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delete this.webm
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fucking delete this right now
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I'm warning you two.

Keep this up and you will be getting another one shift suspension without pay

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English scans are out:
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Where would you rank pic related among the most tragic characters?
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Above Guts.
He saved NOTHING, everyone are dead, everything was destroyed, all he could do was saving his waifu, nothing else.
Look on the bright side, at least he saved his waifu.

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Royal bitch
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royal itch
God has crabs?
what doesn't she have, amirite?

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Does your waifu like muscles? Is she trying to get /fit/ herself?
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She likes my big dick and she makes the effort of trying to fit in herself.
So, you've got a large bone for her to examine, right?

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just about to watch episode 25/26 for the second time in my life.

Any tips?
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Yeah turn it off and watch TEOE
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Use your eyes.
the context is "Anno overcomes depression"

It's the conclusion to the shows arc that has to do with Anno's self insertion, not the narrative of the show itself.

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It was captain's birthday yesterday.
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What does /a/ think about My Hero Academia?
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started well, is slowly but surely turning to shit

such is the fate of battle shonen
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**angry loud swearing**

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this is japanese zombie
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not true, go home
That's actually a Japanese shrimp.
Thats a japanese THICC

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I'm no fitness expert but I don't think this is proper form
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Just enjoyed the fan-service of her legs, OP.
Who is this bitch and why is she so blue?
She is just a girl who enjoys doing autistic things.

I mean, who wouldn't? If I was immortal and had a detachable head I'd be doing weird shit nonstop . Like wrap my head in tinfoil and put it into a microwave.
Or fill my washing machine's barrel with discount vodka with my head inside and start it.
Or just freak out barbers weekly. Just imagine the possibilities

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Dead Dyke.jpg
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Your scarf will be missed
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Don't worry Nana's keeping hold of it now. To hang herself.
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Off to Nemurin Land. Hope the thread comfy level goes up after sometime.
>Magical Girl Raising Project: Episodes
>Cherna Christmas (80%)

>Goggles and the Turtle (OVERTIME MODE GO 80%)
>Top Speed literally had the delinquent dicked out of her

Best girl. Also proof of its power.

Maybe dick could have saved the other magical girls as well.

Is this what witches do in their free time? Seems rather gay.
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I like this series, it isn't afraid to kill people, and it isn't edgy in doing so.
Witch and vampire stories came from the same source all along.

But yeah, I don't know what Germanian science was planning here. Maybe witches can pour their magic into items. But Germanians kept draining this girl's blood and magic so now she's like a drugged puppet.
This scene was pretty based, shame about every random mook being a Germanian spy though.

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Since Rinne is a bully victim who turned into a bully, does that mean she's into femdom?
I want loli orphan Rinne to step on my face
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>who turned into a bully
Never happened.
Use the catalog >>150153352
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It means she's a shit and ruining Nanoha.

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>BD "uncensor" comes out
>still can't see shit the whole episode
As expected of the anti-lolicon push. Lolis indeed are dead.
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prana transfer.webm
3MB, 1280x720px
You can't see those delicious shoulderblades?
pity reply
I see loli butt crack, I stop complaining. You fucking EOPs annoy me.

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What did they mean by this?
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We're getting more Panty and Stocking stuff?
In before a mobage.
they got their likes and followers, what the fuck is taking so long?

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