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Spoilers very soon.
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LM soon.
Spoilers never.
Spoilers soon. My dad works at Yonkou's.

>So I was very upset when I saw Evangelion, because it was apparent to me that the people who made it weren't thinking at all about making fun for or gaining the sympathy of the audience. Instead they tried to convince the audience to admit that everybody is sick, practically in the middle of a nervous breakdown, all the time. I don't think you should show things like that to everybody. It's not entertainment for the masses--it's much more interested in admitting that we're all depressed nervous wrecks, I thought. It was a work that told people it was okay to be depressed, and it accepted the psychological state that said if you don't like the way the world works, then it's okay to just pick up a gun and attack someone. I don't think that's a real work of art. When people see that, they begin to realize they are the same way. I think that we should try to show people how to live healthier, fuller lives, to foster their identity as a part of their community, and to encourage them to work happily until they die. I can't accept any work that doesn't say that.
What did he mean by this?
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>and to encourage them to work happily until they die
He's a cuck
Yoshiyuki "I sold my soul to Bandai" Tomino makes toy commercials for a living, and people are more likely to buy toys if they aren't depressed.
No, just a japanese.

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Was romantic of friendship confession?
Are mountain fags wondering over Viktor's ass?
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Cannot into english?
Tears mix on water!
>Touching MY baldfat

They are only good 20% of the time. I don't know why fujo rave about them so much. Rape porn is over done but women do love rape porn so it makes sense

Besides it's only interesting if Yuuri is the abuser not the abusee
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Post 5/5 eros images.

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Do you feel sorry for Chitose?
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Only a little. At least she felt bad about salting onii-chan's wounds.
I want to fix her up with my dick.
>feeling bad
>for Shitose
Not at fucking all.

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Just 1 more month for season 2 goodness. will it still be good?

Aqua best
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just pray until it comes
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>whole town full of batshit crazy Axis cultists
It will be worse than S1. Believe it.

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Ahahaha oh wow.
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>3DPD Mako
I tried watching it, but the opening was absolutely shit I couldn't continue. I hear the actual show is sort of decent but I don' know if my Saki love is enough for me to endure it.

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Just started this and its pretty fun. But i have a question: does the story wrap, or it has an open ending?
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It's not even over yet m8
It's not over yet.

Everything is a millenia long plot by the original Devil to make a friend in the form of a mass of hatred and vengence towards magic users given humanoid form.
Patiently awaiting volume 19 dump to resume.

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I expected the chapter next week. Dunno why.
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Will Yayaka ever Henshin?
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Dead people can't henshin.
I hope.
Episode 10 starts with flashbacks of Cocona and Yayaka's childhood. From the time they met, until they're fight. It switches to a close up of Cocona crying, and zooms out to show her at Yayaka's funeral.

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I want World Trigger back already...

Last chapter in English WSJ for Demon's Plan, but whatever. Second chapter for Ole Golazo.

1568 for spreads
The Promised Neverland - http://www22.zippyshare.com/v/DNc5Dd5X/file.html
Shokugeki no Souma - http://www22.zippyshare.com/v/gOv6OXOZ/file.html
Blue Exorcist - http://www22.zippyshare.com/v/Wq5DbWrr/file.html
Seraph of the End - http://www22.zippyshare.com/v/vr71dylo/file.html
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Forgot to quote Boku no Hero Academia >>150571684
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Maki is the cutest and sexiest Love Live
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Is Maki the anal idol of Love Live?
Umi too.
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Saw a couple of guys in my store today talking about how this Skylander looks like Magician's Red. Felt good to not be alone.

You all know They're going to save all their budget on part 6 to try to do something decent with part 7. All of you part 6 fags out there, know that the superior parts 5 and 7 will get more budget.
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Except we have no idea if David is going to animate SBR. After part 6 they might do more Neptunia.

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More sweat today!
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And the first team to be completely destroyed by the future champions.
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Yamcha takes the mound...
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Arale-chan confirmed strongest
How old Yamcha is exactly now? 50?
Isn't everyone from the former DB main cast older than 50 already?

I understand the Saiyans not looking their age, but how about the humans...?

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guess anime.png
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Use a maximum of 10 shapes to represent an anime in paint. No polygon tool allowed.

Others try and guess the anime.
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Fuck you I do what I want
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Blops emblem making skills paying off

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