experts, and they almost all agree Maki is best raibu.
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Honk best. Maki is just tsundere slut.

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So now Madoka is both on earth and a concept. If Homura fails to keep Madokami in her earring do you think Madoka(mi) will want to stay with everyone or remain a god?
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She might stay. Look at the flower scene.
Madoka did want to stay. She will have second thoughts because she wants to help all magical girls.
When Madoka was talking to Homura she was upset about the thought of leaving Homura alone.

Starting with the girl (male) of the season
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I just imagine 'that' guy who it's his first time on /a/ and he's like, 'what, why are they guys all faggots'.

And so it was, that 4chan came full circle.
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Rider(male) looks so hungry. What do you feed him?

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New Chapter is out!

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> But I guess /a/ is not onboard.
>ashita no thread

Holy shit this arc better be amazing if they're pulling out Kanki, Ousen, and Yotanwa.

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Say something nice about her.
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I'd love to see those clothes right next to my bed on the floor
I'd like to see episode 8.

Dunno why the series stopped at episode 7.
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Nice everything.

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Literally the best Ghibli film.
I only watched that movie like 3 days ago.
Why does the sequel looks so shit?
Not only does it not have ghibli artstyle it doesn't even have ghibli quality.

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The only good "isekai"
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it was boring as fuck

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When exactly was the point he miscalculated?
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Not considering whether Goku, who was on friendly terms with Beerus, could possibly have met Zeno
Amateur mistake, to be quite sincere.
The point he miscalculated was when he didn't took notice of the culture (cooking, architecture, community) the dinosaur-people developed and instead just focused on the (tribal) violence.

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what the fuck is this thing doing on the list of MAL's MANGA TOP LIST?Is it because nip's manga industry has became so degraded that a single novel franchise could surpass every other "good" mangas out there,including naruto,one piece ect?Or it is simply MAL being retarded and this site should never come into existence in the first place?
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Send 'em back where they came from!
It's called opinions.
Reading this right now, pretty good

What does /a/ think of Kannazuki no Miko?
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I read the manga, never saw the anime. How come everything with dykes in it has got to be all depressing and shit?
Never watched it but man Re-sublimity and agony are such good songs.

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