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I was told this was a show about trains
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You were lied to, anon.
That's only partially incorrect. It's a show about running trains on those two beauties, I could see how you might mistake that.
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I think i'm following you

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This is Eri

Say something nice about her.
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Should I watch the anime or read the manga?

actual good tsundere despite her shit fanbase
I really like her twintails and blonde hair.

How did K-On revolutionize anime, exactly?
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2 beach episodes in a one cour.
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k-on is over. it's time to move on
First anime to have every key staff role filled by a woman. Not that that's necessarily revolutionary or anything, but it's a key representative of that change in the industry.
Besides that it's really good man, I love it. Best slice of life since '99.

School desks.
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I had a school desk too, many years ago.
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Sorry for unrelated picture but I prefer stairs.
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Rock hard.

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MCs who are not virgins.
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ITT characters that did absolutely nothing wrong
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>kills a rape victim accusing her to bring it herself
>doing nothing wrong
And I'm too stupid for replying this thread.
>kills a rape victim accusing her to bring it herself
>impliying she didn't
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This is Taiga. Say something nice to her
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She's best girl.
I like how you're so short.
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Taiga is an angel.

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>Wings of Honneamise
Literally the greatest anime film of all time. A truly beautiful and ambitious film, tastefully done and with a good message.

>Gurren Lagann
All bullshit that panders to waifufags with no standards.

What happened?
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WoH was a bit too preachy with the whole anti-human message though
It's been years since I watched Honneamise, but how was it anti-human?
>Wings of Honneamise
Truly, why can't we have more of that?

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Why are lolis so verboten?
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Because you're trying to turn /a/ into a chatroom with your generals.
People are hard wired to care much more about children than grown people. Children evolved to look cute and to trigger a guardian response. If a person has autism, he feels the same anger and dismay when seeing a drawn child being molested as he would when seeing a real child. Case in point: >>150143930

Children aren't objectively more valuable than a grown human, in fact, they are much less valuable than let's say a freshly-trained 20-something doctor or engineer because you would need to nourish, educate and care for them before they reach that point. But people still feel an animalistic urge to protect and value them.
Because Americans have brain problems that prevent them from distinguishing 2D from reality. They've also been brainwashed to try "defending" children in any possible situation.

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It's a shame she doesn't have a third eye that's yellow, then she'd basically be a traffic light.
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Reminder that Vivid Strike is the best Nanoha season (unlike that A's garbage) and that Rinne is the bestest of best girls and that if you disagree then you're just a troll.
I love Vivio's smiles.

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Most of us do agree that the best girl ranking is as follows

Mars > Venus > Jupiter > Mercury > Moon

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Change Jupiter and Venus and you got me pham
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Good taste, lad.

That's not even remotely accurate.
Mercury = Jupiter > Pluto > Neptune > Uranus > Saturn > Venus > Mars > Moon > Chibi

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What was his Bankai, /a/?
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He was using it the whole time. Bleach was his bankai. You thought you were reading a manga and/or watching an anime?
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Their kid is OP enough to qualify as a major antagonist's Bankai.

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Is she a virgin?
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there's a joke here about used goods and goddess' but I don't remember the name of the other anime.
You're a virgin.
That's true, but that's not the point of this thread. Is Aqua's hymen intact?

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Just finished watching Cowboy Bebop
Is this the greatest anime ever?
What did go wrong that Japan stopped producing quality series like this?
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It was pretty good, but it wasn't certainly the best thing ever, /v/-kun
Its literally the best thing ever.

Go fap to your moeshit faggot

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Describe this loli without using the letter "D"
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