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ITT: casual filters
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How come so many people bash this animu?

Just finished it and I think it was great, it did have some flaws but still very good.

Season 3 when
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This is what happens when MC gets a girl friend early on.
Should've waited for SAO Progressive to be animated.

Its anime was clearly rushed compared to the LN content
Let me guess.
Your top 10 animes are

Death Note
Attack on Titan
Sword Art Online
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
Angel Beats
Code Geass
Mirai Nikki

In no particular order.

How correct am I?

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I didn't understand the shopping market scene.
Surely he has had to go shopping prior to this point? Why is he acting like it's his first time?
People masturbate to this shit? Or women exclusively?
I have an amputee fetish, only the last page did anything for me.

We booked lads
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>$16 for a movie
16 NZD =11.3467USD
We never ever get jap moves here in new Zealand so it's worth it just the once

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How do you guys organise your anime folders?

I've just about passed the 2TB mark, and now I need another hard drive. Probably going to sort them A-M;N-Z, split between two drives, but I'm open to ideas.
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Length (number of cours), Movies, OVA's, and Multiple Categories. Alphabetical within those folders, of course. Can't claim that system as my idea, a friend bequeathed it to me along with his anime collection before confronting the NHK. I added my collection to his and continued rejecting reality.
What hard drive are you considering? You can get 4 tb portables and 5 tb externals for 110 these days.
>everyone lives in 1st world where electronics are cheap

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It's been 8 years! Everyone grew a little, what happens after!?
Suou Mikoto: It really is a long time we didn't see each other! Where's Tsukamoto?
Sawachika Eri: That girl can't possibly be on time.
Takano Akira: Looks like they just left. Tsukamoto and Yakumo.
Mikoto: Is that so.
Eri: You're still the same, not bothering to check your phone..
Mikoto: Because I am not used to it.
Mikoto: Occassionally I'll check SNS to see what everyone's up to. Tsukamoto looks to always be with Karasuma, they look good together. If only Karasuma can come to today's classmate reunion. Unfortunately.
Akira: Maa, we never were too into SNS.
Eri: Then what? Can you fit with your surroundings?
Mikoto: No problem!
M: The glittering type means crystal cards. (I assume it's about phones but I am not up to date in chinese terms for phones) There are even those who use outdated flip phones.
Eri: Especially coming from you.
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Speaking of which, how many years has it been...!?
Mikoto: Sawachika's friends use those awesome phones, you don't play those?
Eri: It's not like that. Everyone's all I'm partying or attending industry events. One text after another.
M: It's fine to not reply.
E: It's like meeting neighbourhood mothers at the super market! Can't not reply.
M: Takano then? That area
A: It's because I don't have friends. Very easy
E: After graduating I often think
E: Yagami High was a good place.
M: Maa very peaceful. How many reunion is this?
A: That... 1-2-3-
E: Akira was at Nepal last year so she didn't come.
M: So, will Harima come this year?
E: ..... Why ask me?
AM: Because you're dating?
E: Nnno no no we're not dating!
So, who fucked who?
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Unsuccessful is a possibility.
M: This again! Ne!
A: Ne-
E: Oc.. occasionally! I'll see him pop up at publishers
E: Occasionally go for a drink!!
M: Drank a bit!
M: Then then!?
M: What happens after the last train!? Oya!
E: No no!!
E: So.. it's.. work related talk!
M: Lies lies!
A: That is definitely an excuse.
E: Really! Recently too, he seemed angry..
M: Hei--
Harima: So then
H: Went to see the client and engaged in business talk.
H: Third floor of the company
H: The tables there were very low
H: And then it's a tight skirt modern style one-san.
E: Hei.....
3-4th reunion?

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>***,*13位/***,*16位 (**4,553 pt) [*,*88予約] 2016/12/30 【Amazon.co.jp限定】ユーリ!!! on ICE 1 (スペシャルイベント優先販売申込券付き)(BD)
>***,*83位/***,*86位 (**3,730 pt) [*,*28予約] 2016/12/30 ユーリ!!! on ICE 1(スペシャルイベント優先販売申込券付き) [Blu-ray]
>***,124位/***,125位 ○ (**2,432 pt) [*,**8予約] 2016/12/30 ユーリ!!! on ICE 1(スペシャルイベント優先販売申込券付き) [DVD]
>***,136位/***,130位 ○ (**1,967 pt) [*,*39予約] 2016/12/30 【Amazon.co.jp限定】ユーリ!!! on ICE 1 (スペシャルイベント優先販売申込券付き)(DVD)

I'm really worried for the future of anime
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It's not going to surpass Osomatsu-san, I'm sad.
It will surpass Free and UtaPri, though.
Fujoshit win again, yurishit btfo

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There is no loli better than Rosine. This is a fact.
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what is that some sort of fish alien
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I concur

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Name ONE (1) girl more perfect than Lain.

protip: you can't.
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I sleep now.png
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Can we all agree that Kumiko & Reina from Hibike! Euphonium is once again OTP of year? Remfags aren't welcome here.
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I'm sorry that is not even OTP of it's own series.
Asuka and Kumiko is my /u/topia.

Asuka is like another older sister to Kumiko though.
did yuri fags not watch the scene that came right after this with Reina oragasming just because Taki-sensei grazed her palm?

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Why is her name pronounced Mitsuha instead of Mitsuba?
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Because it's a name. Not the literal 三葉
Because you're a faggot
Because Mitsuha sounds cuter

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Stop spamming gook shit, cockroach
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Yikes. I'm more than twenty chapters behind; I forgot this actually updated somewhat regularly.
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I hope the villain is a typical surfer boy jock who constantly girls lelouch with petty antagonism and calls him ledouche.
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I don't even know what word I meant to put in place of girls there.
I hope it's cancelled.
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I just hope it's good. I'm reserving judgement until then. However one thing does make me happy:

We have been telling you for years. HE WAS ALIVE AT THE END, GET FUCKED, FAGGOTS.

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Reminder that forcing yourself to dislike this because it's popular is hurting nobody but yourself.
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Reminder that two main characters are idiots who didn't notice 3 years lag.
Literally no anime characters act in a remotely realistic way to anything. If that's what you're looking for you need a new hobby.
That's nice.

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