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Try and think of a black main character in an anime.

Yeah, you can't.
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The main form Afro Samurai
There, 2
What's his name from the Boondocks
Oh, and Blade from the Marvel anime

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>walk into room
>see this

What do?
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help her
Turn 360 degrees and walk away.
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Ignore her and fuck the filming teacher instead.
I lust Sawako!

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Top 5 New tanks you want to see in final?

Also, everything so far has had one superheavy tank. (Maus in the anime, T28 in the movie) what school is getting a superheavy next and what do you think it'll be?

Panzer Vor!
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Type 100 O-I superheavy tank for Chihatan!
I want to see ISU-152, Turan II or III, TKS tankette, Locust and my absolute favorite - Char 2C who can also be the next super heavy tank and the biggest meme ever created.
Is it me or did Phase Erika get delayed?

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Read the fucking guide: buyfag.moe
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I am receiving the favor of being allowed to dump monthly Kakushigoto.
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You could tell that he wants to Shuujaculate into her Kumikunt.

Tromboner X Euphole is the OTP
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It's never happening.
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Have you worshiped ribbon for today?
I wish she would train red ribbons too.

Best girl.
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Where's his glasses?
Full illustrations are up.

What is Megumi's appeal?

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Miku is perfection.
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Mukuro is best girl now anon.
No, miku is a total lesbo hypocrite bitch

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I mean, it's weekend in some parts of the world.
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I don't know why I've been waiting for this thread so eagerly, I already have my initials.
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I think I posted my cards too early. I expect my anons have got them by now, and people will laugh at my shit drawings. Even if I put more time into them, they wouldn't be any less shit, so I thought I'd just post them anyway.

But it looks like I put no effort in even though I spent about 3 hours on each one.
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>you haven't started your cards

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What are the best kind of lolis?
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The cute and non-sexualized kind.
The cute and sexualized kind.
As always, me under the bed.

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Spice and Wolf

>Some old apple farmer finds a furry wolf human person
>Wolf person is hot so let's her come along
>Wolf is really smart and knows how to jew people
>Farmer drinks a lot and buys stupid shit
>They some how go across europe buying stupid stuff they have trouble selling
>Something about buying armor because the wolf got mad at him
>Wolf gets drunk and becomes an alcoholic
>Farmer sells wolf or something
>Wolfgirl gets fucked by like 8 other wolves or something
>Farmer and wolfgirl get back together
>the next season never happens
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you got it
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>apple farmer
Pretty accurate

Lishas or Celestias
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Celestia, of course.
Lisha because womb tattoos/used goods are hot.

Never seen this shitty harem though.

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Do you like tan lines?
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I don't like black characters
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What is happening
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>it's real
Fuck yeah pachinko!
Oh shit its not fake. Lets see what happens.

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>dear buyfag fans
>dear drawfag fans
>dear sadpanda fans

What the hell did you mean by "fans"? The correct term is anons or users, you moron
Also, copying and pasting the same shit over different threads without alteration? How much do you actually care?
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Just remove all three threads from /a/

K thx bye
>hibikek image
Into the trash it goes.
Shit thread.

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