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Major anime studios are watching us today so make it good.

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Major anime studios are watching us today so make it good.
Haruhi 3rd season
During the whole series, viewers see things through the main character's perspective and of course, label him as the protagonist - but it isn't until the end when it turns out he was the main villain all along and the true protagonist defeats him and proceeds to take his place as main character for the second cour. Viewers will be slightly hesitant on whether or not to have doubts on the new protagonist and it all leads to confusion as MC starts to do things that could be considered "wrong". Someone else comes along and in their own viewpoint, considers MC the antagonist, defeats them, and now they take the "protagonist" role on. It'll keep going and going and the main message at the end would be about how humans have differing opinions on what the concepts of good and bad are, and how perspectives affect personal morals.

Mainstreamfags should love this cliché shit.
MC is the alternate dimension loser version of a great hero. In most other dimensional time lines MC died saving the world, one dimension is actively hunting down other realities where the great hero exists but is not needed in any significant way that would affect said alternate world. MC is the first find that isn’t a vegetable or completely mentally unstable or needed. The slider that finds MC is disgusted with MC's otaku existence but reports their findings, after a while of observation they are ordered to approach MC and gain MC's trust.
A slice of life comedy where an 18 year old highschool loli girl has to put up with the numerous lecherous perverts and lolicons.
>MC is an otaku NEET loser
>he is obsessed with this one battle harem show
>he likes this one girl who he dubs as the best girl
>and he absolutely despises this one girl who he calls the worst
>he shitposts about how much he hates her on 2ch all day
>one day he somehow wakes up in this shows universe with a academy invite in his hand
>it's the first episode
>knowing the show inside out, he makes it to the battle academy to enroll
>to his horror, everybody in the harem ignores/hates him since they all wants the harem MC's dick
>everybody except the worst girl
NEET is punished by parents and is locked off from all internet and video games.
After remaining isolated for an extended period of time he obtains enlightenment.
A slice of life about a school where most of the teachers are people with superpowers of some sort. They dont fight crime, but the students often get freaked out.

>math teacher is a calm telekenisis user
>history teacher has super strength
>p.e teacher ironically has no power
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Wartime SoL of a super soldier and his giant robot buddy.
An anime set in America based on the lives of all the Japanese Parents who work overseas thus letting their children live alone.

You could have several sets of parents, the parents of a harem MC, SOL MC, battle MC, etc.

The show would revolve around their day to day life in America, the cultural differences as well as occasionally worrying about the children they left behind.

For instance, the parents of the harem MC would occasionally call their house only to have an unfamiliar female voice answer...several times.

The parents of the battle MC would see on international news that their hometown was struck by some kind of calamity, when they call home, their son responds that he is fine, and somehow missed the whole event, leading them to suspect he isn't telling them the whole truth.

The parents of the SoL MC would call their daughter and receive perfectly normal calls.
A harem MC chooses the cake.

You could also have hilarious after effects, such as the parents of the Harem MC receiving hospital bills as a result of the MC obtaining various tsundere related injuries.
Magical girl and her arch-nemesis grow up and become cakes.

Now they both work office jobs for the same company, but they don't know it yet. Eventually they end up meeting, and they're both shocked and enraged when they find out.

Slice-of-life/comedy hijinks ensue. They start pulling juvenile pranks on each other and occasionally have magical cake battles when no one else is looking.

At some point they're forced to work on some kind of project together and their relationship evolves into some kind of love-hate friendship/rivalry. It's like they still hate each other, but they gain a kind of respect for one another.

But they still hate each other.
>MC is a cute assassin staying with the royal family of a foreign kingdom
>Her mysterious handler gives her orders on behalf of everyone from spiteful merchants to the king himself
>No one who hires her knows who she is, meaning she is living as a guest in the castle of people she's been killing
>The plot begins when there's an unexpected assassination
>She's then given a contract for the unknown assassin
>Cue ecchi investigation shenanigans as she tries to figure out who in the castle is the other assassin
>Cute princesses and lady knights too
A 24 year old Australian man becomes a loli and stops wanting to kill himself
MC is not your average highschool student, in fact he's not a highschool student at all.
How about loli Steve Irwin goes around the outback picking fights with Australian wildlife.
Every episode ends with her and the animal of the week getting piss drunk and having a barbie.
There was a show like that already if you like 3dpd, Bindi Irwin had her own show
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A cyberpunk black action-comedy which follows the exploits of a mercenary team in the mad world of Japamerica being hired to do all kinds of missions ranging from abduction, heists, infiltrating a generic Japanese highschool as teachers where supersoldier-assassins are being bred, descending into the pits of Neo San Francisco to cause infighting among the real-life 'animal people' there, and so on.

The team consists of a Westaboo samurai with a penchant for Westerns and likes to play dirty wherever possible, a recluse hacker who becomes a different person the moment she jacks in, and a muscled warrior poet with a strong sense of '""justice''''', a rookie detective who just joined and always ends up having to clean up the mess of the others, and a completely indifferent woman who everyone but the rookie venerates as a great leader, as the rookie only ever sees her getting used as a punching bag by the world.

If I had to describe the tone, it would be: 'I hide under several layers of irony to mask the fact that I have crippling depression and want to kill myself everyday'. It's less about the random nonsensical hijinks as it is about the characters coping with the random nonsensical hijinks future reality largely consists of. Everyone can laugh about the grimmest of situations but deep inside they know shit's fucked. It's not normal, it's not normal at all.
OVA about a dead mother in heaven receiving letters from her shoujo protag daughter. She can't leave heaven and can't scold her daughter for whatever bad choices she makes, she can only stew over them and complain to herself.
>MC is a horny teen girl about to enter high school
>She decides to enroll into an all guys school by becoming a reverse trap
>Everything goes according to plan, she enters school and is hoping to have all the dick to herself
>There's one problem though
>Everyone in her class is a reverse trap
>In fact, it seems like the school is filled with reverse traps
>She now has to live her high school life surrounded by girls while constantly wanting and trying to get dicked
>We watch our heroine fail miserably at that, getting into funny shenanigans and maybe even finding the true meaning of love
>Animated by SHAFT
Title is あたしは女の子じゃないぞ, or OnnaNai for short.
A girl falls in love with a girl, however the other girl is really an alien. While the girl is confessing her feelings to the alien girl, the two of them are abducted alien bounty hunters. The two of them are thrown in a cell, while the ship's captain pays them a visit. She reveals to the girl and the audience that the alien girl is in fact the princess of a star kingdom that was conquered be the empire. She managed to escape, causing the empire to put a bounty on her head, since her survival was a threat to their rule. The captain then apologizes to the girl for getting her caught up in this, but says a rare species like hers will fetch a nice price on the slave markets. The alien girl is enraged, and demands the bounty hunter let the girl go. Naturally, she refuses and leaves. The alien girl vows she won't let the girl be sold as a slave, and tells her she has a plan to escape. They wait until the bounty hunters arrive at a star port, where they can collect the bounty on the alien girl's head. An impressive action scene that uses half the show's entire animation budget shows their escape and subsequent theft of a small patrol ship. Now the two of them are on the run, and must save the Earth from an upcoming invasion by the empire and liberate the alien girl's planet. The show will have one cour, end on a massive cliffhanger, then never secure funding for a second season.
So just to be straight, they spend half the show masquerading as lesbian bounty hunters, right?
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Anime in where characters from other famous animes are reborn and live different lives, they have the same mannerisms so the viewer can identify who they are; now proceed to mock famous characters with unusual situations.
It all started an unknown amount of time ago, a girl hijacks god and starts to loop time whenever her favorite character dies which traps everyone in limited possibilities until a nonillion time loops later she self inserts as a copy of herself and breaks the time loop but then a copy of her god decides to loop shit until it is killed by her sort-of-not-brother who wants to kill her and then her soul decides to kill everything and becomes immortal and almost kills everything until she is forcefully fused with her self-insert and then the not-brother comes back with his actual body and threatens to take your god unit to destroy everything and live off of fear to become stronger which effectively makes him immortal and then your actual brother comes in and defeats him and he joins you
Berserk except the MC is a brown giantess qt with inhuman strength.
Not quite, lesbian smugglers.
Hahaha would watch
But the small patrol ship only has 1 bed and the alien sleeps naked and the human sleeps in panties and a tank top, right?
A boy falls in love with a girl.
Unable to confess he asks his stud best friend to do it instead. The girl and the friend immediately hit it off and become an item. Feeling desperate the hero uses an ancient ritual to summon a demon, offering his soul in exchange for the two being broken up and him having five years before his soul is harvested. The demon agrees and the friend is hit by a Japanese Truck, paralysing him from the chest down.
Tragically, that same day the MC wins the lottery, meaning the slut would've gone for him anyway, and now he's caused his best friend to be maimed for no reason, his soul in jeopardy. Navigating between his guilt over what he did to his friend and the disillusionment over how shitty the girl he liked actually is, the MC must spend the next five years preparing to do battle against the demon for his soul.
>uses his lottery money to become a jacked cyborg

Oh! How about like, the MC's super heroic AU counterpart constantly beats their villain, so the epic villain of that world travelled to another reality to hide in secret and learn the weaknesses of the MC hero, only to wind up in a world without magic/super powers and an MC who isn't heroic at all.

Cue some kind of shenanigans...
>be jacked cyborg
>demon snaps fingers and harvests soul because you didn't set up a protective circle or any anti-magic wards
Live and learn.
that's remind me French comics drawn chibi style.
MC is 8yo serial killer named Norman.
He live inside not-Noman Bates house with his mother who "sleep" for 6 month (killed herself)
He's going to a village school where the female teacher is an irresponsible alcoholic, and his classmate are : a boy abandonned by it's parent's and live in trailer, a poor as fuck girl living with a drunk abusive father, the stereotipycal superficial blond bitch, the retarded ginger bootlicker and the fat kid.
You laugh at the dark humor but you can't stop thinking "thank god it's drawn chibi" because otherwise it would not be that funny
Sure, why not?
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Charismatic amateur wizard misplaces a bunch of magical creatures that wreak havoc on 1920's New York.
Unlike in the Harry Potter spin-off though, these are all magical semen demons, like Kitsunes, Werecats, Succubi, other Monster Girls. They rape young men and cause much ire among religious circles and women who suddenly find themselves undesired.
The hero has to woo, seduce, outfuck and capture them all.
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Totally spies the anime, just rev up the fetish fuel a notch
Nigga, that ain't possible.
they told us circumnavigating the world was impossible
they told us making an empire where the sun never sets was impossible
they told us that we would never land on the moon
nothing is impossible son
Get /d/ on the case stat.
well according to wikipedia it's been dubbed into japanese, if we can get that with english subs i can watch just fine
how the fuck did keit ai come true?
nigga /d/ is baby tier fetish we need heavyhitters /po/, /r/ or /n/ for this one
Didnt you get the memo? everyone except /x/ can do meme magic now
Almighty Kek blessed us.
Stop spamming this shit nobody gives a fuck
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>not reposting your shit in every plot thread
You must be new.
Reminds me of something I used to post, let's see if I can find it.
Here we are.

At the start of the series, an army is besieging the castle of some noble in generic fantasyland.
The daughter of the family manages to escape through a hidden passage while everyone else is butchered. She's found by a gruff mercenary who's getting too old for this shit, with a cool dog. Learning who she is, he decides to take her to some nobles who had been allied with her family for ransom money.
They're later joined by a sleazy archer dude, and then there's bonding and hijinks moments as they try to stay ahead their pursuers and others who might want to make money off of the sole heir of a noble house. They then wander around the woods, avoid the main roads and the big towns and try to make their way to where the girl's relatives are, encountering greedy people who want the bounty on her head, or bandits looking to rape her and kill and rob the men. They also encounter Fairies inna woods in one episode, which turns it all into a psychedelic trip.
As things progress, the dog falls ill and can't be saved, so they have to put it out of its misery. The MC is made to do this so she can grow up as a person and learn some kind of lesson about the hardships of life.
In the penultimate episode, the archer dude sells them out to the enemy, and they're taken to be executed. It also turns out he had poisoned the dog to get rid of it and be able to sneak off to the enemy so he could sell the other two out.
At the very start of the last episode, they're both executed and the traitor takes his money and leaves. The rest of the episode consists of flashbacks to the moments he bonded with the noble girl and flashbacks to his younger sister, who had fallen ill.
When he finally comes back home with the money to pay for her treatment, it turns out she's all better and she runs to meet him with a big happy smile on her face.
Prequel, first season:

The gruff mercenary from the previous series is a young lad who buries his mother after her death. He knows he is the bastard of a knight, but can't prove it, and he refused to acknowledge him. The first episode is mostly a flashback of his mother explaining to him how everything is God's will and how he should put his faith in Him. At the end of the episode he happens upon a bunch of men beating up a man in a monk's frock.
The second episode starts with him rushing to his defence, but the men outnumber them and they lose the tussle. The MC still takes the monk-looking man to his house and offers him hospitality. It turns out he is not a monk, but a wandering scholar who used to be a monk. He offers to teach the MC all manner of things if he escorts him. The MC wants to see the world, so he agrees, and sells his house, buying a sword and some armour. The first half of the series, 12 episodes, revolve around the two of them wandering from place to place, with a portion of each episode dedicated to the scholar telling some kind of fantastical story featuring Elves and Fairies and Giants, each with some kind of lesson in it for the MC to learn, while the rest of the episode is either the scholar trying to apply his quack-doctoring skills to earn money, or the MC doing physical labour and odd-jobs for money. As the series progresses, the MC realized that the scholar is a drunkard, a glutton, a whoremonger, and a great liar, who causes trouble wherever they go, but they still stay friends. When the scholar gets sick the MC cares for him as he had done with his mother until he dies.
Prequel, second season:

The second half of the series, also 12 episodes, is the MC, now somewhat learned and experienced, taking up work as a mercenary and making friends with his comrades, much like the Golden Age arc in Berserk, but without Griffith. They do mercenary stuff and become a closely knit group, with the MC falling in love for the first time with his own Caska. There is no happy ending for them and she dies while pregnant because reasons. The MC picks up a puppy to replace her and raises it to become a war-dog. The knight who is supposedly his father has become a rebel or something and the mercenaries are hired by him to defend his castle from the king's men. The MC disapproves and gets thrown in the dungeon for his troubles. He escapes the castle with the help of his closest friends, but he can't let go of the fact that his bastard of a father is using the mercenary band he helped build for his own ends, and so he goes to the king's men and tells them about the secret passage he used to escape. To his shock his friends all stay at his father's side because of their honour, him having signed a contract with them. All of his friends are slaughtered in a meaningless battle, and he learns that the man who had hired them hadn't been his father, but merely someone with the same name, but much too young to actually be his father.
The MC has lost everything but his dog and wanders around for a while between battlefields until he meets the girl who is the MC of the original series, at which point this series ends.
Second prequel:

The wandering scholar from the previous series is an orphan raised by the church, where he learns that studying and learning are things he is good at. He grows up to be quite an intellectual, but after dissecting some dead bodies and formulating theories on medicine he is caught by the inquisition and accused of heresy. He is tortured until the recants and when he does he is thrown out to the streets and told to never come back.
Disillusioned with the church, he decides to dedicate himself to science and sinning, since both are equally repressed. So he becomes a drunkard, a glutton, a lech and a lazy bastard, and his practice of science and medicine take a backseat to gratuitous amounts of fan-service and comedic encounters with whores, bards, and chronic gamblers, whereby he spends his life accomplishing little else than ruining his health, and even a couple black magic orgies because he tips fedoras, m'lady. Many of the episodes follow the same basic structure as the previous series stories he told to the MC of that once, but with less fantastic characters.
The few times he actually tries to practice medicine on someone, the patients usually die thanks to his bumbling and inaptitude, even though his theories are perfectly sound, and as a result of his actions the people in every place he visits become opposed to the use of "modern" medicine.
He also dons disguises when visiting some places to perform cons, and in town he wears cheap armour and pretends to be a knight, impregnating a woman, but ditching her. When he years later returns to the same town he falls into debt and is about to be beaten up by his creditors, but is then rescued by a young man he soon realizes is his own son. He never works up the courage to confess this to him.
Sequel, season 1:

During the original series the escaping trio had been pursued primarily by greedy peasants and other such lowlifes, but there had also been a leader of a group of soldiers who was simply referred to as "Captain". As it turns out, he was rewarded for the capturing and killing of the girl by being given the title of baronet and an estate in the countryside. The series follows him expanding his retinue, picking up interesting characters to serve him, him meting out justice after hearing complaints from his subjects and trying to manage finances. Time passes and he happens to see a genki peasant girl whom he takes a liking to. In traditional medieval manner he plans to rape her, since her lowly station means he can't marry her. He takes his most loyal underlings with him to keep watch while he rapes her when she's in the woods picking mushrooms, but this fails when someone fires arrows from the forest and kills his men. The rest of the series is him organizing search parties to hunt down whoever did this and trying to get this wench into his power, which he begins by arranging for her to become a maid at his mansion. After his other servants poke around, it turns out she and her brother were in fact children of a knight who had several years ago joined a rebellion against a king and been killed (the same knight the gruff mercenary had thought was his father) and the MC realizes that he could marry her if the legitimacy of her birth could be proved. As it turns out the proof is in the possession of her brother, who disappeared into the woods, and in case you couldn't guess is the guy who killed the knights and sold out the MCs at the end of the previous series. The brother had refused to step forth as nobility due to his own stubborn pride at being able to survive without help from others or some such shit. The MC has to find him for real now.
Honestly, if this is a comedy, I would actually watch this.
Sequel, season 2:

The MC makes new, stricter laws against "poaching" and organizes foresters to help him track down the brother so he can have the sister as his legal wife. A visiting royal tallyman takes a liking to this idea and convinces the king to make it a nationwide practice, and so they put into use the real life practice of forest law, but with added bits about illegally living inna woods, thus driving Elves to either move beyond the national borders or into legally recognized towns where they would have to pay taxes rather than living free like the forest hippy gipsies they are. This causes unrest, and due to the effects of the law on regular poor folk who used to hunt for some extra income, shit gets even worse. The peasants blame the Elves and there's several episodes dealing with none of the main characters, but rather just the peasants lynching Elves or half-Elves living in their communities, KKK style.
The increasing tensions cause the bad blood left behind by the previous civil war (begun by the rebellion in the first prequel, which was also the reason the family of the MC in the original series was killed) to rise up again, and as rumours spread, the brother in the woods becomes hailed as a legendary figure, the symbol of resistance against the "evil king" and his unjust laws and the oppression of Elves and poor folk. Other peasants take the side of the rebels while others stick by their king and church because they fear and hate the Elves. Also witch hunts begin, because the church can't think of any better way to handle things. This results in trouble, because the genki little sister has been gathering herbs and mushrooms and making stuff with them. Although the stuff she makes has no magic involved, the witch hunters eventually show up to put her to trial, and the MC, despite being the one who started the whole thing by making the new laws in his own lands, now has to join the rebels when he saves her and kills the witch hunters.
Sequel, season 3:

The MC finds himself in deep shit thanks to thinking with his dick, but he can't back down anymore. He has those still loyal to him capture and execute those who would openly take the king's side and begins to prepare for retaliation. He has fortifications built around his estate and has fresh troops trained out of the peasantry who now view him as a hero of sorts, and he raids the churches in the neighbouring areas to pay for mercenaries at the cost of being excommunicated. Assassins come after him with poison, and his life is surprisingly saved by the genki girl he's in love with, who used her herbal brews to make an antidote. While she's nursing him, they finally start hitting it off in a way.
This series takes place exclusively within the MC's estate to emphasise the way in which he's been cut off from the world because of the war and how he's surrounded on all sides by enemies, and there's a sense of paranoia as he begins to seek out those among his retinue who may have been working against him and to uncover the assassins who are after him while drilling the troops and raising the walls. Likable characters from previous seasons are both found out as baddies and executed, while others are assassinated by the baddies.
The last three episodes are just one long battle sequence as the king's men, led by some count or something, lay siege on the estate. The first of these episodes is spent defending the walls and the besieging army is repelled. During the second they make it through and the MC uses his clever traps and tactics to inflict as many losses on the enemy as possible, but it seems the enemy has overwhelming numbers. Early on in the third episode reinforcements arrive to save the day, and army of Elves and peasants from the surrounding areas charge the king's men from behind and they're forced to surrender. The MC no longer cares about proving if his girl is a noble or not and they decide to get married in a grove in the woods, pagan/Elf style since they're both excommunicated.
Then the brother, who has been living in the woods the entire time and has no clue what's been happening shows up, thinks his sister is being forced to marry against her will, and shoots her through the heart with his bow to save her virtue and honor.

And that's all she wrote.
New Vegas with the DLCs as either arcs or OVAs

Animated by A-1
100 episode series set in Stephen Baxter's Xeelee universe. That or his Northland Trilogy as anime.
The point isn’t how well the story succeeds in conveying an idea but in how successful it is at inspiring viewer input, which may or may not even be related to the thematic point of the narrative. A successful postmodern narrative is written in such a way that is incredibly easy to imagine the characters doing something unrelated to the plot or living their own lives outside of it. This also somewhat explains the prevalence of slice of life anime. Actual story is becoming less and less important – they make us question whether it’s even relevant at all, as long as the viewer can create their own.
This explains why anime like Legend of the Galactic Heroes and the more recent Shinsekai Yori, both incredibly intelligent series which have a dedicated English-speaking fanbase, do not sell well to the otaku audience. It’s probably not because they think the story is bad or uninteresting. They are good stories in their own right, but they are self-contained and the characters are only fully relatable when approached within their own setting. These series offer no potential beyond what they have already shown and thus, there is no point in investing further in the series.
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New York Giants: the Anime.
Show covers rivalries, interactions, and hardships with other teams up until the 2008 Super Bowl.
MCs are Eli Manning & Victor Cruz, supporting bro is Peyton Manning, main villain is Tom Brady.
Follow-up movie set in the 2012 Super Bowl: Ressurection "B".
Set in an otherwise normal Japan in the early 90s, when the lost decade was just on the horizon and its consumer technology still far ahead of anyone else. Mille Miglia meets Cannonball Run in a beautifully animated road race from Okinawa to Hokkaido, where we get to see a great variety of scenery. MC is a mid-20s petrolhead who earned tens of millions from selling his tech startup to NTT DoCoMo, allowing him to fund his own team for said race and get a car - I'm thinking a Caterham. In particular, he hires his childhood friend, who is a cute genki fembro (but not an all-out tomboy) to be his navigator. Numerous cute moments laced with romantic tension punctuate the race during layovers at picturesque locales such as Karuizawa before they get attached around the half-way point.

I thought /a/ would lap up this shit.
Why bother? /tg/ makes better anime anyway.
It is said that the decreasing population of Japan is mainly caused by the fewer amount of births compared to the number of deaths. This is a half-truth. In reality, death games occur in an unknown number of places throughout Japan, from school-based battles royale to gang-organized slaughters and assassinations.

Shinjuro Kanewara, a detective working for the National Police Agency, entered a three-year leave of absence after his wife died "by mysterious means" during her business trip to Gifu prefecture. Later on, after making his own investigation, he discovered that his wife's death has a more gruesome background behind it, and this reawakened his spirit of solving mysteries.

Upon his return to his police duties, he is grouped with the eccentric Gen Hidachi, who immediately plunges him into the hidden world of death games in Japan and their quest to destroy each and every one of them.

>An absurdist harem anime featuring elementary kids working as classical musicians while trying to inherit their families's past as aliens , but their rivals are secretly demons. Made by Trigger.

So bascially Hibike! Euphonium if you sub in the cast of Luluco and Panty and Stocking, and everyone wants Sensei's dick.

I'd watch it.
MC is an old martial arts master with amazing reputation. He travels from town to town. In every town there's a boy or a girl who's basically a battle shounen protag fighting against local mob or other shit. That person gets defeated and looks for someone to train him/her. So they find the ancient master, enroll in ridiculous training and then are ready to face their enemy - only to get severely btfo as the master is actually a fraud.
I have a few ideas

MC is former Central City police officer. During a simple raid on a drug dealer's hideout,he's separated from his team and captured. Due to a non negotiate clause in his contract,he's basically left for dead. After being tortured and raped for two weeks he's left in an ally way. Clinging to life,he makes his way to a street vendor. Weeks later he awakens to find his left are amputated and his life eye unable to open. Not wanting to sit behind a desk for next 10 years he ops to take early retirement. A few months into his new life he gets a call asking does he still want to protect the people of Central City. Without hesitation he meets the voice at an old office building in the old part of town. The voice is that of a doctor who wants to give the officer cybernetic implants. With no real persuasion from the doctor, the MC agrees to the implants. After getting used to implants the MC is told this second chance wasn't free and that he will be at call of his benefactor. Along with his police duties ,he must also fulfill the wish of a man simply called Smoke.
Next idea is a comedy about a college student who goes to Japan to intern for a company. The only thing is all his coworkers are older women. Second season a suave black guy with a huge weeaboo past joins the office.
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>set in the edo period, this historical fiction anime explores
>traditions, trends, and taboos during samurai-era japan.
>following the life of an ordinary constable/police officer
>(wears a jitte), crime and punishment are explored during
>the long era of peace - including the seedy underworld
>where nothing is off limits and almost everything is up for
>sale (cameos through various ecchi themes, yuri/yaoi, loli,
>and more extreme subgenres).
>my life as a landlocked mermaid

A girl wishes on a fountain to be a girl senpai would like. But when she wakes up the next day, she is aghast to see that her legs have melded together and she now sports a fin from the waist down. So she gets a wheelchair and a blanket and just tells everyone she's a cripple and I guess that's the plot.

>I wanted to get wet for him, but not like this!
a little girl and a sentient teddy bear travel through various realms evading a mysterious figure who can summon soldiers from various timelines at will so long as liquid exists. The teddy bear has the ability to detect any intrusions by other worldly beings in wherever world he is. The girl, a captive who escaped a world ruled by supernatural demons who enslave and consume human beings.

Yet the little girl wakes up in the 'present' world after some time to find herself in bed in an orphanage with the same teddy bear by her side. Here, all her journeys are perceived as dreams she had. Yet a nagging feeling remains that such are more than just dreams....
File: 1453554448758.jpg (56KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56KB, 1280x720px
Does she look like this?
why not? I don't have any template on how she would look like.
If I remember correctly, she had a sentient bear and goes on dream trips as well.
But are they chased by a mysterious figure who can summon soldiers from liquids and that those dreams are more "real"?

Do you remember the name of that animu?
>But are they chased by a mysterious figure who can summon soldiers from liquids and that those dreams are more "real"?
I don't think so, it's Phantom World by the way.
I imagine the tone to be much darker, not bright and colorful with spirits here and there
A boy falls in love with a girl.
Unable to confess, he is gifted with by a deus ex machina with the girl’s phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.
But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day’s confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn’t exist in this universe at all. She is the girl’s alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC’s own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.
Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.
I guess I am the only one here who read all of this shit. Not so bad, worth the time, I guess.
I would watch this.
Warner Bros get on it.
Actually, I was thinking it might be better as a subplot in another show. There' just this girl who is in a wheelchair and then in one episode she's like: hey I'm a mermaid
Humans had advanced technology to the point where they had completely separated themselves from nature and the savageness of evolution. It was a perfect utopia for humans until it all came crashing down. With all traditional technology wiped out billions died off from illness and starvation.

This is just a setback, humans adapt to the circumstances. Trying to exist outside of nature was in error so now society works to make humans the most evolved they can be....

This is a story about the Evolutionaries who are raised in the filthiest, most brutal and desperate conditions that can be created. Being pit against one another to find out who is the strongest mother nature has provided, so that only the strongest, smartest, healthiest of each generation can pass on their genes to the next.
Kuni no Seiji
MC is a talented salesman who has an adept skill of understanding the desires of people quickly after meeting them. He enjoys using these skills but overall has a life that feels empty and purposeless, one of the only real joys he has for himself is eating at a local family run diner that makes his favorite dish. On one of his routine visits to that diner he finds that they're closing up shop, not because they want to but because a large corporation wants their location. The corporation has bought out the diner's neighbors and are using influence with the diner's bank and local bureaucrats to force them out of business. MC decides he's not going to let that happen and in saving this one diner ends up head deep in the murky but exciting world of politics, where he finds he can use his skills and make a meaningful difference in the world.

this is an old synopsis i wrote that now seems silly in a post-Trump world
File: imminent gangrape.jpg (118KB, 1280x853px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
imminent gangrape.jpg
118KB, 1280x853px
A harem comedy of a boy receiving a mystical coin and an ominous threat about his imminent death, unless he finds his one true love.

With the coin he can go back to the point in time he recieved it, so it enables him to try out the different girls who are infatuated with him.

It becomes a sort of self fulfilling prophecy and the relationships fails however.
stopped at amputation.

Make the MC a female, then maybe.
File: headpat dodge.png (667KB, 581x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
headpat dodge.png
667KB, 581x800px

A shonene battle series where an 18 year old highschool loli has to survive the brutal world of professional headpat competitions
>Chrysanthemum Rift

The year is 2648: interstellar travel has been perfected and life beyond the Milky Way has been discovered. A United Nations between worlds was established, with a Galactic Federation produced to oversee peace in the universe, as well as manage trade and entrepreneurship between planets. Likewise, Space Pirates have become popular too, from small gangs of outlaws to full-on criminal fleets, they are considered galactic scum and see their fame across wanted posters worldwide.

Earth - Paris, France; a young lady, Adrianne, the star fencer of her university and a genius in bioengineering, visits her father while on work in his laboratory. His research on time-space transportation is about to reach a breakthrough point, when something goes wrong, and the whole lab blows. Few survive the explosion with severe injuries, including Adrianne, whom is the prime suspect by the Galactic Federation.

Chased down and on her deathbed, she's saved by gunslinging space-cowboy, E, grey alien street racer, Kurk, alien harpy riflewoman, Tlamatquez, and robotic companion, Johnny, and bought to their pirate ship, The Rift, under command of the alligator-like alien, Rampart. There, Adrianne learns there may be foul play afoot under the Galactic Federation, and opts to join the pirate crew, Rift Chasers, to get to the bottom of her father's demise and defacing of her hometown, and home planet. Adrianne uses her knowledge in bioengineering mixed with the crew's goods and Johnny's medical precision to become a cyborg and save her life, and travels the galaxy with the Rift Chasers, bonding with the crew, exploring planets, and gathering new crew members as they discover the dark plot behind the galaxy's governing powers.

Ideally, animation is produced by David Production.
find a way
polite bump
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