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Rihoko is fat.
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Rihoko is perfect.
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Is she the most fit girl to become pregnant in all anime?

Not counting your waifu, i think she is the best girl to have babies since she would love to eat a lot when pregnant and also (i haven't watched it but) she seems she could be a really cute mom as well

Chihaya could use some cheering up. Say something nice to her. Please.
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If a bunch of old businessmen wanted to eat sushi off of a naked girl, Chihaya would be a perfect even eating surface!
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She's surrounded by good friends who are there to support her during difficult times, because they care about her.
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So what's the general consensus on the last Rebuild movie? I just rewatched it, I'd forgotten what a bummer it was. I don't taking the story in a different direction, but it's a pretty drastic change.

Love Mari though.
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Was this the Kaworu one? It's still not clear on if it's a sequel or alternate universe or what...and I'm getting tired of each movie ending with Shinji starting another ANOTHER "third" impact.
It seems like they were lost without the original series as a framework. It didn't feel in any way like Eva and the plot is pure fluff. 1 and 2 were fine but unspectacular. I don't know who this is supposed to be for or what it was trying to accomplish
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It's the Kaworu one, although he appears briefly in the first two.

I think it's just supposed to be an alternate story, like the manga where they're all living a normal school life.

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Left or Right?
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Can I choose you anon, cause man, you're so precious. I really want to just hold you in my arms and snuggle with you. I want to kiss and hug you. No matter how you feel, or wht you'd do, I'd still be there for you. I love you anon
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the better choice

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Chitose BTFO, again! how can she ever recover!?
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I can't even make it past an episode without pausing. I still can't start ep 5.
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She never ever will.
Subs Michian?

Anyone caught this year's slut ranking?
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>drom 98th to 2nd
I still love her.
The queen reigns another year
Even she has black nipples?

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Good Saya-chan, everyone!
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Why are her pupils so small
worst girl.
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Saya best girl.

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Despite anons' warning, I truly enjoyed the last episode. It is so rare that I find something I have so much fun watching. Thank you anons.

Yes, slow poke anon from a month ago finally finished Spread.
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My enjoyment of season 2:

Ep 1: Hyped
Middle - Suffering, when does it get good?
Ep 12: I never knew I needed that in my life
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Being a slow anon, I do have to ask - Is this Hanayo?
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And is this the green tomboy LRIG from season 1?

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>yfw you realize that Griffith put it in her ass
She never did get pregnant.
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Incompatible species.
Gays are human too, anon.
>if you cum inside a woman she will get pregnant 100% of the time

Not how it works

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Because TnA, now hand over the money faggot, we know you fap multiple times a day and this will be right up your alley.
What is this? And how erect will my benis be?

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Just finished Fullmetal Alchemist 2003. What a fucking fantastic show.
Is Brotherhood an improvement?
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Why don't you watch it and find out?
Bantz aside, people usually like their first version, I read the manga and I like Brotherhood better. Some people said they didn't like the pacing for the first 20 episodes, I don't remember so I can't say for sure.
Tl;dr go watch it you dumbass
It depends on what did you like about the 2003 version. Brotherhood has more battles and it is more optimistic.

Watch the openings and make up your mind.

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You can't.
if everyone is dead then no one would need to be saved
Go back to bed, Angra.

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>best girl gets picked
Why does it have to be so rare?
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If the MC gets the worst girl, we're left with the best girls for our own. Use your head OP.
>anyone gets picked
Why does it have to be so rare?
Because typically harems still have a main girl and most of the time the main girl tends to be the most bland one

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yuri on ice.png
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What emotion is this face meant to convey?
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A predator about to pounce.
The need for a comb.
Is that Citrus?

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