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Which isekai has managed to achieve 'best' wish fulfillment without trying to break the mold?
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>grand strategy nerd lands in his favorite time setting
>historical figures are cute girls
>MC has to genuinely git gud and contribute to things or he'll carry his boss's sandals around
>MC genuinely tries to rewrite history and this causes butterfly effects that land him in trouble
Youjo Senki.
>salaryman dies
>meets God
>"salaryman-kun, are you ready for you next life?"
>muh cience
>salaryman proceeds to trash talk god
>God decides to punish him by making so he is born on a magic world where science is useless
>he is reborn as a magic loli
>he is the so strong he turns into an army general
>a Nazi magic general, to be more specific.
>Magic Loli Nazi General.
Mushoku tensei

>They're both young girls, aren't they?
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goodnight, sweet prince
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Time for more stitches
Izetta is so beautiful
Who's that lucky fellow who gets to dance with her

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did he finally comply or did she straight up rape him?
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oh shit I didn't know they made more of this
more pls
She proposed to him and they were married.

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Josuke is best jojo.

Share all the Josuke love.
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Gappy makes me happy
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Part 9 jojo looks cool and /fa/ as fuck.

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Time for some literary moe.
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>no re zero ep tomorrow
it hurts
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Our thinly veiled thread?
My sundays are barren without him.

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It's too soon to say goodbye.
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n the anime it's believable that he stole Goku's body, since he was humiliated by him.

In the manga, why Goku instead of Vegeta or Hit? Or Beerus, Whis, Vados or Champa? Hell, the manga even brings this up except they never address it.
>Manga Zamasu is mad at Goku because of a video rather than being mad because he got his ass kicked like in the Anime
>Mangafags will defend this

Zamasu said that he ewanted a strong body but chose to switch with goku? BUt in the anime hit is far above goku so why didnt he go for him? manga did it better by having goku being the superior fighter in the battle

HIGASHIDA! Its time.
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What's with the slow thread?

I thought WORKING had some decent followings.
Everybody is probably watching it now.
I'll make aho scream out my name, if you know what I mean.

What's your opinion of girls who are also delinquent boys?
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As long as she can Rockona my Cocona, I'm all for it.

Speaking of, /a/ sings, get in here:
Fuck the police!
Studio Pablo posted a blog.


For pic related they used the same "Harmony" technique as in Kill la Kill.

also apparently episodes 8, 10-13 will have a different background studio

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So if a kid is a traitor, what type of situation we looking at?

Compromised during the school year, or will it be like a Departed Situation where a mob boss finds a down on their luck kid, and grooms them to be a mole?

/ai/ - Idle Activities threads are dead?
Whet happened?
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WHEN the flush of a newborn sun fell first on Eden's green and gold,
Our father Adam sat under the Tree and scratched with a stick in the mold;
And the first rude sketch that the world had seen was joy to his mighty heart,
Till the Devil whispered behind the leaves: "It's pretty, but is it stop spoilering this shit it's annoying as fuck"
Sometimes there's nothing to discuss during a time when no one is online.

Sara-maru sugoi.
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The heavy cruiser of my heart.
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What is that face trying to convey?
>Getting naked again

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Tomo-chan thread!

don't know why there isn't one up.

This guy is scary...
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Is that fucker grabbing tomoms boobs ? he must die.
Is she finally gonna get [SPRAYED]?
Her face is oddly reminiscent of the one Toy Story watching loli

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Use a maximum of 10 rectangles to represent an anime in paint.

Others try and guess the anime.
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Hikaru no Go?

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Episode 20 soon.
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