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Do you like your girls fit?
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>wears more clothes than normal to excercise

Okey dokey then
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This is my Saber.
There are others like her but this one is mine.
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>picking a Saber with breasts
Good job, anon.
Okita is best Saber who deserves a happy ending with Guado.
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Her breasts are hardly bigger than Saber's and nowhere near Nero's though.

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What does /a/ think of Golden Time?
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episode in the club with the glowstick made me hard as diamonds
i dropped it and don't remember why

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Oh my, well, this certainly doesn't inspire confidence.
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How can people take super saiyan rose or ssg2ss seriously when turning into 3 almost destroyed a whole city? Anything past 3 just holds no weight for me, all these "more powerful" forms come across as weaker than Gokus pinnacle in DBZ.

I mean, everything feels weaker in DBS. The threats seem nonthreatening, the plots unimportant, character development and growth is gone and so are the side characters relevance. Its worse than GT.
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In b4 /vg/-kun
The transformation and requirements to transform are wildly different, retard.

Your mental well being almost concerns me if you've been watching Super yet don't understand that.
Use the catalog retard

With the series, ovas and movies in what order do you watch everything?
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Reverse production order.
Trust me.
3 continuities


Noa a best.
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How come the manga never got scanlated? Those fuckers at VIZ only ever released 2 mirrored "graphic novels" before abandoning the series.

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You've made Tamamo sad.
Say something nice to her.
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Bullying Casko.png
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She shouldn't have bullied my waifu then.
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I would sex her up, but I have a waifu already.
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Ded thread OP. Should wait until Tuesday.

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What do you like the most about Tomoko?
I'll start.

I was basically Tomoko during elementary and high school, there were entire school years where I did not talk to anybody, I was bullied in some, and all I did was walk around the school during lunch break thinking about what video game to play or what anime to watch at home, went into a chuuni stage too, and it took me over a decade to adjust myself and not spill spaghetti every 5 minutes, though I'm still a socially awkward fuck.
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>I like tomoko because she smells
>Tell what you most like about Tomoko
it me, ESL-kun. I like Tomoko because she just like me

Why the first season about the Indigo League was so comfy?
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Because you are goddamn nostalgiacuck.
It was already comfy for me when pokemon wasn't considered a nostalgic thing.

maybe it's because they are always exploring green lands with trees? and oceans with very blue water and sunshine?

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Anyone reading this? Just read every chapter out so far and it's pretty good.
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Yeahm this manga sounds kinda cool
Aku no Hana meets The Walking Dead?
I've read it, it's alright so far. Could go in any direction though really.

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What are seoposters for?
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Being bullied by Seo.
Patricians recognize Kashima a best
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What is Seo for?
Seo is perfect therefore her supporters are perfect by default>>149981292

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If you were a harem lead, how would you treat your harem?
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With the respect they deserve
I'd choose the girl that I liked the most and go with that. Unless the harem route is somehow available, choosing a girl and letting the other ones be sad is pretty heartbreaking for me.
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Treat them right with equal love for all.

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ITT: Characters who represent your country.
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Your country being?
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Not OP but those guys were from Argentina.

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>liking mecha
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Good luck with this /b/ tier thread there, though. You'll be raped and eaten.
Tank is a mecha.
Good thread

>When there are slight changes to scenes in the OP or ED
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> smiling in the face of death
>when that smile is protected
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>suddenly JAM project during a battle

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