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What anime would you like to to see have a video game? what genre would the game be?
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Symphogear by Platinum.
Neon Genesis Evangelion

In the style of Monster Hunter
Symphogear fighting game when?
Or just put Hibiki in the new Mahvel.

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Seo is going to save Christmas by giving us Fuuka 1.0 back from the dead.
So the grave is empty and the parents are unaware their daughter is alive (or lied all the way)?
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professional clapper.jpg
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I'm glad I dropped this harder than Nisekoi.

Bravo Seo. Bravo.

Only way to give Gohan a power boost is to put his family or his friends in danger. Hit had no incentive to attack any of those apart from Goku. I do not think we are seeing a comeback this arc.
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Isn't he training with Piccolo again? There's got to be a reason for them to mention that. They have plans for him.
Have the next Big Bad kill Videl.

That should get Gohan up to snuff and nobody would notice she was gone after a while because she has done fuck all since the tournament in the Buu Saga.
I wonder if they could just have him unlock his potential while going SSJ2. That would seem like a pretty big boost.

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Look how happy Kazuma looks.
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It looks exactly the same as S1 though? S1 had quality drops like this too. So I don't know what you're so worried about.
Is DEEN where the Japanese put all the retards so they're not endangering anyone in public?
I think they do it on purpose just so they can cruise 4 and 2chan waiting for the DEEEEEEEEEEEN posts.

Its a well know fact receiving lots of (you)s increases your power. Don't believe me? Donald Trump received so many (you)s he is now in charge of a country.

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Red Chaika anime when?
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Red chaika a shit!
Red chaika only good for doujin.
Why the fuck did she fall in love with Toru so fucking fast?

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What condition does this child have?
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Purple hair.
all of them

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What the fuck did I just watch?
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>sitting on the bus next to friend
>talking about how I watched end of evangelion
>"that movies was so fucked. Didn't make any sense at all it was like I was watching 4 different movies at the same time"
>he looks over at me and says
>punch him in his fat fuck face
An anime movie

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So I guess onemanga came back into existence. Used to read from this when I first started reading online. Does it still hold up or are other places better?
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batoto or manga traders is better
kissmanga is best if you don't want to keep clicking or pressing the keboard to move to the next page
http://mangaseeonline.net allows same as kissmanga that entire chapter is on one page while also allowing moving between chapters with arrowkeys, so you can marathon manga with keyboard only

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>NTR is fucked up when it's the guy getting cucked
>Perfectly okay when a married guy is fucking a random semen demon in some doujin
Explain yourself
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Sexuality is different for men and women.
Women generally have the power of knowledge when it comes to children, that's why men are more jealous and a male getting NTR'd is more fucked up. It triggers our basic instincts of protecting our bloodline as opposed to raising someone else's.
A key that can open all locks is a master key.
A lock that let itself be opened by many keys is a shitty lock. Now:

>Going to the locksmith to make a new shiny key when the old one works perfectly fine
>Not changing your old and busted lock for a new, smooth and younger one

There you go
>an ugly fat guy marrying a cute girl is fucked up
>but it's perfectly okay when I'm the fat guy
That's just how it is.

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It's a beach episode!
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All this princess carry.

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>You will never be woken up by Yuuko whispering selamat pagi into your ear

Why do I even bother
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>you will never hear cancer
what a time to be alive
You can just set your phone alarm to do that.
selamat malam

Imagine how much better DB could be if they killed of Goku for real.
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Toriyama killed him for real twice though.
Isn't that pretty much what they will do at December 25?
Hit better put that motherfucker in a goddamn grave on the 25th

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>17 years old
Literally how?
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You die if you work.

If you are a neet, you stay young forever.
Smoking at an early age and an improper diet required for proper growth development.
2D is the ideal.

Why everytime she appears on the screen I got a boner?
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Cause you like her.
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She and Xing-Ke single-handely made the China episodes the best part of R2
File: 1454807460943.jpg (153KB, 1024x1516px)Image search: [Google]
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because you're an irredeemable lolicon

but so am I

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Those tits are out of control.
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Her dress is also covering her butt less than ever.
What a damegami.
Im here for Succubus

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