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Remember! Exercise keeps you healthy, improves mood, and will make you strong enough to protect your waifus' smile!!!
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I want to fuck Fuuka
Pretty Neighbor is canon
So Koiwai is a pedophile?

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Railgun thread
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Ded series. Not even in the top 20 LN sales anymore. They shouldn't have tried to milk everything for so long.
It had a good run.
I'm still waiting for S3 of either.
They will come, right? I don't remember the story ending.

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How long until Gokus VA kicks the bucket? Can she be replaced?
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Average life expectancy in Japan is currently 83.10 years. Nozawa Masako is 80.

And, yes.
She'll live at least 100. Mark my words.
The Voiceactor for Lupin the Third died unexpectedly but a parody voice mimic performer did an amazing job on a television program and he got recruited because he sounded exactly like him.
Hopefully there's someone out there that's a perfect Masako clone.

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Anyone else skip this season entirely? I tried watching a couple of shows and gave them a few episodes each, but nothing really sunk its hooks in me. I guess I could describe this year as being the same way but to a lesser extent. I don't think I'm burnt out though, maybe just uninterested in what's been releasing as of late.
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>not watching keijo!!!!!!!!
are you gay? or just hate fun?
The first episode was kind of funny, but it's not something I'd watch from beginning to end.
>I don't think I'm burnt out though
Yeah, totally, everything just sucks and it would be impossible to find something interesting.

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How are they going to resolve the Murrika subplot with only 2 episodes left to still finish the main plot?
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They won't.
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Murrika won't do anything when it realizes Eylstadt is backed by the tr/u/est form of love.
Season 2

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You know Jotaro is canonically autistic, right?

>". Araki has explained that he thinks anyone can tell his emotions just by looking at him, and probably thinks further effort in portraying how he feels to be a waste of time, making others tend to perceive Jotaro as callous."
>has literally 0 social skills
>has random interests, like marine biology, and studies it in his own time
>makes autistic noises when he attacks
>"yare yare daze'

I mean I know he was written to be a badass but he just comes off as autistic
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yeah i thought that too. he's definitely on the spectrum
makes sense to me
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>that frustration of having an autistic father

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Is Keijo funny shit or just boring ecchi shit like pic related?
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It's somewhere in between.
Boring ecchi shit with less appealing character designs

if you're versed in shounen anime in general you're bound to have a few good laughs through its sheer ridiculousness. i mean hell, last episode made me laugh more than i have in months.

in general the shounen part of it is well done and your enjoyment will vary on whether you can get past the blatant fan service in every corner or you just can't help but roll your eyes in disgust.

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How likely is this to happen?
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It's just a prank.
She's not dumb enough for that and knows someone would notice a blowjob during a lesson.
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More like, WHEN is this likely to happen?

>captcha: Lolita CALLE

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now is the time to panic
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Don't panic, at least they're both still alive
Why doesn't Dynasty have this up yet?
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Rate my reaction face.

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When is Chihaya going to realize that Taichi is best boy?
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When he becomes Meijin.
Has she kissed anyone yet?
Taichi kinda stole one from her after his rejection

Suddenly you turn around and you see this face, what do?
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remember how good the ano hana manga was
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i mean aku no hana
It's okay anon, I needed a drink afterwards too.

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ITT: Moments that irreversibly ruined a series forever
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>joke series has a joke ending
WTF I hate P&S now

Literally the only reason even cares about P&S anymore is because of that gag ending.

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How old is Lust supposed to look?
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Around 28
About 45
About France

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Look, she's on the eating channel
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Saber has no right looking so cute while eating.
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She ate so much shit in that episode, why did Emiya and Rin put up with her shit?

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I like Witchblade.

Do you like Witchblade?
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I'd fuck Masane
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I like pic related more.

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