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Who would win in a fight?
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How thick is that tank plot armor?
They can survive a blast from 600mm mortar shell.

>I'm a Witch with the Fusou Naval Reserve...

Shoved in cameo or will she be more involved in the last few episodes?
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I want to marry Miyafuji and have a lot of cute tanuki puppies with her.
I bet she will appear for a few seconds in the next episode and that's it. Too bad.
Just a cameo, like Eilanya. Not that we'd know, we're not part of the production team anon. Stop being dum.

Her familiar is a dog, not tanuki.

what was your favorite akagi moment
also mahjong thread because fuck you faggot mods for deleting my thread
i hope you guys die a fire
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Last chapter of the Ten manga is my favorite Akagi moment
7447 is the best chapter
>what was your favorite akagi moment
That one when everyone freaked out over Washizu drawing the tile but it was part of Akagi's plan all along.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I like it!

I dont!!!!
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Srsly /a/ was it stalking, guilt tripping and rape?

It looks like that to me now that I'm older.
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Dude; chi chi is a yandere...

Holy shit... my childhood... ruined...
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More like an ignorant honey trap: "food."
Reminder that they have yet to kiss.

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Isn't this a really fucked up thing for Jojo to do? Like, he didn't kill anyone like Akira did but has to suffer as a book for the rest of his life? What about his parents? I'm pretty sure they'd be worried sick after their son mysteriously disappears.
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Fuck off moralfag
>Josuke talks about "I want to bring le justice to the town my grandfather defended!"
>Suddenly isn't a moralfag
He got it coming when he decided to protect a serial killer just because a flying picture told him to do it and Josuke hates when his family gets involved

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How do we go from this
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to this
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to these
Aqua is such a semen demon.

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Why do other anime still try when there's nothing that can top Non Non Biyori?
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Renge was the only good thing about that show.
Because they know that Non Non Biyori is finished and those who are addicted will take any shit rather than face the withdrawal syndrome.

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What does /a/ think about Kengan Asura?
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Baki rip-off
decent I guess

has some funny moments

really want to know what Medicine Man wants to do with the tournament
I thought it was Baki at first glance.

Precure Thread
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What's the general consensus on each series? I don't know of any place that Precure fans frequent, so I have no idea where to ask. I've watched Go! Princess and Suite so far, watching through Smile now.

Go! Princess was fucking based. Best series.
Heartcatch is the most critically acclaimed. Futari wa is the original and also good. Fresh is great if you can tolerate the QUALITY.
I'm interested in watching Heartcatch thanks to the All Stars movies I've watched. I went with Smile after Suite just because I wanted to see them come back in New Stage.

You just accidentally, or on purpose groped your waifu, how does she react?
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Like this.
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with an ahoge

I feel like that aroused her even more.

Apart from Le Petit Prince, what other books would make a guy like a girl?
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>Le petit

Don't know OP I don't read shit, I'm literally like Bernard.
Story of the Eye
Japanese cold strikes again.

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It hurts /a/. It fucking hurts.

This may have been even more bleak than Texhnolyze
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Stupid, edgy ending.

6/10, would not watch again.
just found this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89TLnHjQmPo

yeah it was edgy ending trans........perent

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How can anyone believe that a game could be made with an all female team?
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Neptunia is made by mostly females is it not?
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Why is Histoire sitting like that?
Preparing for death.

What does /a/ think of Azumanga Daioh?
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Chiyo and her cute voice jump-started my love of cute girls doing cute things.
Are you new or something?
weak start but gets really good later on

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