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So what do you all think of DRIFTERS, the latest by the lord and savior of anime, Kouta Hirano? I like it, but that's just me & I already know my own opinion; what I want is other opinions.
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It's fun but not great. Watching it as it comes out once a weak but I would probably get tired of all the crazy if I had to binge it. The humor is dry and forced in a lot of places but it doesn't make the show an unsalvageable mess. It is kinda weird with the characters it picks sometimes though. It also picks a ridiculous amount of Japanese historical characters. It is an anime so a bias is expected but this anime really goes in extremes. For instance, the red baron would have been a much better pick than the Japanese ace.

Oh, but Easy is easily best girl in the show. Really helps.
Easy is easily the best girl, no deny. However, being an avid Hellsing: Ult fan, I have to say that the humor seems typical of Hirano's work. Also, yeah there's a lot of Japanese characters but there's also an absurd amount of Christian characters on the other side as well. It's like Hirano is trying to make the story a war between people who barely care about religion vs religious zealots, or at least that's how it seems to me.

Is she the worst anime character of all time?
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She would be close to the best were she in something different.
She's not even the worst gundam girl. You know Nina Purpleton was a thing, right?
>hating Relena
found the faggot

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Earliest you're gonna get it is tomorrow. Everybody claims to have jobs, families, lives, etc that prevent them from uploading it today. Even the nerds at Wild Fang don't have it.

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Choose one.

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Thigh-highs, no contest.
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This, zettai ryouiki is the beet

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hamster thread
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Fuck marry kill
Fuck Saki
marry Saki
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Fuck Sakis socks. Marry Saki. I don't want to kill any of them.
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I want to be crushed by these thighs.
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>marrying a golddigger

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Who's been spreading rumors about Ringo?
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Nobody, because she doesn't exist.
i used to read wordup magazine
holy shit

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Why is Goku such a shitty parent/husband?

Vegeta is a better family man despite being an evil scumbag most of his early life.
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Goku is an autist.
Goku has literal brain damage and he acts like a autist sometimes so maybe that's why anime fans cling to DB.
I think he see's his family more like friends than something more, i don't think he really "loves" anyone. I mean how many years did he wait to visit Goten?
Only reason vegeta has a family is because he thought that's what made goku have an edge on him.

And then he became the mask. But it did work out for him, notice his power surge in the "muh bulma" moment compared to all his "muh pride" moments

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Is this a loli?
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No that's a picture of me, silly. Now get in the rock van.
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Welcome once again to Bunbunmaru's premier anime poll. This is the 5th one we've done, so crack open a cold one before you vote.
Here's to another year of cute girls.


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Can we have C³-bu thread once again?
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The blondie girl is super cute.
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Cheating girls should be punished.

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Okay /a/ I have a business proposition for you.

>An anime about cute girls doing cute things

we will make millions
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b-but kaiki is already a cute girl that does cute things
Sounds like a little too much effort for you Kike. Stick to conning actual children. Manchildren are too much for you.
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kaiki is best

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>No race between Keisuke and Ryousuke to show that Keisuke had surpassed him (Honestly, who believed Ryousuke when he said Keisuke already surpassed him?)
>No rematch between Keisuke and Takumi to settle the score and prove who is the better of the two, even though Keisuke specifically mentioned Takumi isn't allowed to lose to anyone but him when they have a rematch
>No race between Takumi and his father on equal terms after people mentioning Takumi might be better than him
>Instead, the last race is against some kid who we're supposed to believe is just like Takumi, except the very crux of his driving style is one that makes no god damn sense

This series ended so poorly.
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>no takumi vs bunta rematch
This triggers me more than you can possibly imagine.

Post eurobeat.

Shiggy is a hack, end of thread.
Just stick to the anime ending. At least the 86 isn't sent to the junkyard there.

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Forever NTRed.jpg
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there no such thing as a perfect wom...
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Reina is the last girl in the world to disprove your point. I guess if you want a clingy, insane, masculine girl who takes everything deathly seriously.

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I want to get a Kindle for Christmas, but I'm too Jewish to pay $7 for a mango. How do y'all do it/is there a better e-reader that I should be getting instead?
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A computer.
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Ask these cheap fucks.
I have no clue how you guys can read manga on a computer it's just crazy. Books too, it's the most inconvenient thing ever.

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Why isn't Yasuna's VA getting any work?
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She needs to suck some dicks.
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>you will never wake up next to that little braindead angel every morning and hear "good morning" in a different language every day
Baby, please kill me.
guilt by association

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