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>complains about having no friends
>call her only friend a bitch and a slut
>treats her brother like shit
>inconsiderate in general
Pretty sure social anxiety isn't the only problem this bitch has
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>complaining about no friends
>not resigning yourself to being alone at that point
normalfags call each other bitches and sluts all the time

What exactly did Evangelion deconstruct or innovate?
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the entire anime industry
The "symbolism" were just there to look cool and don't actually mean anything, confirmed.

What Evangelion did was made normies feel special for watching an entry level "2deep4u" anime. These are the same people who think David Cage and Bioshock Infinite are great.

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ITT: Biggest cunts in anime.
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Pic unrelated.
You start.
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>Not Manami

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What's it about?

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Some spoiler images out. Also looks like Lucy is starting to "warm" Natsu up with her body.

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The fucking lucky cunt
mashima is now ripping of saint seiya

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Looks like Irene used to be a nice girl. I wouldn't be surprised if Mashima pulls a Piccolo/Kami type situation with her.

How is it that Gohan's SSJ2 transformation is still the best transformation sequence in all of anime?
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Because it had over a hundred episodes of buildup. All the others just sort of happened.
Madoka episode 12 disagrees
Because it was epic and seeing Cell being beaten up was priceless

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Is One Piece Shit, or is it the best anime ever ?
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Best manga ever !
Shit ! I hate One Piece
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Its whatever you want it to be

>Spoiler day
>Last thread got barely over 30 posts
That's fucking disgraceful.
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Will they ever be happy

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I'm going to start reading this before the anime is released. Should I pick the web novel or the light novel version?

reading it in japanese, so quality or progress of the fan translation doesn't matter
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Apparently the LN condenses all the SoL parts so all you get is godmode powerstomping.
web novel it is then, because that's what I care about the least

It's based on hearsay from /a/, I can't read the raws.

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filename thread
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What is this /v/? Well Okay.

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>You will never live with cute Zashiki Warashi
Why even live
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Underrated short series of the season.
Cute as fuck, fun to watch, and doesn't overstay its welcome
The girls are so cute in this.
I wish it was good.
This show is too prude

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Where obsession need to go?
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>no new .hack game
>only mobile shit
>even if they did make a new anime or game it would most likely be generic shit

end it all
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>mobile not doing as well as Guilty Dragon
>try to reinvigorate by rebranding it .hack
>mobile is shutting down now
>meanwhile IBM is working on a SAO vr game

Just data drain me
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Where the passion hides its feelings?

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Ebina won the Onii-chan.
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I had to check if this was real
That sandwich(?) at the last panel has any meaning?
How far does this take place in the main manga?

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Why did he basically kill himself at the end?
Did he hate himself?
Also old anime thread I guess
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he says he has to. I'd say Rikiichi's death fucked him up and he decided to do for others what Riki did, which is sacrificing everything for the chance to have a good fight. Add to that the difference between a battle of men and the sport of boxing, that is referenced throughout the story.
I would do the same. I think he did it mostly for pride
Did he died a virgin?

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I think she has been drinking a gallon of milk per day in order to obtain that bust.
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I personally hate the milk makes your tits bigger myth.
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She's just a genki shortstack. And they are the best girls in anime.

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