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Does Kotori have any fans? Wait, do people even aware that she exists?
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Kotori is for getting fucked by fat ugly men
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I think most of her fans are girls.

This is a filipino witch
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Truly the most powerful race in the world
my waifu isn't an asian nigger
Is she Filipino?

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Is it ok to kill a fetus Cell?
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I wonder if the scholar Gohan ever realized the irony.

It is always ok to kill fetuses because life is pain.
No, bread is pain.

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Why doesn't modern anime have memorable male characters?
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Define "memorable".

Do you mean characters that will be remembered over the decades like Spike, Shinji or Amuro? Or simply characters that aren't blank-slate self-inserts?

The former is expecting too much of your average seasonal anime, the latter happens all the time outside of harem/battle academy series.

Pic related is a memorable male character from a modern (within the last two years) anime.
because they're supposed to be self inserts for the mediocre average
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It seems you've forgotten about me.

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So seriously what where his long term goals? Beat Goku, blow up the world, then what?
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Get owned by beerus.
No shonen villan has long term goals that make any sense, they just want to blow shit up because they are evil.
I imagine Cell would then start traveling through outer space searching for new challenges and ways to get stronger.

Low production, low budget QUALITY anime only in this thread!
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On and on, like a broken record!
can this anime get any worse? -_-

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Draw a scene from an anime in MS Paint and people have to guess which anime it is.
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Ashita no joe?

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Give me a good one. No lantern or keitai.
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Akira Ōhashi is transported to Daisuru after making a post on an internet forum focused on paranormal phenomena. In this universe, a war between Ghosts and humans has been waging for the past 1,000 years. Akira is attacked by a ghost soon upon entry but is rescued by Googi Boyma, one of the humans who fights against the ghosts.

Humans who fight ghosts are called "slides". In this world, the soul can be understand through quasi-scientific means... when the body begins to die and the soul is "released" from it, it produces a "bathos" or sinking field that pulls the soul toward the underworld. However, cases where the body recovers and re-attaches the soul to itself, the bathos field can be re-activated and used to fight ghosts... hence the name Slide.

Akira was apparently pulled into the parallel Earth of Daisuru by a rougue Slide currently being hunted by Boyma named Reich. This Slides unique power is to pull objects from parallel worlds, but Boyma has never heard of him bringing in a person. The two set out two find Reich and hopefully find a way for Akira to get back home.
Many a person has asked, "what if there were two Roman Empires at the same time and they fought each other?"
In this anime, we ask, "what if there were 7?"
A storm comes and a boy is struck by lightning (fucking metal umbrella). Fortunately, people witnessed and called the emergency. The boy's heart stops and he is literally dead inside the emergency room. That is, for about a minute. He miraculously survives but only one thing, since he pulled back from dead, he can now see ghosts. And they are all in a ghastly state (they look like literal zombies). This is the life of a boy who has constant nightmares, possessed by ghost when asleep, and forced to help ghosts with their problems in order to get a good sleep.

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You now have all of Madara's powers and skills.
Wat do?
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kill OP
kill OP
Kiss OP

This is your protag for tonight, /a/.
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Cute girl.
Nah, this is /a/.
Here's our new protag.
Is he bottom tier again?

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How does one get a Chihaya GF? I really need some SEVENTY TWO in my life.
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They don't actually exist.
Are you saying SEVENTY TWO is an impossibility only able to be depicted in the second dimension?
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Why does everyone hate Rinne so much...
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>two massive autistic haters shitposting means everyone hates
I love this meme.
Anon... it's always more than just that. Whenever people post things we don't like, we always say it's just people samefagging... but that's just running from reality.
But most don't and I love Rinne. She's quite popular in Japan to boot.

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Is there a worse plot device than this thing in all of anime?
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I don't know what that is but it probably isn't worse than this
Its kinda funny how they added her, but still didn't bother to get gons nen back.
I thought he had it when he was first fixed, but then lost it for some stupid reason.

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Which do you prefer, /a/?
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This one.
The less realistic one.

What is Asuka for?
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Being an insufferable egoist who doesn't care about her bandmates.
Absorbing punches.

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