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Why fuck is XEBEC allowed to animate stuff?
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Because some people don't have enough money to pay for good animators.
And they can't just rape any generic design lewd manga and use their generic-fat-xebec-sameface-design?

What is the point of raping unique design works
>rape any generic design manga and use their generic-sameface design
just like kyoani

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they were even lewder pre 2000s
Tumblr crying that their childhood is now usedfor lewds. They've even gotten porn blogs closed because they couldn't take two 14 years fucking like rabbits. I say lewd the kids expecially the goddess. Lewd the goddess!
They want to kickstart their countries sex-drives. Birthrates have been going down rapidly.

ITT: We post a plebeian anime and the patrician equivalent.

Pleb: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Patrician: Hunter x Hunter

Pleb: Mushishi
Patrician: Galaxy Express 999

Pleb: Akira
Patrician: Wings of Honneamise and Macross: Do You Remember Love?
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Pleb: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Patrician: ARIEL

Pleb: Death Note
Patrician: Angel Cop
Pleb Zeta Gundam
Patrician ZZ Gundam
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Pleb: Patlabor
Patrician: Dominion Tank Police

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Isn't it obvious this character is male?
He's meant to be ambiguous to lure you in but they can't fool me.
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looks disgusting, not soft enough
It's Loki, who the hell do you think he is?
He can be whatever he wants to be.
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What about this Loki?

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This is Takagi
Say something nice about her
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She looks quite cute in that picture.
How's the dick of the mailman and why do you like NTR?
Why's your forehead so big?

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I don't like it.
This circlejerk thread should be purged.
But I still love you guys.
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I'm going to reply with this everyday until you like it.
i think it's a boot
how many years his posting this?

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What the fuck was his problem?
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Space autism
He thinks that having your soul weighted down by gravity makes you an asshole, so he decided to eradicates assholes.

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the legend.gif
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Legitimately experiencing Z for the first time, just finished the Cell Saga. Pretty damn great, it's kind of fucked that multiple factors held back Cell's death (Krillin's compassion, Vegeta's thirst for battle, Gohan' sadism) but Cell was a fun villain and Gohan kicked major ass.

But does Toriyama have some weird fetishes or what?

>Cell going around slurping people with his tail
>The unnecessarily long scene of his tail suckling and struggling to absorb 18
>Birthing Cell Juniors out of his tail
>Gohan punches him so hard we get this full scene of his chest pumping and shit as he prepares to puke up a chick
>He decides to self destruct but unlike the other androids it causes his body to continously inflate

Maybe I'm just overthinking it but it seems like Cell exists partly for massive amounts of fetishistic fuel.
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It was pretty fucked up, especially for Dragon Ball. Probably why Buu had a similar absorption mechanic but less disturbing to look at.
Some of Cell's regeneration scenes after he got hurt looks pretty fucked up too, compared to the rest of the series.
Don't get too hyped on Gohan, OP. He's a shit

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You're in a date with you're waifu and this dyke starts fondling her tits
What do you do?
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What tits?
Include her in the three way.
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There's a new Wide manga and nobody is talking about it?

You don't like Aoki's art anymore /a/?
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it's het.
it's cute.
It's not really new. The first release was almost 3 years ago.

Time to pacefully talk about gifts, cards, and love with lots of proteins.
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>finally hit me that im also going to GET cards from people
if you dont post my initials i am grinching
>TFW you only have to make two cards but you haven't even started.

Everyone doesn't post initials and you probably didn't get assigned to the anons you were assigned. Don't be a scrooge just because you haven't seen your initials.

Does Kanbayashi hijack every discussion to SF?
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Look at the size of these things!
I liked this show better when it was about bashing actual books and not just the stereotypes about book readers.
>I've watched 10 of your recommendations. I understand anime pretty well now!
I love this show.

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Fuck off Phoenix your anime was shit
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/a/, do you remember which was the first anime you ever watched? If not, what is the first anime you have memory of?
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I'm not saying.
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A hentai about a guy with a huge dick and infinite libido due to head injury he got as a kid. I found it the first time I browsed a porn site and I've never been able to find it since.

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Regalia ended. Subs when?
(it was shit anyway)
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I still want to fuck Rena.
Did Rena regain human form in the end?
I enjoyed it.

Pretty orthodox super robot show in the end though, just with OneLoli pilot teams.

Could be one of the last few times any TV anime bothers with 2D robots (not counting things like a homage where it's a small part of the show) or maybe studios like Sunrise or Bones will still feel they can justify sometimes.

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