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Best girl, best songs, best seiyuu, best everything. You can not disagree with me, my statement is objective.
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Someone post a webm of her grinding on Nagasumi.
Hageshii uta was good.

Hey /a/ this is my wife. I will ALLOW you the chance to say hi. Don't try anything funny like making baseless accusations.
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When I'm done with her she will like it up the butt like Iori.
That's a cute boy.

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Hammers is sleeping.

You better not wake her up, /a/!
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Umaru > Yotsuba

Yeah I said it.

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>empires seal of approval
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Imperial Soldiers' Barracks?
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>Perfect body
>Moderate breasts
>Cute personality
>Pure and innocent
>Strong and intelligent
>Sweet and gentle
>Loyal and truly loves Lux
>Sexiest girl of the decade
Lisha-sama is literally perfect.
What is your opinion about esl liking to Lisha

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Have you gotten over it yet, /a/?
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>Japan barely made any dojins

One nuke wasn't enough. We need to finish the job.
I was okay with that ending. The other girl was dead.
Get over what? Best girl won.

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Drifters thread - Hitler did nothing wrong edition..
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>actually a drifter
I'm in tears.
I just don't get why he killed himself.
his only hobby

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Thank you, Aoba-san

I didn't think you would win this one, I doubt anyone did.

But still, seeing you in action, just for those 22 minutes

Had given me hope.
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Why are Aobafags so dedicated to such a boring girl?
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>not appreciating the best girl

Fuck off, Aoba is great and I'm sad she is forced to keep losing her races becase of plot.

However, I'ms sure she will be a great professional keijo player once she graduates and won't have to be held back by the 'Sayak and Nozomi must win, so we have to make SOMEONE lose for balance' principle

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Is it overrated?
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A little bit but it's still great. The good vibrations stuff brings it down.
No, still one of the best manga ever.
Why the fuck is there like 4 months between releases.

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Were you a Lucky Star guy or a Gurren Lagann guy?
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I watched both
Neither, really. Though if I had to pick, It would be Lucky star.
I know lucky star is the correct answer but I liked gurren lagann more.

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What's your honest opinion on Ueno?
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Too real.
Would fuck.

Merry Christmas you faggots.
Tis the season to be lonely, but there’s no reason to be lonely alone. I’ve joined forces with some interesting anons to do something a little bit special.

We’re gonna sing a Christmas Carol, an [email protected] Christmas Carol. All of us, together.
The song in question is MERRY, which I can’t link on youtube because of copyright, but you can find it in this convenient link, featuring submission details written by Coll/a/ge Anon: https://mega.nz/#!VVJnhISL!eavXjp4UjiIA1FjmQxHQzpeaHlNfOPAtAEWF1A9lAvQ

The deadline will be before December 25th, but whether the vid is actually released on time is a different matter. Hopefully it’s enough to get the thing mixed before the big day, but that does mean that /a/ sings Drappers is delayed until I get it done.

Here’s the Announcement vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EE87NnDNlIM&lc=

As for Drappers, it’ll be done when I get enough time to mix and the Animatorfags are done doing their magic. So not for a while.
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>not snow halation
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What is she stepping on?
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a big bass drum (not pictured)
on my bowl of cereals
you fucking stupid bitch you want me to rape you?

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/a/ seems to love her show a lot, is it really worth trying?

Trying to find a download that isn't focken Coalgirls with their signature "this file size should be small enough for ppl with unlimited space" bullshit. The only one left is Hadena...ugh.
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With seeds? Just Hadena is left I guess. You could try ANBU or search a decent tracker like Nyaa.

S2 soon.
Lurk more, read the rules, newfag.

Manga's better. Anime is good until it goes and does it own stupid shit with an evil pope faggot, Yukio being half-demon, and Satan being sympathetic.

I'd say watch until after the camping arc and then wait until next year's Kyoto Arc adaptation.

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>Ancient goddess of SEX possession

What did they mean by this?
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She really likes cock.
That she is slut
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Well, next year is a year of the Rooster.

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