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I refuse to date guys who are into anime.

No, seriously.

All you are are either fat fucks or skinny meek faggots. You have no backbone, no impulsiveness about you, no desire to change yourselves, no aggressive or assertiveness and you think just because we like anime too we should suddenly fall into your arms. Can that stupid pipe-dream, we'll take a normal guy with a variety of interests (and yes, that may include sports - if he's athletic himself all the better) over a guy who is obsessive about anime any day of the week.

Personality wise you are either morose and lazy or 'intellectual' and pretentious. There is nothing down to earth about you whatsoever. The former likes to use his apathy as an excuse not to do anything and the latter likes to consistently harp on about philosophy, politics, psychology, history, science or whatever in the vain (and horribly obvious and subtleless) hope that we'll be impressed by his 'working knowledge' of such things. How about you gain a working knowledge of the female body first? What college you go to doesn't impress me at all, I'd be more impressed with a mechanic with a bit of masculinity than a meek, quiet little BOY who goes to an ivy league college, the elitism and fact your kind looks down upon people isn't helpful either.

Finally, yes I'm asspained. I've lost a supposed 'friend' because he said my choice in partners (I don't do relationships at the moment, only 'mutually beneficial exchanges' shall we say) was 'awful' and went on a rant about it with the usual emo nonsense you'd expect from someone like that. What business is it of yours who I sleep with? Just because we share interests and are friends that is no reason for me to sleep with YOU.


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I refuse to date a cyclops
h-hidoi pasta from around 2009
Joke's on you, I'm gay.

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Spoiler week is here! Post predictions, theories, ideas, and chapter 88 spoilers if you come across them.

Please keep the thread /comfy/. All off-topic discussions need to go in /b/. All waifu wars need to be taken to /tumblr/.
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>cancerous OP.
This chapter will be about Hange talking to Pixis, Zackley and Nile about Erwin and Grisha's notebook. Maybe she will also reveal Armin is a shifter.
>throwing around buzzwords isn't
The fuck is cancerous about OP's OP?

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Shows that you wish got a season two but didn't.
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Nice me.me. K S2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>> K S1
but there is a season 2...
>Wastes any potential Anna had as King.
>Degrades Colorless' whole character by saying that Green was behind it all.
>The asspull that Green was behind all of season one just to make them somewhat threatening.

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So the first episode dropped just two days ago. Does anyone know if any subbing group is picking it up?
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Tenchi Ova 4-3242.png
3MB, 1920x1090px

from what it sounds like it's just more of a whole lot of OVA nothing so Im not in any rush

and that makes me very sad
Still want to watch it, though. Gotta get it out of my system.
I just gotta have more Ryoko, man.

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Let's be honest. Serial Experiments Lain was Evangelion for little girls.
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Say that to /g/'s face, not on /a/, mothefucker
And we're all little girls here on /a/!
That's like saying cars are spaghetti for badgers

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x2 Kei and Yuri service.jpg
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Who are these beautiful, stunning women, and can I trust my planet with them?
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>can I trust my planet with them?
Most of the time.
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Kei and Yuri
Yuri a best
Kei a better than best

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lance n masques01.jpg
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I remember this show fondly.
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Cute and entertaining.

Still will there was more of Makio.
I completely forgot about this show. I remember the m'brown threads
an anime about potatoes and potato accessories

What's she listening to?
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captcha DRIVE.jpg
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Out of the two of these, which one should I watch first? As in, which one is better and more interesting in your opinion? Of course, everyone knows steins;gate, but I want to try out their other two anime/vns (not counting steins;gate 0)
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I believe common consensus is to read Chaos;Head as opposed to watching it.
>watching Chaos;Head
Just stick to Robotics;Notes. And Occultic;Nine too if you haven't started already.

Please don't. Read the VN instead, it's fully translated.

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Is this any good?
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Mirai Nikki ripoff with god tier art.
It balances each other out I guess.
Didn't you post this thread a few hours ago?

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Why exactly did Gero let 18 keep her uterus?
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Why make a woman a robot if you're not going to fuck it?
He didn't replace any parts, he just injected her with nanomachines

And then stuck a bomb in there for good measure

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Dick Suck.webm
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Webm thread.
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Katanagatari Still Mad.webm
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File: Accidental Penetration.webm (2MB, 512x384px)Image search: [Google]
Accidental Penetration.webm
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File: dental health is important.webm (3MB, 640x360px)Image search: [Google]
dental health is important.webm
3MB, 640x360px

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So she had autism, right?
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She had VN Heroine Syndrome, also known as Key Disease.
maddo scientisto dr pepper tururu el psy congroo xd
just like you

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If you like Milky Holmes, you'll like this thread.

You might also like this thread >>>/mlp/28977230, but right now we're going to talk about this thread here in /a/, which is the place where people talk about the good cartoons from Japan.

Milky Holmes is good, right? I love Milky Holmes. I think a bunch of people also love Milky Holmes on here. It's got good, like, facial expressions, and the seiyuu have really good chemistry! We love Mimori Suzuko, and we love Sora Tokui, and we definitely love Izumi Kitta (not least because she was in Watamote as the famous character Tomoko, who everybody loves and wants to pat on the head)

And of course we can't forget about the one and only Mikoron aka Mikoi Sasaki! She plays Elly and Elly is good.

Anyway, here is a GIF of Elly being a cutie. We love her so much. Don't you love Elly? I do. I love all of them! wwwaaaaa.
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I feel bad a pony fucker likes the same thing as me
I never saw Milky Holme but I used to like MLP way back in the day.
And I liked the MLP OP and ED, especially the ED.

And Tomoko is Rainbow Dash.
>a weeb complains about horsefuckerse

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What the fuck is wrong with anime and the characters eating with such vulgar mannerisms and sounds.

I don't watch much anime but every time I do I'm disgusted with the way they eat. It evokes a physical reaction in me. Is it the Japanese culture? Its in every show.
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Korean animators don't have skills to animate eating on your nip cartoons
>that "hamf" sound

its not even that.

Its speaking while eating and slurping literally every food they eat.

And its in every show I've seen that they highlight eating scenes.

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