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How much do you care about the layout in your sakuga anime?

Flashy action doesn't satisfy me anymore, I need nice shot and composition that makes the anime really cinematographic, it's like another dimension.

The color work is important too. Overall, it's the whole that is important and not only the little action scenes, even if I still respect the great animators.
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How much value do you put into visual direction?
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The bigger question: Why did it take 15 years for Sasuke to become a semi-likeable character?
I don't
sasuke was a villain for the past 10 years

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I just wanna fuck a fat breasted 2D girl desu.
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There was one thread about genuine discussion about anime and manga that got killed because some anon thought it was a great idea to make a thread about what he jerks off to.
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She looked strangely fat in the other girls' outfits.

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>Start watching Nadia because /a/ can't stop cumming over it
>Turns out to be just a shitty EVA ripoff

Thanks for nothing, assholes
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it was before the eva fagot
Are submarines as comfy as Nadia makes them out to be?
>you will never travel the seas with the Nautilus' crew
>tell Nadia how you feel about her
if she's anything like Asuka: I hate her

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post anime only you like
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Now I like it too; you're no longer special
Subpar Sleuths
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Fuck you I liked it

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ITT: Post a page, anon tries to guess what happens next.
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He helps her with her homework
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he helps her with her homework like a good, pure onee-chin

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/sci/ a /sex/
is that gretel or homu
episode 13 translations when?

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The purest form of love
The greatest love story ever told
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agree with first
disagree with second
Kirino best sister and girl
Its disgusting.
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That's right, OP.

Why are they so perfect together, /a/?

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Remember, form of a question.
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What is Evangelion?
What is Eva?
What is Evangelion?

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But WHY was she boss?
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shut up and do what she says, bitch

She got the Johnson account at the milwaukee firm so they made he the boss at one of the Japanese based firms

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>first season sold like shit
>first season was awful
>why are they doing this /a/?
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Maybe it had good TV ratings or a big manga sales boost?
I guess cause the manga got a decent boost.

But yeah, the fujo boom for sports is over. All Out is going to flop as well.

Unless you can offer them something like Yuri on Ice, they're not going to bite.
>fujo boom for sports is over
>two fujo sports shows are potentional 10k+ sellers this season
I don't follow the logic.

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How do you like your gyaru?
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Tall, tan and Pure
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mischievous with a heart of gold

>you will never be her dad
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>You will never be anyone's dad
>you will never be the father of a slut
Well thank fuck for that.
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>he's never donated sperm

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>in a post apocalyptic world Japan is the only remaining economic super power thanks to its superior military strength
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>in a post apocalyptic world, Japan is run by punks motorcycle gangs
>in a post apocalyptic world Japan is the only surviving country
>a country that relies on foreign imports to prosper surviving on its own
I don't remember that happening in Lucky Star.

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Are you happpy with Scarlett "
>pork in a shell
>ghost in taco bell
>body shaped like a bell
>200 pounds feeling swell
>farts loud as 100 decibel
>android lipid cell
>belly stuck in a well
>diet plan? do tell
>weight watchers was hell
>in the fridge i dwell
>after sports i smell
>tumblr thinks I'm a bombshell
>gluttons are our clientele
>elevator instead of stairwell
>perky tits farewell"
Johannson being cast as the major?
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S-she's fast!
Could be worse.

It could always be worse.

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