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>this is considered grotesquely overweight
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I mean coming from a country full of people who take joy in killing themselves this is hardly offputting.

I'd probably kill myself too if my country's greatest cultural export was children's cartoon.
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ouch anon

Best outfit in JoJo?
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I can't decide.
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I mean, just look at this motherfucker

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Why doesn't somebody just shoot him?
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Why doesn't somebody just shoot you?
Why don't you just shoot yourself?
Because he's chilling with helicopter pilots shooting heavy machine guns at spooky ghosts.

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What does /a/ think about Rem?
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Tasteless waifubait.
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Good maido

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Well, /a/?
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Too many.
5 desu but if they used more modern anime i would recognize them all

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This manga is so damn good, they should remake the anime to follow it.
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Is it wrong that i have no idea what is going on in the last chapters since the big fight? The "Part One end" also made things wierder. Is part 2 going to be a School SOL with mental models? What the fuck is Yamato doing? More American ships when?
Let's see,

Gonzou is being "rebuilt"

A big party at the school soon? Kek, the entire thing has been completely unpredictable with so many plots going on at once...
We can only hope.

Has there been a more overrated show?
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Ben To or Keijo?
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I don't know but left looks unfappable.

Fighting for food is more realistic
I don't know what you're talking about, these are both documentaries about life in contemporary Japan.

Slowpoke here currently watching this mediocre series and I have to say they made this guy so over the top unlikable it's ridiculous.
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Don't worry, he gets better in the manga
>mediocre series
>he doesn't want to dick bakugou
Does everyone on /a/ have as shit a taste as OP?

Tamako Market is a masterpiece of our generation
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Yeah no. And Love Story is average too. Most the film drones on without any conflict/development, except for the grandpa choking on some mochi.
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I want to re-watch this but it's too soon.
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kanna is a miracle of modern anime

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Decided to check out some of the "better" Anime, and watched this, hearing it was apparently one of the best.

The plot is a mess, it feels like the story was stiched together as cheaply crafted avenue for the visuals. The animation was well done, but the film was too tonally sparse to really effect me as a story.

Are the rest of this director's films like this?
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Paprika's is Kon's worst by far. You gotta watch Perfect Blue.
Perfect Blue
but it wasnt bad at all

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Hello anon
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9 days
Can stabbing be erotic?
>can piercing flesh with a phallic object be erotic

gee I dunno

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I will never understand why people likes the Berserk anime (yes, the 1997 version) so much. I find it inferior to the manga.
You mean you don't know?
Also known as the bear slaughterer

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So, since many years ago, the anime industry saw a new potencial in the anime universe: the meme anime.
Every year, we always have at least one anime that, without any editing, automatically generate memes, and this has become an necessity to the anime community.
Last year, without a doubt was Himouto! Umaru-chan, whit honorable mentions to Osomatsu-san and Shimoneta, but what about this year?
I think this year, the biggest competitors where Kono Subarachii, New Game! and Sakamoto desu ga
Which anime you think was the most meme generator?
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Nice bakuretsu.
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Of course it is New Game!. This shit was the best meme generator
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Will Citrus and NTR save yuri anime from being a worst-selling shit?
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2017 will be a shitposting year like never before.
yuri is the purest form of love and nips are only into degenerate shit, it's always been doomed since the beginning
Because of NTR and its hetshit?

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